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Just Who Is Dr. Mark Mckenna

There are many brilliant-minded individuals in the world today and it has always been this way throughout time. Unfortunately, if you’re not a celebrity or a professional athlete, then it seems like you’ll never get the credit that’s long-overdue. On the other hand, this article will highlight an American innovator, and this American innovator is Dr. Mark McKenna. So, what makes this guy special? Well, Dr. Mark McKenna is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. Many people refer to him as being a doctor, a philanthropist, a businessman and an entrepreneur. In addition to that, he’s also known to be a revolutionary in medical aesthetics as well as a futurist.

The New Orleans-native just launched his new business in Atlanta, Georgia. This business just so happens to be a medical-aesthetics practice, and it is located in the Buckhead region of Atlanta. OVME is its name and providing some of the best minimally-invasive procedures is its game. OVME is exclusive as well as being innovative. This practice will provide an abundance of minimal-invasive services like Botox injections, Juvederm treatments, Restylane treatments, IPL, medical-grade facials, Vivace Micro-needling, chemical peels, laser-hair removal, weight-loss treatments and other beneficial services. Located in the affluent Bankhead community, OVME will offer a luxurious environment to relax and to better yourself.

McKenna has been on top of his game ever since he relocated to Atlanta. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina ripped his world apart as well as so many others. During that particular time, McKenna had a successful real estate development firm named McKenna Venture Investments, and he was also a practicing doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions in just a few days, which shows how damaging this storm truly was.

Today is a new day and this phenomenal guy has parlayed his knowledge into a full-fledged success. Dr. Mark McKenna is truly an American hero, and his impressive resume backs-up all claims.

Martin Lustgarten Role in Investment Banking


Martin Lustgarten is an entrepreneur based in Miami, Florida. He was born in 1959. He holds Austrian and Venezuelan citizenships. This has enabled him to serve his customers efficiently. Due to his firm belief in international investment, he has his wealth spread in different countries. This distribution of wealth lowers risks and enables him to gain from growth in these countries. He is the owner and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm.

The American economy is getting out of one the worst economic crisis in its history. Those heading for retirement are therefore looking for the best investment options. For investors to get the best out of their investment, they need sound investment bankers. Lustgarten stands among the best candidates for the task. He has a lot of experience in investment banking.

Martin Lustgarten Experience Investment Banking

Financial advisors are important in providing information on how to expand an existing investment or how to start one. Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm is a well-known investment advisory firm. It has an excellent reputation in the industry. Lustgarten is a creative financial and investment advisor. This has enabled him to assist his clients in raising capital for different projects and expand their businesses.

Investment banking professionals provide services like underwriting, enhancing amalgamation and acquisitions, and brokerage services. As an expert in investment banking, Lustgarten helps entrepreneurs reach their goals faster. He works hard to guarantee personal attention necessary for success.

Lustgarten uses his knowledge and experience in identifying trends when they are about to start. This has helped make the right choices and has seen him acquire a lot of wealth. He has demonstrated the importance of investing in different countries. The benefits of diverse global investments outweigh risks. It is, therefore, worth emulating Lustgarten to succeed.

Lustgarten has had the opportunity to offer his services to different corporations, individual investors, and organizations in different parts the world. He has been able to develop strategies and provide advice that has been very successful in raising capital and expansion of businesses.

It is prudent for any investor to seek Lustgarten for advice or investment banking services. He has had a positive impact on the industry. His knowledge and experience are vital in establishing a profitable investment. Working with him exposes someone to one of the most prominent professionals in the field.

What Does CCMP Capital Do?

Stephen Murray was the former president and CEO of CCMP Capital. He worked with the company to make it a better place for the people who used it and worked for it to be a better option. He made sure that the company was filled with different options for different business sectors.

The chemical sector can be hard to break into and the rules that need to be followed for the different chemicals can have grave effects on the way that the business is run. CCMP Capital works to make sure that the businesses are following all of the protocols when it comes to the chemical business. They have also worked with companies that need to be able to start a business within the chemical field and do not know where to begin. It can be hard to understand the chemical business, but CCMP Capital works with people to make it happen.

Chase Capital is the other “C” in CCMP Capital. This part of the company not only funds the CCMP company but they also provide services to the people who have worked with the company in the past. The money that is a part of the company that gives the company the capital it needs as well as the capital that the customers of the company need. It essentially functions as a bank, but it only gives banking solutions to the customers and the bank. It is the funding source for the project.

The Manufacturers of Hanover Capital is another section of the CCMP Capital business model. It helps people who own manufacturing businesses with the services that they need. These include the startup of the business, the compliance of local laws and the increase of capital for the manufacturing businesses. It can be hard to handle a manufacturing business, but Stephen Murray CCMP Capital can make it happen more easily. They are a private investment firm that does it all for the manufacturing businesses that they work exclusively with. They have made many options available to these companies that they may not have been able to achieve in the past.

Wall Street partners are important to any type of business and CCMP Capital knows that. They work with many different partners to ensure that they get exactly what they need. The partners that they have helped the company achieve things that they may not have been able to do otherwise. Not only do they have their own partners but they also ensure that their clients know exactly who they should partner with. CCMP Capital also works as a middleman between different companies by helping them connect with each other if they think that they may work well together in a business partnership.