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Jason Hope Knows That The Internet Of Things Is Coming And Is Working To Educate People About It

Jason Hope is one of the leaders of a young and upcoming industry that is rapidly expanding. This industry is the Internet of Things (IoT), and Hope literally has written the book on it. That book is “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era,” and inside of it, he elaborates on many of the details surrounding the IoT. As a futurist, he has been advising companies for some time about how they can create products and services in the world of the IoT. It has been his job to help many people to understand that the IoT is coming and that it is going to be big. Read more about Jason Hope at Wings Journal.

As Jason Hope has said a million times, the IoT has to do with the connection of gadgets, household items, devices, and more to the internet as well as one another. This allows data to be exchanged and has already begun to revolutionize more than one industry. The IoT is coming to people’s homes in many different ways, and Hope has been helping entrepreneurs to understand how they can use this to their benefit and to the benefit of their customers. The IoT will surely be increasing the efficiency and productivity of many different sectors and will improve many of the services offered by others. While he is mainly focused on the positive benefits of the IoT, he is aware of the pitfalls and possible complications of the newer technology. In his book, he goes over these and talks about how to counter them.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the IoT, biotechnology, and helping people. He was born in Arizona and studied at Arizona State University where he earned a degree in finance. He finished up his education at the college’s W.P. Carey School of Business where he received his master’s degree in business administration. As a philanthropist, Jason Hope has donated to many regional and local charities and has also started up a grant that offers money to high school seniors and college students who have great entrepreneurial ideas. He has also donated more than $500,000 to the SENS Foundation.

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Robert Deignan Builds More Rapport For His Business Through AppEsteem Certification

AppEsteem has now certified a new client from down in the Tampa, FL area; a call center company that performs computer maintenance services known as ATS Digital Services. Their CEO Robert Deignan had been pushing for the certification for some time because he’s wanted customers to know for sure that they’re dealing with a legitimate company that upholds quality and integrity in their work. There have been many companies who’ve claimed to sell maintenance software or offer remote desktop or in-person service, but many charge fees that are unreasonably high, take part in shady malware activities or who may be scams altogether. With AppEsteem, ATS Digital Services passes several tests and has to show they adhere to numerous strict standards in order to get the certification, and customer service track record is a major plus.

Robert Deignan is a multi-talented individual who had several other ambitions prior to starting ATS. He attended Purdue University where he not only completed a degree in the IT field, but he also played football there. He even was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1997 and spent two years as a punter in the NFL. But he wasn’t good enough to have a long career in the league, so he decided to pursue his other interest in the IT world. He worked on the technical team at Fanlink for a few years before he decided to start ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan began the company with just a few employees but then expanded it out to a major call center operation. The customers they serve include both regular personal PC users and business owners. Along with AppEsteem, Deignan has also had the company certified by Cisco and Comp-TIAA. When he’s not busy managing things from the company office, Deignan us usually outdoors taking part in fishing or sailing activities off the Florida coast.

Bradesco Shareholders Confirm A New CEO And Four VPs Are Elected To Serve On The Board, According To New Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not letting the press get in his way. Mr. Trabuco knows how to deal with the media when there is a news spotlight shining on the bank. Bradesco is a newsmaker in Brazil, and the recent changes in the upper management at the bank is big news. The fact that Lázaro de Mello Brandão is calling it quits after 75 years is certainly newsworthy.

But naming Trabuco Chairman of the Board wasn’t a surprise. Most of the members of the press knew Trabuco was in line to be Chairman because his age was getting in the way. Bradesco has an age cap on the CEO position, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco was crossing the threshold of that cap. The new CEO, Octavio de Lazari is 54-years-old, so he is well below the 65-year-old age cap. Overall, the news of the shakeup at Bradesco was positive. Shareholders were in agreement at the March 12th annual meeting. Lazari has the qualifications, and the banking no how to replace Trabuco as CEO. Octavio de Lazari has a reputation for putting income on the bank’s balance sheet. While he was president of Seguros, Bradesco’s money-making insurance division, Mr. Lazari gave Bradesco 30 percent of the reported income in 2017.

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But Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew Lazari was the man for the job before the shareholders confirmed his nomination. Lazari became a bank trainee in 1978 when Lázaro de Mello Brandão and founder Amador Aguiar decided to give him a job. Trabuco was a trainee in 1969, so both men know bank operations inside and out. Bradesco likes to promote from within, so good people usually think twice before they leave the bank. Plus, the banking atmosphere at Bradesco is more about working as a team rather than having one person that shines above all others. The bank’s shareholders made that point clear when they added four vice-presidents to the bank’s Board of Directors.

