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Beneful Brand Dog Food a Healthy and Tasty Alternative

To get a real understanding as to why so many dogs love the taste of Beneful brand dog food, all you have to do is take a closer look at the ingredients. When you open that bag of Beneful dog food and take a closer look, you can’t help see those moist chunks of chicken, those colorful veggies like spinach and pumpkin, with plenty of blueberries for flavor too. If you think it looks good, imagine how your pet will respond.

This is not fillers like many popular dog food brands utilize, this is real grain-free with real farm-raised chicken Beneful dry dog food that is packed with 23 different minerals and vitamins. These meals provide an abundance of nutritional benefits, while never compromising on taste. Your dog will love the way it tastes, and you will know they are getting all the nutritional value they need in order to thrive.

Take a look inside any of the US-based Purina facilities and you see employees doing quality checks at a number of stages during the manufacturing process. These employees will tell you that not only do they know first-hand that Beneful brand dog food is top-quality, this is something they will only feed to their own pets.

You Can Get A Unique Blend Of Beneful Products At Walmart

Beneful provides your hair with the benefits of all natural ingredients that your pet companion will love. Deep within every package is organic ingredients that will help your pet live a healthy lifestyle. There is a list of products located conveniently on the pet care aisle of your local BenefulWalmart. In fact, Beneful is known to help your pet wet dog food maintain a healthy weight and be more active with less by products. You can visit their official website and find coupons that will give you an additional 20% off. Your pet will enjoy all natural ingredients like beef, chicken, wild rice, corn, and green beans to learn more click here: 

Your pet will show you that they’re happy with the spontaneous wagging of their tail at each mealtime. Walmart rolls back their prices on select days as indicated and their pet food products are under the same promotional offer. All natural pet wet dog food items can be a bit more expensive, but Walmart reduces the cost to pass down the savings to their customers. Choose from a blend of wet and dry dog food products that also carry a gourmet flavor under $20. Walmart invites you to visit their pet care aisle for more Beneful selections for your pet today.

Beneful Dog Food is the Best for Your Pet

Beneful represents a brand of dog food manufactured by Nestle Purina PetCare. This particular brand of dog food comprises of wet, dry and canned dog food as well as doggy snacks. The term Beneful implies ‘full of goodness. A SWOT review by Marketline revealed Beneful as the top brand of Nestle Purina. Besides, in 2012, it was ranked fourth place among favorite dog brands with annual revenue of $ 1.5 billion.

The Beneful brand was first launched in 2001, and it became popular because of its nutrition value and appearance which looked like a stew with beef pieces. During the same year, it broadcasted a $3.4 million TV advert which was the biggest in Nestle Purina’s history. Five years later, Beneful had grown a lot making over $ 300 million in revenues. In 2010, the brand humanized its dog food through the introduction of IncrediBites with stay-fresh packaging and in smaller sizes.

Beneful has invested a lot in its marketing campaign. In 2011, it produced some posters in Germany which emitted dog food smell to attract dogs. Additionally, it also aired several advertisements in Austria which released some high pitch sound that only dogs could hear. In 2012, the brand had interactive billboards in New York that allowed individuals to play virtual fetch and was later introduced to other key states in the United States including Atlanta, Los Angeles, St Louis, and Chicago.

In 2005, the Brand incorporated an additional product line dubbed the Beneful Healthy Harvest. This was the first time the company was introducing a line with soy as the primary source of proteins as opposed to meat. The brand’s prepared meals were launched in March 2006 and featured a multi-use packaging that also serves as the dog’s eating plate. This packaging was phenomenal and was recognized by Pack Expo Select award during the 2007 Showcase of Packaging Innovations.

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The Amazing Products Beneful has to Offer

The pet food market is a multi-billion dollar industry that serves a great purpose in our society. Feeding our pets is a very important task that many companies are stepping up to the plate to accomplish. There are many different companies that are starting to be much healthier when it comes to their pet food options. Beneful is a company that is really giving the health pet food movement a great deal of momentum being placed in the market. Their products are setting the bar high with all natural ingredients and great nutrients for pets. Their grand selection of products gives pet owners a wide array of options when it comes to what they should be feeding their pets.

Beneful Playful Life

There are certain dogs that are much more active than other dogs. These dogs will need a different blend of ingredients and nutrients that will help to heal their joints, muscles, and bones. This is just what Beneful playful life does. The great ingredients in this blend will help dogs stay playful for many years to come.

Beneful Healthy Smile

Dog breath is something that just about every dog owner knows about. This is a bad trait of most dogs who don’t have the ability to take care of their teeth. Purina Beneful has created a treat that acts as a dental stick that is not only tasty but has great dental benefits. This treat is great for dog owners who are looking to have a much healthier dental life for their dogs. These dental sticks really help to reduce build up on a dog’s teeth and also help to fortify their dental health for many years to come.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

The best time to start working on your pet’s health is day one. This is why Beneful Healthy Puppy is such a great product. This puppy food has many ingredients that will help any puppy grow big and strong. This dog food will allow for a great habit to be built when it comes to feeding your dog healthy food. Starting good health at an early age is a very wise thing to do.

Beneful Healthy Weigh

If you feel like your dog is getting a little on the portly side then Beneful Healthy Weight is a great solution for you. This dog food will give you the ability to help your dog loose they weight they need to.