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Jason Halpern: Real Estate Development Prodigy

Is someone born a prodigy or are they exposed to a concept early in life and master it at a young age? Whichever is true, Jason Halpern can be called a genius. Much of Jason’s father-son times were spent on construction sites his father was overseeing. Eventually, his father allowed him to attend meetings.

By the time Jason was in high school, he was working summer jobs on certain sites. He performed tasks that ranged from simple labor to managing the property. His construction-based upbringing sparked a passion in Jason that he would later establish as his development company. JMH Development is Jason’s residential real estate development enterprise. JMH specializes in turning abandoned properties into some of the most luxurious properties.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH is a nationally recognized development property. Although it’s developed properties all over America, currently, it has several projects being developed in New York and Miami. One of his most recent accomplishments was a development in South Beach. The luxury hotel, Aloft South Beach was completed late last year. Although he has many projects to attend to, Jason makes it a point to spend ample time on each project after completion.

Jason’s Own Time

One of his earliest projects, 184 Kent, is one of his most notable developments. With he purchased the original building in 2008, it was an abandoned warehouse. He committed JMH Development to a two-year renovation and transformed the property into 338 apartments. It was originally in a rundown neighborhood that most had condemned it as a ghost town. After JMH’s renovation, all 338 apartments were leased in less than a year. The neighborhood has since begun to come back to life.

Jason’s renovation was so spectacular because his company was able to provide condominium level finishes without jeopardizing the integrity of the structure. To increase the luxury reputation of the building, Jason asked that the Brooklyn Arts Council curate a double-height wall in the main lobby. The art piece was to rotate in the lobby for a year, but Jason loved the piece so much that he purchased it and continued to hang in 184 Kent’s lobby. Shortly after completion, 184 Kent won a Building Brooklyn Award in the Adaptive Reuse category.

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Another great Brooklyn property development by JMH is Cobble Hill. Along with Gerard Longo, another developer, Jason plans to build nine townhouses. Four of the townhouses are being created from an existing building, but the other five have to be built from scratch. Jason plans on making these townhouses just as luxurious as 184 Kent’s apartments. He loves the challenge of using unique architecture and overcoming the barriers presented by renovating and reusing.

Tammy Mazzocco Discusses Rise of Ohio Housing Market

It is a hot time to be involved in the Ohio real estate market. The market has been improving everywhere, but none so much as Ohio’s incredible increase in home value. The average selling provides is up over 8 percent form just one year ago. This increase in value is supposed to be maintained for the foreseeable future and there is not a decline expect anytime soon.

Recently, a national homebuilder made plans to construct over 200 new homes in New Albany, Ohio within the next year. This will lead to a new community filled with more commercial establishments will with increase home value even more within the coming years. One of Ohio’s biggest selling points to out of state residents is that the cost of living is so low and it is relatively easy to earn a living there. The tech industry has been rising continuously in Ohio and the job growth is great for people looking for middle class jobs. The public school system is also very impressive and recently gained national attention for being one of the top school systems in the country. Visit Inspirery to know more.

Tammy, Ohio real estate agent, believes this is the prime time to sell if you are considering it. She has been working in the area for over twenty years now and is a respected member of the business community. Tammy Mazzocco treats all her clients like family and does her best to do what is best for them. You can visit Medium to know more.

According to Philly Purge, Tammy Mazzocco began her career when at The Edwards Realty Company where she worked as a secretary. She then worked her way up to seven years in condominium management at Scotland Yard Condominiums. After that she obtained her real estate license in 1995 and worked at T&R Properties as their property manager. Tammy Mazzocco continues expanding her expertise and helping people all over the Ohio area.