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Warren Buffet Makes a Mistake on an Investment Strategy

Warren Buffet has gambled a million dollar for donations that he can accomplish better returns on investments than a cluster of hedge fund managers. Warren is confident about the bet because he invested in an S &P passive index fund. It is predicted that Mr. Buffet will collect the funds from that bet this year.

Warren is right on the issue of the presence of many common and exclusive funds shortchange investors. Mr. Buffet is committed to low cost, simple ventures which have to be purchased and held for an extended period. He applies the bottom-up investing approach, which examines different firms and creates a sustainable portfolio. Warren has been good at conveying the message that Americans have to save more for retirement and invest at the same time. Mr. Buffet presented wisdom words based on his experience in investing. In many industries, customers have to be cautious of product labels. Product labels lead to the “active versus passive” discussions, which do not benefit investors.

Tim Armour, the chairman of Capital Group

Timothy D. Armour is the chairman and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Capital Group. Timothy is also an equity portfolio manager. Timothy was named the president of Capital Group on July 28, 2015. Tim was elected as the Chairman of Capital Group after the death of Jim Rothenberg who was the former chairman. He has 34 years investment experience working with Capital Group.

Armour started working at Capital as a participant in The Associate Program. In his earlier career, he was the equity investment analyst at Capital. Tim lives in Los Angeles, and he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College.

Tim aims at helping each investor to know that index funds will never make any difference in the business trend. Therefore, only an active financial manager can adapt to these trends. Capital Group and the Seoul-based Samsung Asset Management formed a partnership to create active investment strategies for both institutional and retail investors in Korea. About the partnership, Tim said that the plan is to re-design investment solutions so as to fulfill the needs of Korean investors. Timothy said that the market sell-off would correct the market value even if American’s market is evaluated relatively. The thought of Tim Armour on Post Trump market change is that the market change is real.

Igor Cornelsen Shares his Opinion on Investment

Investment is an important factor in life that needs dedication and good attention. If you want to be successful in investment you must be devoted and have the passion for it. Investment also needs good objectives and strategies so that it can pull through. In investment there are main areas that compose of it, they include; foreign exchange and commodities. Investment is all business therefore one must be ready to enter into the business world. Investment is a wide area that helps so many people in different ways. If you are retired you can easily have a long lasting strategy in investing. You also require enough information about the investment before tackling it.


Igor Cornelsen is one of the best examples when it comes to successful investment bankers. Igor resides in Brazil. He is well-known in the field of investment. He is devoted to assisting young investors to reach their potential in investment. He is the manager of Bainbridge Inc Inv. This is a company that is popular and thus he uses this chance to explore his skills. Furthermore Igor has a wide experience in this field which helps him to help many people to become excellent investors. He advises young people to save enough especially money so that they can have a good start in investment.


When starting Bainbridge, Igor Cornelsen was prepared with various objectives. Some of these aims are; training young investors on the significance of an enterprise, creating an excellent portfolio and handling the shortcomings of the business. He is so committed to counseling the potential investors to the right path of investment. This company is good in creating excellent tactics and informing people on these strategies.


Apart from helping individuals, Igor Cornelsen also helps various companies in the US by sharing what he can do in investment. He mainly advises people to focus on damaged stocks instead of damaged companies. The spoilt stocks are usually bought at a cheaper price and at the end they result into excellent profit. Basically good investment requires enough skills and information that will guide one in a smooth path to success.


A Look At How Flavio Maluf Responsibly Leads Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is an innovative leader that runs Eucatex in Brazil. Eucatex provides building materials to other companies that are made to build furniture as well as materials that are used in industry. As someone who believes in sustainability and being environmentally friendly, Flavio Maluf uses sources that are sustainable and don’t harm the environment. Most of the wood they supply is Eucalyptus which regrows very quickly. Eucatex also provides other materials such as tiles and paints.

Eucatex has been in business for more than 50 years. Their products are used not just in Brazilian products but those around the world. Everything they supply is environmentally sound earth friendly. This has been the case ever since the company was founded, which was a very unusual concept back in the 1950’s. There were barely any environmental rules at the time in Brazil but Euctex has always been a forward thinking company, a great tradition that continues under Flavio Maluf’s leadership as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. It was important to the founders of the company to make good profits and treat the environment with respect.

As a global company, Eucatex has offices in different cities in Brazil plus overseas offices in the United States and Germany. At Eucatex, Flavio Maluf also operates a forestry leasing program. They lease land from rural property owners who receive compensation for the value of the wood that is grown on their property. This arrangement helps out these rural property owners as they generate needed additional income.

Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has won a large number of awards over the last several years. Among these is a 2011 award for Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship in Brazil, a win in 2012 for Psychologically Healthy Company Award, and another in 2012 for 150 Best Companies in People Management Practices.

Flavio Maluf is a graduate of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. In addition to heading Eucatex, he was a longtime President of GrandFood. He has also worked for Citibank in New York City.