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Lovaganza Makes Film Preparations for the Much-Anticipated 2020 Celebrations

Lovaganza operates as an entertainment brand that is driven by its humanitarian objectives or mission. It provides global immersive entertainment aimed at inspiring Humanity in a bid to create a New World that is characterized by three qualities including Unity, peace as well as abundance. As such, the brand has outlined three key events to advocate for unity, peace, and abundance for every individual, which are scheduled to take place in 2020, 2025 and 2030 respectively.

The Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations

Currently, the Lovaganza brand is highly geared to making its upcoming event in 2020 a success. Consequently, it has been making early preparations to ensure that the 2020 celebrations take place without failure or hitches. Previously, the long-awaited celebrations were set to take place in 2015, but the brand pushed them to 2020 in an attempt to make the event better. The preparations for the 2020 show include a traveling convoy, which is anticipated to commence early next year.

Lovaganza Convoy

The Lovaganza Convoy trilogy is expected to spice up Lovaganza’s Bohemian Adventure through cinema. By doing so, individuals will be taken through an unprecedented ride across the global divide via drama, comedy, action, suspense, and mystery. Lovaganza intends to utilize the innovative Immerscope technology to film and display its trilogy to a global audience on is large 180 degrees glassless 3D monitors. The film trilogy will not only be showcased in its Immerscope traveling theaters but also in regular 2D and 3D theaters around the globe.

Preliminary filming for the trilogy on has already commenced in numerous locations such as the US, Spain, and France. The exhibition of the trilogy will take place during the months leading to Lovaganza 2020 and the Lovaganza celebrations as well. Currently, various trailers can be accessed via the Lovaganza official website including The Sunshine Shop, The Screen Tests, and the Lovaganza 2020 teaser trailer

A Detailed Look at Lovaganza

Lovaganza has been eliciting enormous debate and interests from various parties and individuals around the world due to its planned 2020 celebrations. The Lovaganza brand is made up of two separate entities whereby one, the Lovaganza Entertainment, is aimed at providing global scale entertainment, which is geared towards inspiring and triggering wonder to different individuals across the global divide on Tumblr. On the other hand, the Lovaganza Foundation relies on the visibility and success of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to bring about a positive impact while supporting regional and global initiatives.

George Soros Predicts EU On The Verge Of Collapsing

Recently, George Soros made a prediction that the EU, European Union, is one the verge of collapsing. Let’s go over what he had to say.

Soros, the billionaire financier, said that the European Union is very close to collapsing, and this is because of the migrant crisis, as well as its management over the migrant crisis issue. The issue he was referring to is that more than a million migrants and refugees have arrived in the EU in 2015.

Soros said that one of the keys to solving the issue is Angela Merkel, who is the Chancellor of Germany. As you may remember, Merkel responded to the crisis by opening the border to refugees that have traveled from Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Soros said that he did welcome her move, but there was a lot to be nervous about.

Soros said that Merkel predicted that the EU was close to collapsing and that authorities in Europe were taught how to muddle through crisis after crisis, and the Greek crisis is what taught them. He added that this is more like kicking a ball up a hill and it ends up rolling right back down.

The German people are the ones who can stop Merkel’s prediction from coming true, according to Soros. He said that the Chancellor foresaw that there was the potential for the migrant crisis to wreck havoc in the EU, and that has now become the reality and the EU needs to be fixed.

Soros also said that the people of German must decide whether or not they are willing to accept the liabilities and responsibilities that come along with being a powerhouse in Europe.

The comments Soros made comes just as Alex Stubb had something to say about the crisis. Stubb, who is the Finance Minister of Finland, said that Germany’s policy was humane, but the free movement of Europeans is under threat, as well as the whole Schengen agreement. What he means by that is that Europeans generally are free to move from one European country to the next without passing through border checks and things of that nature.

