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Porfirio Sanchez-Galindo: CEO of Editorial Televisa

Today, the company Televisa is one of the few leading companies in Spanish-speaking media. It distributes content in the United States & Mexico as well as in over 50 countries through over 20 pay-tv brands and television networks, cable operators, and other services. Having such a big market that demands their services, Televisa is lucky to have a leader as CEO in Porfirio Sanchez-Galindo. Under the guidance of Galindo, Televisa has seen much success and it is safe to say, will continue to do so under Galindo’s supervision. With that said, Let’s take a look into the background of Porfirio Sanchez-Galindo to see what has helped him produce excellent work over at Televisa.

Personal Accomplishments before Televisa:

To earn the title of CEO, under any company, it is pretty clear you have to have a good track record and personal achievements to back it up. Not only does Porfirio have a good track record, his extensive list of accomplishments, too many, can be seen as an overachievement. Academically alone, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo provides a quite impressive list. Starting it off, his involvement in the institute for software research from Carnegie Mellon University is very impressive. Adding to this list, he also received an executive education from Standford’s executive program as well as a BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. These academic accomplishments, in turn, helped him achieve the success he has in his professional career.

Porfirio & Televisa Today:

Professionally, his academic career set him up to achieve successes in all areas of his work including advertising, broadcasting, media & entertainment, television, and other forms of telecommunications. For example, his work has helped tremendously in Televisa achieving a revenue of about $10 billion, we can stop with this fact alone but, his services have resulted in many more accomplishments for Televisa. You can also see the almost unmatched leadership he brings with him as CEO. Under Porfirio, Televisa is capable of managing over 10,000 employees working globally. With all of these things under his belt, needless to say, it’s worth stating that many up and coming businessmen and businesswomen should look up to Porfirio and should mold their work under his success.