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Organizations Devoted In Advocating For the Rights of the People

The advocates of human rights began their program in 1983, where they changed legal systems, rescued lives, and facilitated the accountability of the violation of human rights. Victims of discrimination and persecution have therefore been assisted in finding work, re-establish their lives, and also coming together with their families after legal advice and counseling.

They have strongly impacted the lives of many women all over the globe by recreating the legal systems to fight and respond to cases of violence. They have declared many governments responsible for the violation of human rights, and also made a record of violence cases in Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Liberia and Peru. In the community of the Sankhu-Palubari, they have transformed the lives of students in the Kathmandu Valley through the Nepal School Project.

In 1993, the program on Women’s Human Rights was founded to provide advocacy, information, and change to women throughout the world. The advocates of human rights have been requested by embassies, government officials, and Non-government Organizations to assist in the drafting of laws which promote the welfare of women.

They have created and proposed laws on domestic violence in about 30 countries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Read more: Phoenix New Time and Michael Larcey | Facebook

They have also created systems which foster tolerance, educate people on their rights, create awareness, and enhance accountability. This organization has developed strategies that allow governments to take accountability for the abuse of human rights and also reinforce organizations in the system of international justice.

They can generate reports on police and military abuse, women’s human rights, international based missions on monitoring, among other abuses of human rights.

The group of Advocates for Human Rights enables immigrants and refugees to integrate into the new communities and also promote legal reforms. They offer assistance to those trafficked for various reasons, afraid to move back to their country, those suffering from detention that is unjustified, and also those seeking refuge.

They also develop educational instruments which assist in enlightening of the people on certain matters. These include applying for international rights that are of high standards on matters concerning school, communities, families and also workplaces.

The Advocates for Human Rights believe that one of the best strategies to achieve long-term advancement regarding human rights is through educating people all over the world. They establish public policies which protect, respect, and fulfill the human rights in every community, as well as all over the world. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

There are three major campaigns that the group is focusing on. These are the Presidents Executive Action on Immigration, Central American Refugees, and All Minnesotans 2015 Driver’s Licenses.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund

The co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin, have devoted the monetary compensation from their apprehension by Joe Arpaio, a Sheriff, to support organizations that handle migrant rights in Arizona.

These journalists were arrested after they had revealed the presence of proceedings by the grand jury which sought journalist’s notes on written documents covering Joe. The grand jury also demanded for the identification of the citizens who read online stories on lawman by New Times.

Larkin and Lacey sued the county and spent a considerable amount of effort in their careers to assert and defend their rights on the First Amendment. Therefore, their fund is aimed at advocating for migrant, human, and civil rights, not excluding the freedom of civic participation and speech for the residents of Arizona.