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Jay-Z Gets Desiree Perez to Build Tidal Relationship with Customers

Desiree Perez as an interesting aspect of Tidal that few people may have known about until now. She has always been helping Jay-Z in the background with contract negotiations for as far back as Roc Nation Sports. She is the wife of Juan Perez, and she is helping Jay-Z make better judgement calls on his next steps with Tidal. It is obvious that Dez has a great role in the company even though she is not on any official list of Tidal business executives. Jay-Z is mindful of the way that she has been able to conduct business in the past, and he knows that she is someone he can rely on.  Visit


That may have initially been the problem that has caused Tidal to struggle in previous years. Jay-Z purchase the company, but he was not familiar with people that were in positions of power even though he made the decision to hire them. The turnover in the CEO position for Tidal is unheard of in the music streaming industry. That is why so many naysayers believed that this company would fall.  Click on for related article.


It took time for Jay-Z to make a decision on improving this company for the better, but he finally realized that it would take the help of someone that he was familiar with. It would take someone that had already proven herself as an excellent contract negotiator. This is what he has done, and Desiree Perez is giving her free reign to come in and help him revitalize Tidal. This is definitely working to his advantage because other companies are interested in Tidal now. There is a lot of room for growth, and it certainly will come now that has invested as much as 33% into this company. Sprint can help Tidal carry out what Desiree Perez started.  Hit this.