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Helping Fight For The Rights Of People – End Citizens United

By standing for the rights of the people, End Citizens United has been working overtime to make sure no human in the nation is treated unfairly. Working on the Democratic side of politics, this entity works to fight a Supreme Court decision from 2010, at which point the supreme court established corporation as people, among other things. The case that started the movement was Citizens United v. F.E.C. when a decision allowed politicians to spend unlimited amount of money during elections.

Case was originally ignited by James Bopp, a lawyer from Indiana, grew to mainstream media fame because it determined corporations have a first-amendment right to donate as much money as they would like to during an election campaign. Main issue arising with this is the bias which a candidate might have, once they accumulate millions of dollars in contributions that can go towards anything. James Bopp’s endeavor was called Citizens United, and it has made sure to give corporations a way around ethics by using the first amendment as a loophole.

Bopp’s career has seen many high-profile situations similar to this one. As he came out of law school, he showed favoritism towards conservative clients, and those were the ones he would represent. He has even taken part in some of the largest abortion cases during President Reagan’s era. Bopp also advocates for no spending ceilings or limits of how much one can spend during the election. His rationale comes from the idea that one will always find a way to give their money to the prospective candidate, so trying to prevent it is a waste of time. This is an area of his career that has potential to take out another historic Supreme Court case, and contribution limits might be the next famous part of his career.

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This is why End Citizens United was formed, for a sole purpose of fighting off objectives of those similar to Bopp. The success of the entity has already taken place as they raised over $4 million within a few months. Projections state that the total raising will amount to over $35 million prior to the midterm election in Congress next year. The monies that are raised are planned to be used for helping Democratic Senators keep their place. Although End Citizens United has not decided which elections it will take place in 2018, their mission is to overpower Republicans and their agenda.

End Citizens United is one of the fastest growing movements over the last few decades. By standing up against private and billionaires’ interests, they were able to fight lawyers such as James Bopp. The same ideology helped them raise millions of dollars to support the cause, with many more millions still to come!