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More About Greg Secker And What Makes Him An Exceptional Forex Trader

When people mention Forex trade, the name Greg Secker comes to mind. Greg Secker is a popular name among forex traders. He is an entrepreneur, an experienced Forex trader, and a philanthropist. He is the owner of the Knowledge to Action, a company that manages his ventures such as Learn To Trade, Capital Index, and Fx Capital. Most of Greg’s companies are global brands and are present in almost every country. Learn To Trade, for instance, has offices in London, Johannesburg, Sydney, and Manila. All these companies represent Secker’s desire and pledge to improve the lives of others through education and coaching.

What makes him an exceptional Forex trader? Well, Greg has been in the trading business for more than 25 years. His career began at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he worked as a Trading Technologist. At Thomas Cook, Greg was responsible for the development of foreign exchange trading systems. He then went on to manage a new business called the Virtual Trading Desk. VTD was online Forex trading software that allowed traders to receive real-time quotes for huge transactions. VTD was a quick and more efficient. It was a great innovation that drew the attention of many traders.

Greg Secker then went on to serve as the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25. At Mellon, he interacted with seasoned financial traders who taught him on how to become a great trader. In 2003, Greg retired from the company to become a full-time Forex trader. A few months later, he founded Learn To Trade. Greg started to coach people on trading strategies from his home office and later founded the Knowledge to Action Group.

In 2008, through the Knowledge to Action Group, Greg began hosting financial seminars internationally in countries like Austria, Ghana, New Zealand, among others. Greg then founded other companies to help his clients achieve financial freedom through forex trading. One of Greg’s companies called SmartCharts Software introduced a less complex trading technology that made it easy for first-timers to understand what Forex trading is all about.

Apart from entrepreneurship, Greg is also a passionate philanthropist and is the Founder of The Greg Secker Foundation. He uses the Foundation to improve the quality of life for people around the world.