Making the Break from North Korea

The hermit nation of North Korea is one of the most dangerous nations in the world. It doesn’t allow its citizens in or out of the country, while essentially brain washing those who live in the country with constant propaganda everyone on the outside of the nation knows is false, yet everyone on the inside of the country simply doesn’t know is going on. So, for those who want to make it out of the country, it is extremely difficult and even more dangerous. However, Yeonmi Park made it out. She stated in a book she wrote that she didn’t know what freedom was and just didn’t understand the concept. However, now she is free, and her book on Amazon“In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl’s Journey to Freedom” outlines all of it. In North Korea, for anyone looking to escape, there are two ways: down to South Korea and up to China. Escaping into South Korea is especially difficult due to the demilitarized zone that is filled with mines and is protected by soldiers from both sides of the border. On the other end, in China, it is not as protected and individuals need to escape by crossing the Yalu River, but there are countless agents within China who are looking out for those trying to escape. In 2007, Park crossed the river into China with her mother. At the time, Yeonmi Park was 13 years old and didn’t really know what to do after. They hadn’t seen what takes place on the outside of the country, so everything else did prove foreign to her. Remaining in China is not safe either. Without paperwork or other documentation, being able to move through China is difficult and often results in capture. Her and her mother eventually made it to Mongolia and took a plane to South Korea. Now, the sad part about the entire story is that she did have to change her name and other information about herself, especially while writing her book. Regardless though, the North Korean government treats family members of those who escape with extreme cruelty, often banishing them and future generations to work camps.

Doe Deere Has Shown Girls They Don’t Need To Be Afraid Of Bold Makeup

Doe Deere has long held to the belief that makeup should be about more than just making sure that one’s flaws are covered up, and she created a makeup brand that is filled with beautiful items that will help girls to stand out among their peers. She wants girls to be able to feel confident while having a look that is all them, and that is why she has created all of the different makeups that she has. Whether a girl puts on glittery eye shadow, dark lipstick, or a bright colored eyeliner, Doe Deere of wants that girl to be able to own her look and feel confident in what she is doing.
Doe Deere’s love for makeup started when she was just a young girl, and she has come to love makeup even more through the years. She appreciates all of the things that can be done with makeup, as having a bold look has always been an important part of her life.
Doe Deere doesn’t want any girl to have to feel afraid of doing something bold with her look, and she encourages girls to get out there and try something different through the things offered in her brand. She realizes that there are only certain people who will want to fully own a bold look, though, and she is fine with that. All that she wants girls to do is to put on a look that is all them. If they love the things that they are wearing, then that is all that matters.
Doe Deere had a great love for color all of her life, as well as her love of makeup, and when both of those things were able to come together for her in her career she couldn’t have been happier. She feels that it is almost unfair that she is able to do something so fun for a job. She enjoys being able to create new makeup for her brand, and she is excited to be able to set out and do many more thing with it one day, as well.
Doe Deere believes that makeup is about so much more than just making sure that someone does not have any flaws, and she has proven that through all of the bold and crazy makeups that she has put in her brand. She has worked hard to show girls that they never have to be afraid of what they are doing and the kinds of things that they are wearing.

Is Joseph Bismark Changing Lives With His Beliefs?


I read about Joseph Bismark on a blog titled Come On Valerie the other day. As the director of management at the QI Group, his skills in leadership are exemplary, his knowledge is dynamic and his experience goes way back to 2008 when he assumed the role of leading their core operations. He works with MLM or multi-level marketing personnel Vijay Eswaran and brings tons of knowledge and skill wherever he goes. 

To explain a little about this man, I found out that he is certified in philosophy and is a mediation trainer who lives by a certain spiritual code. What I learned was that at age 9 he left a comfortable lifestyle to be trained as a monk. Living in the mountains until he was 17, he finally left there amd later partnered with Vijay to create the QI Group. 

Bismark is a mentor to millions of people and his philosophy with multi-level companies is that anyone can achieve great success. He has dedicated his life to educating society and knows how to uplift global communities. By using the right resources and tools, he believes anyone can achieve any type of success possible. 

Launching their QNET products, building a great compensation plan and showing entrepreneurs and business professionals how to do it, he has been a great mentor in helping others to generate wealth. 

I love that he achieves a kind of oneness with his spirituality and mentorship, along with the brilliant business plans QI Group has created. Other visionaries have failed in this area where he has succeeded. He wants to teach others about self-growth,unity and respect for themselves and others and his success is based on these practices.

