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The Struggles Of Victoria Doramus Give Her Perspective

Victoria Doramus has been involved in marketing, creativity and communications for years. She has a long resume of companies that she has done work for. Along the way, she has met many interesting people who have made her evermore passionate about her line of work. She has been all over the globe; having lived in Tennessee, New York, Colorado, Santa Monica, Los Angeles and London.

Marketing strategist Victoria Doramus is rich with perspective because of her own personal struggles. She currently does philanthropy work for issues that she is passionate about. Some of the issues include women in prisons, innocent animals who are subjected to kill shelters and children who have a hard time attaining literacy.

The one major struggle in her life has been with drugs. Her problems with drugs affected her life so negatively that she ended up homeless with nobody in her life willing to help her out. She had been in and out of rehabs for years, but that did not keep drugs from completely shattering her life. When she got into petty legal trouble, she was forced to confront her problem. After attending a rehab and living in a group home, she became sober and was once again able to hold a job and support herself.

The drugs that she was into were cocaine, Adderall and alcohol. The fact that Victoria Doramus got hooked on Adderall is something to think about. After all, isn’t Adderall given to children and adults who “have ADHD?” In America, doctors are known to suggest drugs like this to parents, even if their children don’t really need them. This is not to say that Victoria Doramus was given it as a child; it is just to say that if Adderall is an addictive drug that ends up being used illicitly, is it such a great idea that we are giving it to children? Why is it okay to feed kids hard, addictive drugs when the rules of society state that a child shouldn’t be consuming other things, like marijuana, alcohol and other substances?

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Michael Hagele Is A Tech Investor With A Passion For High-Speed Mountain Biking

Michael Hagele works in the technology sector as general counsel for many different companies. As an investor, he focuses on early-stage tech companies and has been a part of the growth of many of these. Hagele is very into high-speed mountain biking and hopes that those who are new to the sport won’t be intimidated. Just like anything else, it takes practice and the right equipment to get better. There are many options for how to get started as a beginner to the sport, and people can choose to mountain bike with local people who are into it or they can attend skills camps. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter @Michael_Hagele_

While there are a lot of cities that have decided to make it easier for mountain bikers, some have not. Mountain biking tracks are set up in some cities, and these are a good place for someone who is new to the sport to start. Some mountain bike tracks are easy to navigate, while some are tougher. One thing is for sure though, according Michael Hagele, and that is that there are many natural views and amazing experiences to be had when high-speed mountain biking. On the other hand, there can be no shortage of slippery mud or other obstacles and challenges.

Michael Hagele believes that every newbie to high-speed mountain biking should purchase the right equipment. It doesn’t matter if they have to buy it straight out or rent it, but they will need a sturdy mountain bike with plenty of gears. Beginners should also ensure that their mountain bike has a dual suspension system. Michael Hagele also believes that disc braking is a must as well as a hydraulic seat post dropper. In the end, Hagele loves high-speed mountain biking because it is exhilarating, all-encompassing, and vigorous, and he loves the way it makes him feel.



Paul Mampilly Advice on Artificial Intelligence


Great minds are rare to find and if you are lucky to find one, always be ready to learn from them as much as you can. Paul Mampilly is one great minded person who has a vast knowledge of business projections in line with the drastic change in technology nowadays. The enormous amount of skills and experience gained by Paul Mampilly over the years have proved beyond doubt that what he says comes to pass. He is a founder of the Banyan Hill publisher by the name of profits Unlimited as well as a former manager of the hedge fund. Furthermore, Paul Mampilly is an entrepreneur as well as an investor in equal measure.

Article Recap

When most people hear about Artificial Intelligence, they end up freezing and looking at this as a whole new thing. This type of technology is here to assist us but not to scare us consumers away by making life complicated. Those were his words on one of the most recent articles that he posted on his social media platform, Twitter, to be exact. In the article, he gives his experience of the how he gets suggestions of the places he should visit and the products that he should consider buying them. But how does the website know all these because most of them are what he likes or somewhat his taste?

