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Robert Ivy Receives the Distinguished Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is the distinguished CEO and VP of the American Institute of Architects. For his commitment to his profession, he received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Ivy also holds the distinction of building up the organization, AIA, to where it is now. It is highly respected around the world. His work has influenced the next generation of architects to think in terms of what will be sustainable. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters awards the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. An architect has never been honored with the award before. The award recognizes those Mississippians, artists and patrons, whose work has spanned a lifetime either supporting, performing, or creating notable works of art.

Former award winners include artist Walter Anderson, actor Morgan Freeman, and writer Eudora Welty. On the professional side of things, Ivy’s mission is to make architecture more available to people. Buildings and structures will have to become sustainable. This refers to those structures that minimize negative impacts on the environment. Ivy’s organization accomplishes this through the use of various materials, space, and the ecosystem.Robert Ivy can also add to his resume the title of author and editor.

As such, he is an excellent ambassador for his profession. He held the position of Editor-in-Chief at McGraw-Hill publishing. McGraw Hill is a world-wide respected architectural journal, and has received numerous awards to that end.Today’s, and tomorrow’s architect, will need a talent for developing new services and experiences. More than ever before, the customer’s needs must be at the center of the design process. Design approaches will also have to be iterative, learning-based, and experimental. Robert Ivy is a leader who understands what tomorrow’s architect will need to be successful. In the meantime, Robert Ivy continues his march toward excellence.

Marc Sparks Gives the Entrepreneur a Chance to Grow

Marc Sparks is a champion of the socially conscious business of establishing better companies for people that are trying to improve their business strategies. Sparks has managed to lure a lot of people into the business world because he is someone that knows a lot about how businesses should function. He has a lot of experience in starting businesses, and he has been called a serial entrepreneur for all of his endeavors. He has been able to change the course of the way that entrepreneurs look at starting businesses. Much of this has to do with his approach and his perspective on the way that businesses work.

What Sparks believes is that business leaders should learn about the business that they are interested in. It will not matter how many degrees they have if they have no actual knowledge of what they are trying to put their money into. This has helped them quite a bit when it comes to serial investing in different businesses. Sparks takes time to get to know what his businesses are doing. This is the way that he becomes more knowledgeable about how to run these businesses. It has also become the way that he has been able to grow many businesses and maximize his profits.

Marc Sparks gains so many entrepreneurs this way, and he continues to show even more people what they need to do with the Spark Tank challenge. This has become the thing that people are looking forward to if they have a socially conscious business. This is the area that Marc Sparks has put a lot of time into, and he wants people to become much more knowledgeable of the businesses that they are trying to bring to the market. Learn more:

There are so many entrepreneurs that do not take time to really assess what everybody else is doing. What Marc Sparks wants people to do is become much more familiar with their adversaries in order to help them compete with the competition. That is why the Spark Tank challenge is so relevant. This allows people to compete with other entrepreneurs that have socially-conscious businesses as well. This gives him much more leverage when it comes to building better business opportunities. More people have the ability to compete successfully when they are aware of what their competition has in the store.

Sparks has always taking interest in the challenges that come with businesses. This is how he has learned, and this is how he is teaching others to become more knowledgeable about entrepreneurship as well. He puts people up against one another in competition so that they can learn where their business is lacking. He gives entrepreneurs a chance to grow.