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Fantastic Initiatives that will Upgrade Rocketship Education

The Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization that helps the less fortunate people of California, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington, D.C. The organization is head by Preston Smith serving as the CEO, but he is also a co-founder. Rocketship Education organization was founded ten years ago, and it has so far served several communities hence changing the lives of people. However, the group is still undergoing growth, and there are lessons to be learned as the work progresses. Some of those lessons will aid the organization serve the community even much better. The team has been recognized for their brilliant personalized learning techniques, and this is because they combine education and technology. An important lesson learned was that although the team is the best in personalized learning the best way to deal with the whole process is to encourage more family time.

Another important lesson the team came to realize was that it was best to increase or create demand than supply. The initiative will help the students leaving the organization to have a much better future. The third lesson was that it was time to work with the parents to advocate for changes from the government and political leaders. The organization came to appreciate the power of parents, and they thought of building a parent leadership program to act as the voice that will lead to a better quality when it comes to the middle and high schools education. Another course of action to be put in place was diversifying the teachers. The team realized that having teachers from different racial backgrounds and culture enable learners to appreciate and respect all cultures irrespective of the differences.

Preston Smith also realized that actions are meant to say a lot than simple words. He decided to enroll his kids in the program to portray something to the rest of the people. The action was to show people that if he can bring his children to the program, then it is the best for any kid who needs an excellent education. Another great lesson was integrating students with disabilities with those who don’t, and this was to help them work together and develop empathy towards each other. Other lessons included the incorporation of team work, consistent learning, and instilling the love for public schools.