Paul Mampilly’s almost accurate predictions are based on the activities that one does on the internet. Businesses with Artificial Intelligence such as Amazon can keep the record of where you visited on their site, what you looked at, and together with a combination of other features such as music that one listens to aid in suggesting the appropriate products for the user. Therefore, businesses that would like to expand their roots and spread their wings far and wide need to embrace this great AI technology. Its shares are growing at a faster rate day in day out. A good example that Paul Mamphily gives on the same is about the talk that he gave during the previous year’s the Total Wealth Symposium.

Achieving Success with Vijay Eswaran

Success is a journey and nobody knows this better than Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies. The QI business empire is diversified, dealing with direct sales and retail, lifestyle and leisure, telecommunications, property development and logistics, training and conference management, and education. As an entrepreneur, he first engaged in the direct selling business. This business is in an industry that deals with so many challenges in terms of perception. He also did not have monetary support or family connections.

Beginning the business at a time when Asia was experiencing tough economic times, Vijay Eswaran had a lot to overcome. With the support of like-minded partners and his wife, he was able to overcome those challenges. Vijay completed his higher education from leading universities in USA and UK. He went ahead to team up with partners with his same vision to build a direct selling and training company that has since grown into a conglomerate of multiple businesses.

Apart from his business, Vijay Eswaran is a reputable motivational speaker and philanthropist. He speaks around the world and in leading universities about different subjects ranging from business to spirituality. He also speaks in leadership forums like Commonwealth Business Forums and World Economic Forum. He has been recognized by Forbes and the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum for his philanthropic work.

Vijay Eswaran has also achieved success as a best-selling author. He has written the Sphere of Silence which talks about life management in multiple languages that has been hailed worldwide. Additionally, he has written 18 Stepping Stones, In the Thinking Zone and On the Wings of Thought, and more. Writing for him does not stop there as he writes on newspaper columns in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Vijay Eswaran states that fear is the drive to succeed. He also says that life is about decisions and constant change. His amazing work continues to inspire people every day.

Talos Energy Partakes in Mexico Oil Advancement

It counts as the first time in eight decades since a privately-held firm sunk a new offshore oil well in Mexican water bodies. This was a move significant enough to allure foreign competitors to partake in Mexican oil markets. Three private companies joined hands and endeavored in drilling the well in May. Premier Oil Plc, Talos Energy, LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas came up with the idea, and they have proved to expand their horizons to levels that only the Mexican monopoly, Petroleos Mexicanos, has been. A London-based analyst, Elaine Reynolds remarked that the projected pictured great likelihood of success, particularly because of its bowl shape. Geological analysts who have seen the well have found it as an interesting initiative with great potential.

Talos Among the Best Performing Small Ventures

Talos boasts of their position in the oil and gas industry where they explore relevant opportunities to pursue. As they exploit their pursuits in oil and gas properties, Talos tends to bend their interest towards asset acquisition in Gulf coast and the Gulf of Mexico. To maintain relevance in their initiatives, they employ technicians with drilling knowledge from the Gulf of Mexico. Such experts are then allowed to work in an environment with modern-day machines. It is for this reason that Talos has remained a bar raiser in the energy industry.

Why Talos Energy’s Success is Guaranteed

Usually, the success of a firm depends on the foundation. No wonder prudent entrepreneurs always do their due diligence before rushing into the markets. With Talos, the administrators equally conducted a feasibility study. Before launching Talos, they developed two oil and gas firms and sold them out. They sold the companies after paying significant returns to their equity investors. By the time Talos was coming in the picture, the responsible authorities had already tested the waters. Additionally, the enterprise has been able to incorporate high-end technology in their causes. Most important is that they realize they still have room for growth. As such, they are working towards refining a world-class company that will be conscious about complying to authorities ensuring safe and friendly environments.

