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How Drew Madden Developed Into An Electronic Medical Records Executive

Drew Madden is an executive in the healthcare industry. He has become an expert at implementing and managing electronic medical records systems and has acquired a number of certifications in this field. He’s been in the industry for fifteen years after first joining it as an integration consultant working for the Cerner Corporation. He has a BSE in industrial engineering he acquired in 2002 from the University of Iowa.

In regards to electronic medical records, Drew Madden has earned a number of certificates. This includes PharmNet, eMar, CPOE, and Willow (EpicRx). He is also an expert in clinical documentation, inpatient medication orders, and inpatient procedure orders. He has implemented electronic medical records systems at hospitals across the United States. It was a Cerner Corporation that he worked for four years putting in place these systems for two of the major hospital systems in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2006, Drew Madden earned a new position as a senior Epic consultant for Healthia Consulting. In this position, which he held for five years, he was responsible for implementing these systems for hospital throughout the Midwest region. He eventually became a regional sales director for this firm, which had been renamed Ingenix Consulting.

At the end of 2010, Madden earned his first executive level position. This was at Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. He started out as an executive vice president and within a year he was named as the company’s president. In this role he handled the company’s consulting operations as well as recruiting new employees. He also designed and implemented the company’s overall business development. This company has clients throughout the United States.

Recently, Drew Madden became one of the managing partners of another company in the industry, Evergreen Healthcare Partners. This company is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. This company also has contracts with hospitals across the nation. They sell, design, and implement electronic healthcare records systems. Madden is one of five managing partners at this firm. His role is to help bring unique talent to the team at Evergreen Healthcare Partners and to build trusting relationships between his company and the hospital’s it provides its services to.