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Startups are Creating Brilliant Visual Search Programs

E-commerce is incredibly competitive. Even though there are millions of consumers looking to shop online, the numbers do not automatically mean retailers are capable of automatically grabbing a percentage of buyers. The retail website does need to contain features that make the shopping experience better for all parties. The arrival of visual search programs changes things. Visual search programs may be able to impact e-commerce in a positive manner to a tremendous – and positive – degree.

These programs have been developed by the brilliant designers working for a number of startups. The influence of these programs is turning out to be massive. Live Mint has published a solid article on the subject, and the article is incredibly insightful.

The way visual search software works is photos or images are used to find content or products. So, someone who takes a photograph or copies an image or a particular item of merchandise can use that photo or image to find a match. This replaces the common process of typing text to perform the search. The uniqueness of this type of searching is definitely being embraced by online retailers.

Slyce is one startup that has had an enormous impact on the development of visual search technology. Originally, the company developed a smartphone app to support visual searches on retail sites. The app proved very popular, and Slyce has expanded its scope to include many more apps and programs. Consumers definitely appreciate the programs Slyce have developed. Maybe the retailers like Slyce even more.

One Fortune 500 toy retailer signed a deal with Slyce. The revenues were extremely pleasing to the retailer. Customers seem to be reacting well to the programs Slyce developed. Slyce may be leading a revolution that other startups are following.

Businesses definitely are thrilled at the arrival of visual and image search software. Sales seem to do well when this technology is arriving on the scene. Visual search software makes it easier for consumers to locate a variety of different merchandise. Rather than being burdened with typing text and hoping the right search term was used, an image search makes things a lot easier. The easier it becomes to find merchandise, the less likely it becomes to lose customers. Customers have a tendency to make purchases from secondary choices when presented with visual depictions of them. In short, retailers make more sales thanks to the integration of visual search software.

Artificial intelligence-driven visual search technology also aid in making recommendations for customers. Retailers find this to be another enormous benefit, and another reason why retailers are growing fond of visual search software.