Aloha Construction a Well-Known Contracting Company

Aloha Construction was opened by Dave Farbaky in the year 2008, and it is a wide-ranging contracting company that is under the operations and ownership of a family. Rom the time it was opened it has fully supported roughly 20,000 roofing works to completion in the Illinois State. The offices of this contracting company are located in the Blooming and in Lake Zurich, which is the head office. The homeowners have benefited from the Aloha Construction company in many ways. In the Lake Zurich, it is the best contracting company because it offers the best, reliable and professional repair services. The excellent reputation of the company came as a result of professionally fixing the damages caused by hail, strong wind, and storms.

When you consider calling the company to fix your damages, you will not incur for the inspection services as a homeowner, and it will make sure that its insurance company compensates your damages. Also, the company joins the Synchrony Financial to simplify the plans of expenses and make the repairs financing as easier as possible. Aloha Construction company is the best for you to choose because it is insured, bonded and licensed. The services they provide to the homeowners are the fascia, roofing, siding, soffit, and gutter repairing and replacing. In roofing services the company evaluates the destruction or the problems of your attic ventilation, flashing and shingles through the application of the nine-step inspection procedure.

The company’s team will offer you reasonable charges and efficient working deadline before starting the job. The gutter care is crucial for the exterior of the home even though many people do not consider it has a necessity. The non-functional gutters are risky because they can easily cause damages to the foundation of your apartment. If you need gutter repair or replacements then you have nothing to worry about, you need to call the Aloha Construction. In 2017 Aloha Construction was given the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. The honor was a way of acknowledging the company’s dedication regarding the customer services. The goal of the company is to be accountable for their jobs at all times.

Vijay Eswaran’s Blog On How Change Should Be Embraced

Vijay Eswaran is a multilevel marketing executive and a philosophy academic who is always sharing ideas on how business and spiritual ideas mesh together. He’s written books on his thoughts connecting spiritualism to business and blog articles for various independent groups. He recently talked about change and how it’s important to accept it throughout stages of life. It’s unavoidable because events and technological developments will always bring about change, and the people who thrive during change are those who accept it and adapt to it. Eswaran says change should be about what you learn from and how you can build something better from it, but not something that you compromise your moral values for.

Vijay Eswaran has helped bring changes in his business including providing funding for small business owners in Asia, which is something that didn’t exist in many cases when he first started his QI Group Ltd. company. Eswaran got his bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics in socioeconmics, and he later finished his MBA at Southern Illinois University. Eswaran tried a few different jobs before going full-time into multilevel marketing, but he chose multilevel marketing because he saw just how flexible its business model was. Eswaran began his company, QI Group Ltd. in 1998 though it took several years of financial obstacles and even some legal battles to build it into the billion-dollar company it is today. But it’s changed people’s lives by allowing them to sell lifestyle and health products to their own clients through QNET, and QI Group has financing options through QI Asset Management and offers education through QI University-Perak.

Vijay Eswaran picked up much of his spiritual influence through his father Vijayratnam’s teachings, though he has taken to heart the sayings of other civil rights leaders and philosophers like Mahatma Gandhi. Eswaran’s books on his beliefs include the 2005 bestseller “In The Sphere Of Silence” and later works like “On The Wings Of Thought” and “18 Stepping Stones.” Eswaran is also the founder of RYTHM Foundation through which his charity work has been documented in Forbes Asia’s 2011 “Heroes of Philanthropy.”

Selling Market America When People Do Not Like Being Marketed To

One thing that people will say when asked about ads is that they tend to be annoying. One of the reasons that advertising can be annoying is that it is jarring. Often times, an ad will interrupt something just when a person is starting to get into it. Another reason behind this is that the ads are often irrelevant to the content that is being viewed. After all, people are not going to be in the mood for Windex, when they are watching Sci-Fi. This is an unfortunate byproduct of the old ways of advertising. Fortunately, it is a lot easier to market to people because there are more platforms and a lot of room to be relevant.

One very important factor is the quality of the product. Fortunately, Market America makes sure that people have high quality products. Therefore, people can rest assured that when they buy a product, they don’t have to return it because of any defects. The best part is that the marketer has a good image to many people. When people trust a marketer or a company, they are more likely to do business with this company. Therefore, the marketer has to consider his own image and standing while he is trying to sell products.

