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Premium Dog Food News And Recommending Beneful

It is incredible to find out how much conscious effort premium dog food companies are putting into making their products better than what the cheaper brands are producing. The cheaper foods for dogs are garbage, so you should avoid them altogether. If you were a dog, would you like to eat that brown muck? You would much rather eat the types of high quality premium foods that are produced by the premium brands. There was an article I read recently from a facebook post that completely changed my outlook on dog food. It was from the Daily Herald. I will do my best to summarize it, and I will also give my recommendation for the types of dog food that I find most suitable.
Premium Dog Food News

The Daily Herald’s article is all about what premium dog food manufacturers do to produce the best foods that are on the market these days. The manufacturing facility that is profiled in the article is in Pennsylvania. The manufacturing chief actually sits down with a journalist from the Daily Herald in order to give some statements about their products. He opens up one of the products in order to show that it tastes good enough for people to eat.

Recommendations For Premium Dog Foods

There are plenty of premium dog food companies on the market, but the only one I will trust enough to feed to my dog is made by Beneful. Their foods are made with high quality ingredients, and they use things that other companies will not use in their foods in order to keep dogs healthy. Beneful uses real meats and real vegetables in their high quality recipes.

Take a look around your local WalMart Store to see all of the varieties that Purina Store produces. They make eight kinds of dry foods, and they make 20 different wet foods. Beneful’s dog treats ( are also worth looking into. They make one called Baked Delights that my dog will do tricks for. If you would like to find out more about Beneful and their high quality products, here’s the Daily Herald’s article.