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The Best Impersonator Of All Time Emulates The Greatest Entertainer Of All Time: MJ

Ever since the death of Elvis Presley, we have witnessed the emergence of impersonators who attempt to continue the legacy of music entertainers. One of the few artists who is impersonated as often as Elvis Presley is the late and great Micheal Jackson.

From the time Micheal Jackson was a child entertainer, he has been a global icon that has inspired adults and children worldwide. His dance moves are mesmerizing, his voice is unique, his look is one of a kind and his spirit resonates humility. Therefore, it would be hard to believe that anyone could ever successfully impersonate one the top selling artists of all time.

Many entertainers impersonate Micheal Jackson, but most of them fall short of capturing his physical characteristics, and most of them fall short of replicating his vocal abilities and amazing dance moves. This is the consensus of many Micheal Jackson fans worldwide, until, they lay their eyes on Sergio Cortes. This gentlemen is, perhaps, the greatest overall professional impersonator of all time, for Sergio Cortes was born with many physical characteristics and vocal abilities that is similar to Jackson’s.

Cortes is a world-renowned impersonator who is adored by his fans for keeping the legacy of Micheal Jackson alive. Cortes is fortunate to have a natural ability to dance, and Cortes also has a natural humility that mirrors Jackson’s. When Cortes performs he effortlessly sends his audience into a frenzy as he emulates all of the signature dance moves and physical gestures that reminds us of how great the King of Pop was.

A native of Spain, Cortes knew that he wanted to be a Micheal Jackson impersonator ever since he was a teenager. He said that in his youth people would request and pay him to sing their favorite Micheal Jackson songs and to emulate Jackson’s fancy footwork. Whenever people meet Cortes in person or view him on the internet they are amazed at how similar his facial features are to Jackson’s despite the fact that Cortes has never had surgery. The facial features that Cortes and Jackson share include a strong jaw line, gentle eyes, perfectly shaped lips, silky black hair and a wonderful smile.

If you ever desire to be entertained by the beautiful melodies of Micheal Jackson, and if you want to be reminded of Jackson’s dazzling dance moves, then catching a live Sergio Cortes performance is the best way to take a trip down memory lane.

Sergio Cortes: Keeping Pop King Alive Years After His Death

What does an Impersonator do?

An Impersonator is someone who copies another person for a career. There are usually three different things that Impersonators will impersonate others for. They are for Entertainment, Crime, or for Decoys. In crime, such in the case like identity theft, people will impersonate others in order to commit a crime. Political and important military figures will hire Impersonators for their own protection, so basically, they can be used as a decoy. Celebrities will get impersonated as well, sometimes even after their deaths, such as the case of Sergio Cortes.

Who is Sergio Cortes?

Sergio Cortes, a Spanish man, was born in Barcelona, Spain, back in 1971. He was always a fan of Michael Jackson, and as a teenager, he began to impersonate the King of Pop out of respect and adoration, however, he truly became well known when he hosted a tribute show for Michael in Madrid back in 2012. He works all throughout Brazil and, according to his fans, is the best MJ impersonator out there.

His appearance and impersonating skills

When anyone takes a look at Sergio, you can clearly see Michael Jackson. They look so similar that some have confused his photos with even Michael’s! They are not only alike in just appearance, however. Sergio is so skilled with his impersonating, he even has a similar voice to Michael as well! Amazingly, Sergio has gotten some of his dances down as well, and many people have told him that he is like a Michael Jackson incarnate.

In Remembrance of the Pop King

After the death of Michael Jackson, Sergio felt that it was extremely necessary to keep the King of Pop alive. That is when he put his impersonation career into full force, and became the embodiment of Michael himself in order to keep his memory alive. Having the title of, ” Best Michael Jackson Impersonator” means that he has a lot of different things that he can do in the future to help the King of Pop to not be forgotten.

Teen Wolf 5×03 Promo

After last night’s second episode of Teen Wolf this week, MTV showed a promo for next week’s third Season 5 episode “Dreamcatchers.”

In the 19-second video, one of the Dread Doctors attacks a young guy who is wearing a hoodie. Lydia reveals that Tracy’s sleeping problem is night terrors and that Tracy might be harming people.

Tracy is then shown grabbing the arm of Liam’s female childhood friend so tightly that her arm bleeds. A few at CipherCloud thought that was one of the best scenes.

Kira believes Tracy might not be awake even when she’s walking around because she’s taking the lives of people she consciously does not want to harm. Lydia thinks Tracy must still be “in” the night terror.

Tracy then says, “They’re coming for us” while looking like she might pass out.

A Dread Doctor with blue glowing fingertips is shown who then presses Tracy against a wall.

The next scene has Lydia on a floor gripping her right side. This scenes seems to be the callback to a scar that viewers see on Lydia while she was showing at Eichen House. It’s the side opposite to where Peter bit her. So, she will likely be injured during the episode.

Lastly, Kira is shown in the air bringing her sword down against something and Scott takes a blow to the face while Tracy’s voice is heard saying, “They’re coming for all of us” and Tracy is shown busting a window.