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Amazing Facts about Jeffry Schneider’s Incredible Leadership

Jeffry Schneider is the Founder of Ascendant Capital LLC; an alternative investment boutique that is based in Austin, Texas. During his tenure, Jeffry has made efforts to raise almost a billion dollars and amazingly made the firm support more than thirty employees from just two! Incredible! I mean within 10 years! This year alone, his target is 50 million dollars monthly.

Ascendant Capital deals with raising capital for asset fund sponsors like private banks, investment advisors, family offices and broker-dealers. When LLC raises the funds, it does value addition and innovation for investors.

Jeffry Schneider boasts of 24 years experience in financial analysis skills and immense knowledge in financial matters. This has been a major factor to his success. He believes in transparency, team work, dialogue and being open-minded in management. This secret has enabled him hold leadership with enthusiasm. He sees alternative investments as a perfect way of diversifying holdings and reducing volatility.

Mr. Schneider previously worked for Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital. He has a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

His hobbies include working with charitable organizations like The Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries and Cherokee Home for Children. Other hobbies include traveling – he has traveled to Asia, Europe and South America. Jeffry loves working out his body; he has been spotted in a few marathons, Iron-man and half Iron-man in New Zealand.

Jeffry is looked up to as a mentor to so many young leaders for his amazing leadership strategies and overall quality of a lifestyle.

The Midas Legacy Helps You Put Your Future In Your Hands

If you really feel that you just haven’t found satisfaction in life, or you want to do more with your own business ideas and make retirement happen when you want to, sometimes you just need some pointers to get you there. The Midas Legacy is a small company made up of financial advisors who at one time were in the same place you probably are now, but with a little research on their part, they’ve put together information that can help motivated people reach their financial goals. Their editorial team consists of Jim Samson, Sean Bower and Marc Edwards who each have information on investing, real estate, personal happiness and natural cures.

The Midas Legacy’s primary goal is to help people figure out when they would retire at their current rate, and how they could make plans to retire even sooner if they want. Their retirement calculator adds up all the current expenses and income and shows where you will be at in a certain number of years. But The Midas Legacy has code books and tips for investing in other areas such as their Wall Street Informer and Real Estate Riches that could help you get there even faster.

The Wall Street Informer is an insider’s newsletter that gives you tips and tricks on what stocks to invest or trade that most of the big name experts will not tell you about. With the Wall Street Informer and The Midas Legacy’s Code Breaker, you could learn about which investments are golden to grab, and which ones to stay away from at all costs. Likewise, The Midas Legacy’s Real Estate Riches program is a learning tool to get even those with no real estate knowledge started. You will learn through this program all the real estate knowledge you need to know, and how investing in real estate could be the key to wealth.

The Midas Legacy also has information on natural cures for various diseases, including even using them for cancer. They also have information on how you can become a more confident and driven person through their self-improvement program. All the tips and information you need is part of their special code book program which you can subscribe to when you visit The Midas Legacy is also a philanthropic organization that has reached local Florida communities through financial gifts as well as being actively involved in local events.

The Life and Career of Adam Milstein

When it comes to Adam Milstein, he can be referred with many titles. He is a businessman, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is well known for the Adam and Gila Foundation that he founded with his wife in the year 2001. Milstein is also known as the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Adam has not always lived in the United States of America. He was initially born in Haifa, Israel before relocating to the USA. Adam Milstein was born in 1952. His father has Argentinean descent while his mother is from Mexico. As of today, Adam lives in Encino in California with his wife, Gila. Together, they have three children.

Just recently, Adam Milstein was recognized as one of the most influential Jewish leaders by the Jerusalem post. In this post, he was recognized for his contribution to the Israel-American Council. He listed as number 38. This list was competitive as it included other leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu and philanthropist Sheldon. Adam has had a successful career in real estate. He is currently a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties where his main responsibly is to oversee the funding of this firm. His father was a real estate agent.

Adam Milstein has worked with various foundations in the past to support the Jewish Community. Some of these foundations include Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition as well StandWithUs and Birthright Israel. He is also famous for forming the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This is a charity organization that gives free books to Israelis living in the United States of America. The books are meant to teach these people about the culture and tradition of the Israeli people. He has in the past worked with notable people such as Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson when organizing a summit called Campus Maccabees.

When Adam Milstein was recognized as one of the most influential Jewish Leaders of today, he attributed his success to his wife, Gila, who has been very influential in his life. He said that it was an honor and privilege to be on this list. In the previous year, Adam has been recognized as one of the top 25 activists of modern times.

Brian Bonar’s Expansive Financial Knowledge

According to WhitePages, Brian Bonar is a top financial executive in San Diego, California. He works at a company that’s known as Dalrada Financial Services. He holds positions as Chief Executive Officer and chairman at the prominent financial planning firm.

Bonar’s employment isn’t at all limited to this company alone, however. That’s because he also works for a company called Trucept. He has the same exact positions at Trucept. Bonar is part of Dalrada Financial Corporation’s esteemed Board of Directors. He serves as the Chairman of the Board. Ira Frohman works alongside Bonar as a board member. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

This hard worker has had quite a fruitful and busy career in finance and other fields so far. He’s held coveted positions at many diverse firms. Some examples of the many companies Bonar has worked for in the past are IBM U.K. Ltd., ITEC Image Technologies, Bezier Systems, AMS Outsourcing, Allegiant Professional Business Services, Adaptec, Inc. and Rastek Corporation. He’s even been the founder of some of these companies. Bonar created Bezier Systems in September of 1994.

This firm released a laser printer that had an SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) foundation. That at the time was a brand new concept for the technology world. Bezier Systems was located in San Jose, California.

Brian Bonar had quite a fulfilling role at Adaptec, Inc. He worked for the company between the years of 1990 and 1991 as its global sales manager. Adaptec, Inc., just like Bezier Systems, was also headquartered in San Jose. The company specialized in the development of laser printer controllers.

This professional has also worked for some extremely large and widely known corporations. He spent close to two decades as an employee at IBM U.K. Ltd. These are just a few examples of Bonar’s many jobs and roles throughout his lengthy career. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian Bonar is equipped with a strong education that has prepared him for his current work. He is a proud alumnus of both James Watt Technical College and Stafford University. He studied mechanical engineering while at both of these institutions of higher learning. He finished his master’s degree in 1985. He’s an expert in a broad range of topics.

These many topics include but are not restricted to consulting, recruiting, global business, restructuring, business practices, business planning, lead generation, private equity, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, venture capital, small businesses and executive management.

Bonar also has a lot of knowledge that involves Saas (Software as a Service) matters. People who work in the finance universe can depend on Bonar to be a source of varied and comprehensive information.

Brian Bonar is busy. That doesn’t mean that he’s devoid of interests, however. He’s a man who simply adores his family members. He also likes golfing and boating.