You may be wondering what products do so well with the QI Group. Mainly, it’s wellness and lifestyle products, luxury collectibles and even project management. But he makes it quite clear in order to be successful in any type of business, your faith has to be strong, along with the business side of things. 

Bismark came from a wealthy family. He’s also been a humble servant as a monk. He’s been down both roads and believes in order to become truly successful, his philosophy can make a difference.

Sleeping sickness affects whole town

Something is making people mysteriously fall asleep in the small town of Kalachi, in Kazakhstan. Carbon monoxide is the suspected culprit, but many scientists are not satisfied with that answer, and no solution has been found.

According to a story on, dozens of villagers have passed out in schools, at work, at home, and even on a motorcycle. According to the story people are falling asleep at random, at odd times, and some have a hard time shaking it off and waking up.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir the description of the illness fits but the situation does not appear likely in that area, there are still questions.

There is a nearby uranium mine, but it is inactive. Even when active, it is not likely that it could provide gas in enough of a concentration to cause this problem, an expert said.

Carbon dioxide could also be the culprit, experts say. But even so, getting the gas concentrated enough to affect people out in the open, would be unlikely.

Bad vodka was at first a suspect, but it has affected people who did not drink any vodka. Meningitis has also been suggested, but scientists also ruled that out.
Scientists have yet to find a common denominator, as not everyone has been affected.
The local government says it intends to relocate villagers, thinking that the mine might indeed be the culprit.

Bob Saget Not Angry With Olsen Twins

Saget is close friends with the cast members and directors of the film. However, Bob Saget was interviewed by a reporter from Qnet on the red carpet, and he was asked about his new sitcom ‘Fuller House.’ Bob Saget said that he’s extremely excited to appear in the show, and the rest of the cast is happy as well.

The reporter then asked Bob Saget how he felt about the Olsen twins’ refusal to star in the new sitcom. Bob Saget said that he is not mad at them, and he understands that they are living different lives now. However, many people feel that the Olsen twins should have signed onboard for the new project, and John Stamos recently revealed his disgust with the young girls. Nonetheless, it appears that Bob Saget clearly loves the Olsen twins as if they were his own daughters.

In the past, people were extremely surprised to hear Bob Saget’s standup comedy routine. Bob Saget is actually a very filthy comic, and his comedy involves a lot of swearing and disgusting sexual innuendos. However, when Saget is working in ‘Full House,’ he’s a great actor, and he appears to be a very caring father. ‘Fuller House’ comes out later next year, and ‘Full House’ fans can’t wait to see it.

Stephen Williams Shines as The Beacon Behind The Antique Wine Company

Being a member of a large family often leaves some children behind and sadly overlooked. To be noticed it is often necessary to make your own noise. Being one of nine children did not stop Stephen Williams from getting noticed. He took his drive and passion and used it to become one of the most successful rare and fine wine dealers in Europe. The name of his prestigious and exclusive company is the Antique Wine Company.

Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company is one of the world’s largest dealers in rare and fine wines. Stephen began his career as an insurance salesman but quickly realized that insurance sales was not his calling. He wanted to provide the people with a product that they enjoy and for which they would come back. “I wanted to sell something that people would buy again and again and get a great deal of pleasure out of buying,” he said. “Nobody ever called me to buy another insurance policy.” This led him to his career and love of dealing with fine and rare wines.

As a youngster, Williams had to grow up fast in a broken home. His parents separated when he was a boy of ten. Living with his mother proved to be a struggle in his single parent upbringing on a part-time income.

Steven Williams is truly a shining example of how dreams can be achieved regardless of meager beginnings. From his humble beginnings to a company that is projected to earn over £20m this year, he has come a long way. He has built his esteemed and respected business The Antique Wine Company to employ 15 people. This team of wine experts oversee the collection of a great number of vintage and rare wines, some of which are over 150 years old. His business has set records in the sales of different vintage wines and collections.

Wine connoisseurs and rare vintage lovers alike are thrilled when Stephen Williams offers them the opportunity to own a piece of his extensive collection of wines. His extensive collection at the Antique Wine Company will have collectors and admirers heads spinning from the sheer awesomeness of this prestigious collection that Stephen has created.