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Tony Petrello Makes A Difference In Communities For Natural Disasters

When Hurricane Harvey destroyed Huston Texas, causing flooding, people inside their communities looked at how a corporation reacts after a catastrophe of this magnitude occurs. With this kind of crisis, as streets were flooded at such an elevated level, causing hundreds of homes to be destroyed, the need for water and food was extensive for everyone. Many businesses like H-E-B, and the Houston Food Bank stepped up and helped everyone they could.

Doing helpful work for the community is something that Naborhood Café does best. Tony Petrello who is the Chief Executive Officer, is very enthusiastic about making things like this happen. They assist with fundraisers, projects in the community, and helping with extraordinary events. He believes that doing what people can just to help others in need is a big part of the society that Nabors Industries is known for.

Nabors Industry shows gratitude for their assistance by proposing their employees a temporary paid leave just to assist in their community. Their employees are sent for assistance right along the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Tony Petrello has raised aids in relief funds over one hundred and seventy thousand dollars before reaching his contribution. This fund is called “The Nabors Disaster Relief Fund.”

Nabors Charitable Foundation have given above three million in grants for education to the children of Nabors Industries workers and to their employees as well. Tony Petrello resides from New Jersey. He currently lives in Houston, as his main goal is his to concentrate numerous efforts doing charity.

Tony Petrello biggest efforts is assisting youthful neurological disorders. After doing deep research on the issue, realizing that there was hardly any known knowledge about youthful neurological disorders, Tony happily contributed to various associations that handles these types of ailments. Because of his generosity, the hospital’s panel asked Tony to help them as a supporter, and to help assemble fundraising endeavors for the future.

Tony Petrello earned a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School.

Mr. Petrello is the Primary Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd., and at Nabors Industries, Inc. since 2011. Later in 2012, Tony has been the Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries. He currently assists at Texas Children’s Hospital as a Mentor. Mr. Petrello takes the time serving as an organizer of the website.

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