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A Brief Overview Of The Renowned Businessman William Saito Life

Whenever some established business persons and capitalist like William Saito give the upcoming entrepreneurs advice, you better straighten your ears for they know what it takes to trend on those great paths of success. In our generation, it has become very easy to start a business or company but unfortunately, many business ventures don’t emit their full potential. This is because the starters don’t have enough knowledge, or they invested in a wrong idea or they are not putting their full efforts in it. That’s why we have people like this business titan to give you the right direction as a startup.


William Saito is well known for his great contribution in helping many business startups become successful using his investment and creativity skills and experience. He has given various advice including giving the Cabinet and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) an advise on cybersecurity. This and many others could be the reason he was recognized as a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in 2011. He has become one of the most influential people in Japan to an extent of appearing on Nikkei’s list in 2011.

Mr. William Saito did not just find himself in the position he is now, he worked his way up. Born in 1974 and grew up in Los Angeles in California, US after his parents moved from Japan in 1969, he attended Damien High School later the University of California. The computer ventures of this hero began when he was in high school and started his own company while in the University by the name IO Software. The technology that he developed in his company attracted Microsoft and later he sold the company to them in 2004.


After selling his company he went back to Japan where he became a venture capitalist working with leaders and organizations. He provided technical advice to National Diet committee, an advisor on cybersecurity to Prime Minister Shinzo, Cabinet Office and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. He has served as the Executive Officer, General Manager and IT advisor at Japan Airlines. He was also a member of the advisory board at The Japan Times.

In his expertise as a businessman, William Saito advice to startups in order to grow is to come up with a great marketing plan and a unique brand for your audience, always seeking for the gap to fill in your customers life, developing a financial plan to avoid borrowing, creating a culture for your business, seek to improve your business always, take risks and always diversify your investment.