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Edward Honig: A Leading Cardiologist in New York City

Cardiologist Training and Certification

A cardiologist is a medical professional that has been specifically trained to treat heart diseases and conditions. They undergo three years of specialized training in cardiology after completing a three-year residency in internal medicine. Apart from college training, the cardiologists have to pass all the necessary examinations in order to be board certified. The American Board of Internal Cardiology is the only body that offers certification to all the cardiologists that practice in the United States. In general, cardiologists take more than ten years in training for them to have the necessary knowledge and skills to practice.

Heart and circulatory systems are very delicate and that is why a person that is not well trained and certified by all the relevant bodies cannot be allowed to practice as cardiologists. The certification examinations are meant to test their ability to provide superior care as well as their knowledge and judgment in different situations. Some cardiologists specialize in interventional procedures like electrophysiology or echocardiography while others specialize in general cardiology.

Services Provided by Cardiologists

Patients can consult that cardiologist at all stages of a heart disease. Cardiologists offer consultation services to patients the moment they begin to experience symptoms. They should be able to examine a patient after checking history and provide the necessary treatments to take. According to Dr. Edward Honig, a cardiologist can recommend additional testing or treatments after a patient has expressed his or her concerns. A qualified cardiologist should be in a position to use all necessary equipment to perform the necessary tests on a patient. They should be able to diagnose abnormalities as well as measure the performance of the heart using tests like ambulatory electrocardiograms and echocardiograms. The other important tests that are normally conducted by cardiologists include the exercise stress tests.

Dr. Edward insists that a cardiologist should be able to provide accurate diagnoses of the patient’s cardiovascular problem after listening to patient symptoms and reviewing test results. If necessary, the cardiologist should explain the diagnosis and test results to the patient using models and diagrams. There are some cardiologists with the ability to diagnose heart problems using a catheter, but this requires some specialized training. Cardiologists also offer follow-up care and at the same time provide treatment options.

About Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig currently works Glen Cove Hospital in New York as one of the hospital’s standout cardiologists. He graduated from Duke University in 19512 with a degree in Medicine. He later completed his internship program and residency at New York Hospital in 1952 and 1923 respectively. Edward completed his fellowship program in 1955 at Yale.

He has all the necessary certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine. Edward is distinguished professional and does not have any record of sanctions or claims of malpractice. He has been a practicing cardiologist for over four decades and this makes him one of the most respected authorities in the field. Dr. Edward is a successful cardiologist with several successful surgeries to his name.

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