Lazari’s promotion left a hole in the management team at Seguros, but Lazari didn’t waste any time filling that hole with another seasoned banker. Vinicius Almeida Albernaz is the new Seguros president. According to Trabuco and Lazari, Mr. Albernaz fits the Bradesco executive mold, so the current income projections and mission are still in place.

According to, Bradesco’s stock is down, but it is well above the 2017 low because investors don’t know what will happen in the upcoming presidential election. There are many Brazilians who still want Lula as president. If former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva becomes president once again, no one is sure what that will mean for Brazil’s struggling economy. Lula is a popular political figure in Brazil, so investors know anything can happen in this ever-changing Latin America country.

But Octavio de Lazari isn’t focusing on Lula at the moment. He is focusing on closing more unprofitable bank branches and giving more Brazilians an opportunity to borrow more money now that interest rates are lower.


Adam Milstein Exposes the New Anti-Semitism Tactics that Risk Democracy

According to Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American philanthropist, the growth of alliance between radical right and radical left anti-Semitism, coupled with mainstreaming of anti-Semitism leftism is a threat to the life and future of Jewish people worldwide. He notes that being the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel has been a target of radical Muslims who determined to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish people historical homeland by fanning anti-Semitism remarks to reach their goal. He notes that they are aligning themselves with the radical leftists such as fighting those seeking to stop racism in America or boycotting Israel via the BDS movement. These efforts put in jeopardy western cultures of democracy, Tolerance and freedom are the basic foundations of Israel and America.

Adam Milstein is worried about the rate at which anti-Semitism is spreading hate, racism, and bigotry due to increased sharing of ideas and tactics between radical Muslims, radical leftists, and rights. The far left cast a blind eye on radical Muslims stoning of women, execution of gays, and disdain of human rights since they share a common hate of freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism, and vile anti-Semitism.

The leftists as per Adam Milstein observations fail to distinguish between mainstream Muslims and radicals, treating them as a consistent block labeling as “people oppressed by the West”. They blame Jews as the main cause of problems in the Middle East, terming Israel as a colonialist oppressor that targets Muslims.

To show the intensity of the matter, Adam Milstein goes ahead and gives examples where he cites political activist Linda Sarsour who is being regarded by the leftists as a feminist leader. Sarsour in the past called a Jewish journalist an anti-Semitic alt-right likes the misogyny of Sharia law, thanked Siraj Wajjah, who worked with a conspirator in bombing World Trade Center as she started her speech called “jihad against Trump”. Despite her admiration of Saudi Arabia treatment of women, she is a role model.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties in charge of property management, overseeing the company’s financing, and disposition. He carries out philanthropic works through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Just Who Is Dr. Mark Mckenna

There are many brilliant-minded individuals in the world today and it has always been this way throughout time. Unfortunately, if you’re not a celebrity or a professional athlete, then it seems like you’ll never get the credit that’s long-overdue. On the other hand, this article will highlight an American innovator, and this American innovator is Dr. Mark McKenna. So, what makes this guy special? Well, Dr. Mark McKenna is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. Many people refer to him as being a doctor, a philanthropist, a businessman and an entrepreneur. In addition to that, he’s also known to be a revolutionary in medical aesthetics as well as a futurist.

The New Orleans-native just launched his new business in Atlanta, Georgia. This business just so happens to be a medical-aesthetics practice, and it is located in the Buckhead region of Atlanta. OVME is its name and providing some of the best minimally-invasive procedures is its game. OVME is exclusive as well as being innovative. This practice will provide an abundance of minimal-invasive services like Botox injections, Juvederm treatments, Restylane treatments, IPL, medical-grade facials, Vivace Micro-needling, chemical peels, laser-hair removal, weight-loss treatments and other beneficial services. Located in the affluent Bankhead community, OVME will offer a luxurious environment to relax and to better yourself.

McKenna has been on top of his game ever since he relocated to Atlanta. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina ripped his world apart as well as so many others. During that particular time, McKenna had a successful real estate development firm named McKenna Venture Investments, and he was also a practicing doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions in just a few days, which shows how damaging this storm truly was.

Today is a new day and this phenomenal guy has parlayed his knowledge into a full-fledged success. Dr. Mark McKenna is truly an American hero, and his impressive resume backs-up all claims.

The Achievements of the English Businessman Greg Secker

Greg Secker refers to a great English Businessperson born in the year 1975. The reason behind his fame is behind his skills and experience concerning foreign exchange as well as the acquired media interest alongside global education related to financial trading.

This is in addition to being an author of many books and being the founder of different firms such as SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, Learn To Trade, and FX Capital. In the year 2010, he set up the non-profit body known as The Greg Secker Foundation.

