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How PodcastOne is beneficial today

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster proclaimed the results of some comprehensive studies. The results were from some advertising tests with some major consumer brands nationwide. The products were from five various service and product categories.

The study showed some significant impact of podcast advertising and the recall of the brand. Edison Research, on behalf of PodcastOne, had done some studies.

The studies aimed at examining how effective the podcast advertising is for the national brands. Some of the brands were ones that were well known but were passing a new message. The other brands were not so popular and were looking for an increase in the awareness and trial.

In both the cases, there were online surveys of the audiences that were carried out before the podcasts were conducted. There were also studies before the running of these podcasts and later on when the podcasts were used in the advertising.

They used the same methods in all these cases. The results that were obtained from all these situations indicated that the audiences from these podcasts responded well to the brand messages. They were now more willing to use and buy the brands.

Tom Webster, the vice president of Strategy at Edison Research, claims that he was excited to partner with the PodcastOne and the five leading brand in the test. He claims that the methods they used allowed them to be able to study the audiences.

They could do this before and after they had run these campaigns. He claims that they were able to prove that advertising with the podcast method had a significant impact on the key effectiveness measures.

Norman Pattiz is the executive chairman and the founder of PodcastOne. He has more than 40 years of experience in the field of the radio industry. He has also founded Westwood One. In the year 2010, Norman was able to launch and found the Courtside Entertainment Group.

The group produces and distributes quality programming. The organization can identify the opportunities that have not yet been tapped.

To add on to the background that he has on broadcasting, Mr. Pattiz serves at the University of California. He serves as the regent. He is also a chairman in the laboratories of the Los Alamos National Security and Lawrence Livermore. He also belongs to the members of the council of the Pacific Council on International Relations.

Another organization that has him in the council is the Foreign Relations. He has been able to hold several awards including the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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