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How Ian King Chooses Cryptocurrencies

Ian King worked at the Salomon Brothers, Citigroup, and Peahi Capital. He has decades of experience in the financial industry. He decided to create, together with Banyan Hill Publishing, a program that would help others learn all they need to know about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and so on. It is called Crypto Profit Trader. Ian King also writes articles every week for Sovereign Investor Daily. This is a publication that is put out by Banyan Hill Publishing.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Ian King said that he starts his day off with coffee and some exercise or a walk in the park with his dog. Exercise helps you clear your head, start your day on the right foot and get yourself ready for the long day ahead. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

Most of the day, Ian King devotes his time to learning about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency industry. Of course, he is an investor himself, but he wants his readers to know all the information that they need to become successful investors in the cryptocurrency industry.

Ian King has a whole process for analyzing different cryptocurrencies. He does not just pick them out of the blue. You can trust his recommendations because he will only recommend cryptocurrencies that have a big chance of succeeding.


First, he looks into what the currency comes to accomplish. He wants to know that they solve a specific problem that is not being solved by other cryptocurrencies out there. Otherwise, there would be no reason to invest in that particular coin over others.

However, that is not enough. Ian King wants to make sure that there is a good team behind the project. He wants to now that they have experience and that they have good developers. He does not stop there. He goes and reaches out to them himself, using his network to reach them. This way, he can vouch personally for them. Of course, before he recommends any stock, he will look into technical analysis and see if the cryptocurrency has a good chance of succeeding, just like you would do with stocks. He then works with his team to come up with a good trading plan and a good recommendation for his readers. That is how he brings ideas to life so that his readers can invest and profit from cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.