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Pixar and Disney Working Towards Better Representation

The importance of representation is important in all industries but this is even more relevant for Hollywood where there are 15 male directors for one female. In acting too, it is rare to see women in powerful roles. Women are rarely seen in greater or equal numbers in casts and the occasional Black Widow is not going to rectify the problem. Same goes for POC characters and actors in Hollywood movies. Disney and Pixar have finally vowed to do their bit towards the improvement of these statistics.

Given that Pixar and Disney appeal to children, it is important for them to have non-white and non-male characters because children are impressionable. Instead of teaching children about a wayward and impossible concept like ‘racial blindness’ that negates the struggles POC and women have gone through, Pixar is taking a much stronger and logical approach to the entire thing.

The show might be BBC Sherlock’s inferior cousin in terms of sheer quality of cases but it does not disappoint in terms of representation. Whether it is a trans Mrs. Hudson or female Watson, the show is above all the other adaptations in this area. If reading is more your style, then check out Brandon Sanderson, a fantasy author who has so many great female characters and people from different nationalities that not one character is under undue pressure to be all-encompassing.