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Oncotarget: The Publication That Pushes For Innovation

There are many innovations today that you probably haven’t heard of. In fact, it was even said that the biggest challenge in the world today is to make sure that we should learn and hear more about these innovations. We should always try to put them in the fore of the policy-making bodies. In the article here, we will try not just highlight some of the innovations today that inspired school activism and protests that never aimed to be anything more than just a desire and call for change. We will also cite how, as an example, Oncotarget has served to be a journal that always offers hope for those who need it. Shall we start the elaboration?

The Research

In the research study published at Oncotarget (link is HERE) it was shown that there’s already a lot of things that we can hope for in the new changes and research work in Epidemiology. There’s also a lot of improvement in how Ageing Research is conducted today. Learn more about Oncotarget at

In one of the articles, it was shown that one of the most advanced studies today is on Reduction-oxidation pathways, which is an interesting field, to begin with. In the latest changes and developments in the field of research, there is already a lot of promise for the experts to find cures for Cancer.

Eureka Alert News

If you want to learn more about what’s the latest thing happening in Oncotarget, you may be interested to know that the news agency Eureka Alert has shown that Oncotarget’s latest big achievement is the fact that it’s able to offer new pathways and research paths for finding cures of thyroid diseases. In the Eureka Alert, it was shown that the causes of some thyroid and breast cancers would be the lack of a comprehensive and complete diagnosis about it.


The new ways being published in Oncotarget seems to be an offer to the different ways that the cures can be found. It was also reported in Eureka Alert that the new therapeutic ways that Oncotarget has been able to track would be able to offer a hand to those who need it. Unfortunately, it may be a disabled and clutching hand because there’s still so much needed to be done.

For more information about the report, you may refer to the Oncotarget’s iTunes Podcast page, as well as with Stitcher and Player.FM. Should you have more questions about the report, feel free to contact us. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.