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End Citizens United Takes Rick Scott to Court

Currently, the political atmosphere in the U.S. is under heat. In 2010, the Supreme Court decision to lift the regulations on independent spending saw the world of politics taken on another level. With the decision, more money started flowing into the political world hence blocking legitimacy and transparency of the whole process. However, thanks to End Citizens United and other committees, the choice is likely to be turned around.

End Citizens United is one of the few political action committees dedicated to fighting big money out of politics. In other words, the organization is committed to reversing the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC. Since establishment, the organization has continued to endorse individuals with interests in the course, and who would in turn overturn the court decision. Also, End Citizens United keeps politics on the check by revealing individuals who fail to follow the election laws in play.

Not long ago, the organization filed a case with FEC against Rick Scott. According to the filed complaint, ECU believes that Rick Scott has Super PAC at his disposal to drive his senate campaign and it is illegal. The PAC insists that Rick’s smart move is focused on going around the federal limitations towards a candidature’s campaigns. So far, and through the ‘Super PAC,’ Rick Scott has garnered about $78 million for his campaigns.

Legally, a PAC focuses on raising as much money as it can as well as spend whatever is needed to get its members to power. However, they are not allowed to work directly with any campaigns, a law that Rick Scott seems to ignore. Before revealing his thirst for the Senate, Scott was the chairman of the group. The organization had sworn to support his political journey.

According to Adam Bozzi, Rick Scott is greedy for the seat and is willing to bend the laws for personal interests. Mr. Scott’s campaign denied the allegations, but End Citizens United had documents to back the suit. ECU presented documentation that indicated Scott was still working with the group. Adam Bozzi and his team believe that Scott has no intention of pushing for the campaign reform thus should not be given a chance to take the Senatorial seat.

Over and over again, Rick Scott has continued to deny the allegations, but ECU has continued to reveal evidence placing Scott on the wrong. For instance, there was evidence showing that Scott was working closely with the New Republican who even funded his recent poll. More evidence has also been produced showing how Scott is taking advantage of the committee for his political ambitions. According to Bozzi, the fight against Scott is not worth losing.

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The Beginning of End Citizens United

In 2010, the decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Citizens United vs the Federal Electoral Commission left the American Political System astonished. However, 8 years down the line, the decision still has ripple effects that are unwinding and developing. Some of these effects include the opposition to the court’s decision continues. The opposition includes the End Citizens United started by the Political Action Committee. The aim of this opposition is to overturn the decision the Supreme Court gave on the Citizens United vs Federal Electoral Commission.

The decision stated that corporate funding of elections cannot be limited as this would be a violation of the first amendment. It was in 2015, that the PAC was formed to help Democrat candidates raise money for their campaigns. The mission of the End Citizens United is to dismantle the rigged political system and combat the big money in the political arena. Throughout each generation, there have been cases that have altered the political grounds of the country. Some of these cases include Dred Scott Vs Stanford, Roe vs Wade among others. These cases did not just have controversial rulings but also ramifications that continue after the court passes its decision.

The Citizens United decision continues to play a huge role in the political arena and the decision may be the 21st-century generational decision that changes the political scene. The political effects of the Citizens United decision are profound. It has sparked a political pushback that politicians are still trying to cope with while trying to find a way to have the decision overruled. The Citizens United case stems from an attempt by the Citizens United group in 2008, to air a film about Hillary Clinton attacking her while still a Democrat candidate.

The Federal Electoral Commission then found the film and began inquiring about who paid for the expenses of the production of the film. It was the duty of the Federal Electoral Commission to inquire on the expense charges since the law required of the identification of political funding sources. Since the Citizens United did not corporate with the Electoral Commission, they went to court and the Federal Electoral Commission won.

After filing an appeal, the FED won and hence the End Citizens United opposition was born. The opposition continues to rally followers by working together to raise funds for their candidates and using the grassroots supports to fight money in politics.