He was born in England mainly Norfolk. This happened before his attendance at the University of Nottingham where he pursued Agricultural and Food Sciences.

In the course of the 1990s, he worked as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is at this point that he advanced trading systems alongside foreign give-and-take. He was awarded the British Telecom Award for novelty alongside e-commerce. It happened in the year 1998 following the creation of the Virtual Trading Desk. He rose to the position of the Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice-President as early as the age of 25 that made him learn from financial traders. Secker began mentoring individuals regarding the strategies of trading. He did it in his home. As a result, he established the group by the name the Knowledge to Action Group. In the year 2017, he was acknowledged by the National CSR for his exemplary personal headship at Learn to Trade.

The intention behind the establishment of The Greg Secker Foundation was with the intention of improving the standard of living of the individuals across the globe. This is in addition to partnering alongside youth projects to facilitate improved leadership, education as well as the societal life skills.

As a result of the Typhoon Yolanda, he made visits to the Philippines where he started the project named ‘Build a House, Build a Home’ which intended to set up hundred permanent settlement structures in Lemery. In the month of March in 2017, he was broadcasted as a participant of the Ambassadors panel for the City Philanthropy. Greg Secker also appeared in the listing of the 200 utmost persuasive Humanitarians and Common Capitalists for the year 2017.

The Success Of Sheldon Lavin In The Food And Beverage Sector

Sheldon Lavin is one of the business leaders in the food and beverage industry. He currently acts as the OSI Group CEO and chairman. OSI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of value-added foods. The business sells its products in over 17 countries across the globe. Lavin has been in the food processing industry for more than four decades. He also served as an administrator in the banking sector.

In 1970, Mr. Lavin took part in the financial deals of Otto & Son, which has held business transaction with OSI. At that time the company had been offered an opportunity to supply meat at McDonald’s, but it lacked funds. Sheldon acted as the owner of the firm to assist it in getting finances from banking institutions. He had become a partner of the Otto & Sons by 1975 and helped the company in handling its investments abroad.

In the early 1980s, Sheldon Lavin was recognized at OSI Group as one of the individuals who had controlling interest at the enterprise. He took over the leadership of the business after one of its partners retired. After a few years, the company started expanding globally, and it established branches Japan, China, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, and different parts of Europe. OSI Group’s UK unit was recognized as the Best Global Diversified Food Supplier in the region. India’s World Vision Academy also appreciated the good work of Sheldon Lavin and offered him the Global Visionary Award.

The CEO is currently in his 80s and is still striving to ensure that the company performs excellently in the local and international markets. He is focused on its branches in Europe and Asia. Sheldon has been taking part in various philanthropic undertakings. He has offered his support to organizations such as Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Ronald McDonald House, and many others. Lavin has donated money to facilitate the operations of Jewish charities such as the Jewish United Fund. Other foundations that have benefited from him include Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the United Negro College Fund. Sheldon has a wife and three children.

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The Journey of Eric Pulier, the Entrepreneur.

During your initial glance at Eric Pulier, you would not imagine that such a young face has accomplished so much in life. Eric Pulier is much more than just an accomplished Harvard graduate. He wears many hats; he is a published author, a brilliant technologist, columnist, a generous philanthropist, a public speaker and an entrepreneur who has founded very successful companies. He is an amazing public figure who has managed to accomplish a lot of his course of his career. He is above ordinary tech entrepreneur.


Born and raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier started sharpening his intellect at an early age. Education is among the tools that he used to sharpen his impressive natural intelligence. Pulier started programming computers while he was still a fourth grader. When he was completing his high school education, he had already begun database computer company.


Upon his high school completion, he enrolled in Harvard and became an editor for the Harvard Crimson, which is the university newspaper. Apart from being the editor for the paper, he was also writing articles for the college newspaper. His prolific writing can still be viewed on his Harvard writer profile. While writing for the journal, Pulier covered a broad range of a topic that highlighted issues such as the dangers of terrorism, the stigma linked to the Harvard degree amongst other areas. In 1991 Pulier relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.


Eric Pulier has founded many startups. However, Xprize is one of his most revolutionary startups. The startup aimed at helping teens and adult recognize their potential and dreams. It consisted of a program that included several competitions and awards for people who are accepted to motivate themselves to their fullest potential. The fruitful participants were rewarded for their success.


Another accomplishment of Pulier is Akana. He started the SOA software program and acquired some other SOA suppliers under the brand during the periods of the 2000s. He sold the company to Rogue Wave in 2016, after improving the company’s status to become an influential brand for the SOA product solutions. Throughout his career, Eric Pulier has endeavored to leave a mark in the world as an Entrepreneur.