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Learn From The Online Reputation Management Professionals

Status Labs is an online reputation management company based in Austin, Texas, with offices in São Paulo, SF, and NY. The firm shared tips on how to craft a successful PR pitch.


  1. You Have to Stay on Topic – Research and explore every publication subject matter thoroughly before pitching. If you contact a journalist who does not cover the topic you are pitching is a waste of time, and you could be blocked easily, ultimately causing ruin to any publicist.


  1. Know Your Contact – It is important to identify who you’re pitching. Most probably, you will pitch to the Assignment Editor or Managing Editor. Build a relationship living outside the emails realm by making sure you add them to the networks of your social media like LinkedIn and Twitter. Engage with them on your social media networks plus share their articles.


  1. Think Elevator Pitch – Journalists are always limited on time plus they’re usually overwhelmed with emails. You should keep email pitches as brief as possible, not more than six sentences. If it’s a must that you have to include a press release, then place it after your signature, at the bottom of your email to give the journalist an option of learning further. Include a call-to-action (CTA) by making sure you end the pitch with a question.


  1. Be a Story Teller – Remember you’re not pitching an advertisement, you are pitching a story. You should consider the five ingredients that make a story to be newsworthy: human interest, prominence, proximity, significance, and timing. Apply those ingredients to your pitch, then establish a perspective for the writer. You should ask yourself if the pitch reads like a story idea or an advertisement.


  1. Offer the World – Sometimes, journalists hope for the world, so you should offer the world to them. Go beyond and above for the journalist. You should accommodate their requests promptly. Provide them with information that’s accurate and photography that’s high res. The easier you are going to make it for any journalist on his or her end, the higher the chance the journalist is going to want to work with you repeatedly for future clients.


Status Labs enables customers to engage audiences effectively with compelling content for driving participation plus sales. From increasing digital footprint of a brand to image management, the firm offers creative solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of a client. Its image management works with media and clients worldwide to fulfill PR goals and international marketing.