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Adam Milstein Exposes the New Anti-Semitism Tactics that Risk Democracy

According to Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American philanthropist, the growth of alliance between radical right and radical left anti-Semitism, coupled with mainstreaming of anti-Semitism leftism is a threat to the life and future of Jewish people worldwide. He notes that being the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel has been a target of radical Muslims who determined to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish people historical homeland by fanning anti-Semitism remarks to reach their goal. He notes that they are aligning themselves with the radical leftists such as fighting those seeking to stop racism in America or boycotting Israel via the BDS movement. These efforts put in jeopardy western cultures of democracy, Tolerance and freedom are the basic foundations of Israel and America.

Adam Milstein is worried about the rate at which anti-Semitism is spreading hate, racism, and bigotry due to increased sharing of ideas and tactics between radical Muslims, radical leftists, and rights. The far left cast a blind eye on radical Muslims stoning of women, execution of gays, and disdain of human rights since they share a common hate of freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism, and vile anti-Semitism.

The leftists as per Adam Milstein observations fail to distinguish between mainstream Muslims and radicals, treating them as a consistent block labeling as “people oppressed by the West”. They blame Jews as the main cause of problems in the Middle East, terming Israel as a colonialist oppressor that targets Muslims.

To show the intensity of the matter, Adam Milstein goes ahead and gives examples where he cites political activist Linda Sarsour who is being regarded by the leftists as a feminist leader. Sarsour in the past called a Jewish journalist an anti-Semitic alt-right likes the misogyny of Sharia law, thanked Siraj Wajjah, who worked with a conspirator in bombing World Trade Center as she started her speech called “jihad against Trump”. Despite her admiration of Saudi Arabia treatment of women, she is a role model.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties in charge of property management, overseeing the company’s financing, and disposition. He carries out philanthropic works through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Great Education Made Possible With ClassDojo

Technology has transformed the way that people are able to experience the world around them, this has likely been something that has benefitted you in a significant way. People are now able to use technology to share information quickly and easily regardless of location limitations or other boundaries that may have previously gotten in the way. ClassDojo is an application that is intended to facilitate communication within education between teachers, students and parents in ways that were never before possible. ClassDojo allows users to share photos and messages throughout the day. Also, students are able to collaborate together and stay organized to complete assigned projects. Big ideas should not be limited to the classroom, they should also be part of the experience within the home. This application aims to ensure that big ideas are possible regardless of the setting, this means both the home and the classroom would now be idea environments for learning and sharing.

In fact, this is what ClassDojo is used in 90% of kindergarten through 8th grade schools within the United States. Elementary schools all around the world are currently using this application in order to enhance the experience that the student takes part in on a daily basis. Teachers enjoy greater ability to communicate with parents while parents are involved with their child’s education at a much deeper level. This technology is currently translated and used in over 35 languages so that children all around the world are able to learn at a much deeper level. Over 20 percent of the ClassDojo team have a teaching background, this makes it much easier to understand education in the field. They have experience when it comes to what teachers need from applications that are going to help them get the most out of their students both now and in the future.