In the world of marketing with Market America, people are going to be looking at every bit of information they can get from a company. Among the things they will look at is the track record. Another thing that is worth considering is how ethical the company is when it comes to bringing forth the needed products. Market America makes sure that the company is not skimping on ethics in order to sell something to the individual at a low price. The internet makes sure that everything is available to the user. This is why Market America works very hard to make sure that customers are going to hear good things.

Ronald Fowlkes: A Highly Trained Veteran

Ronald Fowlkes is a Business Development Manager at Eagle Industries Limited, specializing in Law Enforcement and Commercial products. His work covers imparting product education to sales personnel and the selection of products for development and sale. He has a background in tactical training as he has served in the Navy-Marine Corps. He has also worked for the Department of Defense as a contractor. Fowlkes has also served his community by working in law enforcement for 13 years.



While he was employed as a contractor for the Department of Defense in Iraq, his duty consisted of mounting and dismounting infantry operations in combat zones. He also instructed U.S Military personnel in tactical situations, post-blast analysis, evidence collection, hostage rescue and interrogation of captured individuals. When he was in law enforcement, he worked ten years with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and three with St. Louis County Police Department. He spent the last seven years in law enforcement on the St. Louis Metropolitans HRT team. He became a team leader in 2003 and a certified instructor in SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics, tactical rife and defensive tactics. His team was involved in more than 250 High-Risk Entries, hostage situations, and barricaded subjects. While his Unit was not deployed, they were responsible for investigations into the trafficking of narcotics, gang activity, and illegal gun possession. The Unit also acted as WMD Response Team and Civil Disobedience Team.



Fowlkes served his nation in the United States Marine Corps in the period 1989-1993. He was promoted on the basis of merit twice and served in the First Gulf War. He was trained at Marine Combat Training in Marine Corps School of Infantry and completed Basic Engineer Course along with Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) basic course. He also went to U.S Army Parachute School and earned his Navy-Marine Corps Insignia. While he was serving with 1st ANGLICO, he performed parachute operations including naval and air gunfire with reconnaissance. He also finished missions using different types of radios, encrypted and non-encrypted.



The years of intense training in the army, Navy and law enforcement makes Fowlkes an invaluable expert in the field of weaponry and defense. His on-field experiences in Iraq and the streets of St. Louis has provided him with an insight into tactical strategies and use of weapons. Having worked in almost all the fields of security, he is the prime candidate for the position he holds at Eagle Industries Limited. His extensive resume is highly impressive and indicative of his intimidating skills and talents. A veteran, he is a highly respected member of his community.



When not working, he loves spending time with his family, coaching his son’s hockey team or playing the sport himself.



Barbara Stokes, CEO and Extraordinairy Person

Barbara Stokes went to Mercer University, studied in the fields of Biomedical Engineering and Physics; she graduated in 2001. Also, taking up subjects of interest such as Manufacturing and Management, Technical Communications, Structures and Properties of Thermodynamics.

Now the CEO of Green Structure Homes,(GSH) she and her team have established a direction in which the Disaster Relief Construction Industry and GSH contributes to Alabama, LLC. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

After a wide range of experience working for the Pisces Corporation and Boeing, Barbara Stokes comes to GSH. She has a lot of expertise working for the government as well as supporting FEMA and the United States government missions.

Barbara Stokes, CEO as well as Scott Stokes, COO, of GSH are proud to announce the new jobs created in eight different states as a result of producing modular homes in the relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey. GSH is proud to do their part in the support of local businesses which will be a big contribution both directly and indirectly for the employment of the surrounding areas.

Green Structure Homes if Alabama, LLC was founded be Barbara and Scott Stokes in 2008, as being a disaster relief contractor based in Huntsville, Alabama. Read this article at

GSH offers solutions the private sector and the government, while using the best design, engineering and manufacturing techniques. Barbara and Scott Stokes, and their senior staff, have a combined experience of over 30 years in disaster relief techniques.

Barbara Stokes also has the very important job of being the mother of three children; besides her active participation in the Huntsville community.