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How to Make Ed Tech Successful

Ed tech products are slowly beginning to look like a worthy investment. After hitting a low in 2016, they reached an upswing, a 1.4 billion in 2017. While this upswing still falls short of the 1.5 billion dollar mark, it still shows that ed techs are worth a look.

Certain edtech products, like Nearpods, had a good year. This adaptive learning software acquired 21 million funding to allow them to upload 300 lessons to Classcraft, the gamified classroom software, also boasted a 2.8 million dollar investment. Ed tech products have certain things in common. They are designed to be teacher and student friendly, and they have been tested in the classroom.

How do these products make it to the classroom? Teachers are often the ones who are used as the judge of what to invest in and so they are the people to reach. Teachers want their edtech products to solve a problem they are having. Just making a subject “fun” does not create a stand out product worth investing time and money in, but one that helps to solve a problem in education does. ClassDojo does just that. They help with the communication outside of the parent teacher conference.

Another factor that makes edtechs a standout is that they are tested effective and proven to work. So many start ups have hit the market it is hard to see what works. University of Virginia’s School of Education started the Jefferson Education Accelerator. The JEA helps to jumpstart and test these ed techs. The ed techs definitely need a plan for continuing support for the teachers to help them implement the programs. With these key ingredients, ed techs are sure to stand out.

ClassDojo is an edtech that has proven effective and has stood the test of time. Over the years, it has evolved past the simple classroom monitoring software. Now ClassDojo has communication capabilities to share class wide and student specific communication, as well as, class moments. It is no wonder why 2 in 3 schools use this platform that has created community in the classroom.