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Caitlyn Jenner Coverage Needs To Stop

Caitlyn Jenner is the hottest topic in the media right now, but I wish that she wasn’t. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of Caitlyn Jenner. Every single website I visit, all I see is Caitlilyn Jenner. I’m very happy for Caitlyn Jenner, but the news is now over. Bruce Jenner went through with the sex change transformation, and there’s really nothing else to report. However, every little thing that Caitlyn Jenner does is making headlines. Just the other day E! posted an entire article about Caitlyn Jenner’s first Twitter message. Is it really necessary to know what Caitlyn Jenner wrote on Twitter for the first time?

However, I feel like Caitlyn Jenner is really enjoying all of the spotlight that she is currently getting. Caitlyn didn’t want to spell her name with a ‘K,’ but she seems as hungry for the spotlight as any Kardashian in history.

I think we should all start worrying about our own lives instead of Caitlyn Jenner’s. Like all good things, Caitlyn Jenner’s incredible sex change transformation is now over. However, I’m certain that Caitlyn Jenner will rule media headlines for months and maybe even years to come.