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Which Beneful Dog Food Is Right For Your Dog?

When it comes to your pets, just like your kids, you always want what is best for them. Choosing a dog food is no exception, you want to make sure all the right nutrients are present in whatever dog food you choose. Beneful has a variety of different types of dog food to choose from, so you can always find the right food for your furry friends.

One of the most popular choices is the Beneful Originals dry dog food. You have the choice of real beef, real chicken, or real salmon, and all varieties are accented with real veggies as well. The Originals brand dog food provides 100% of the nutrition your dog needs every day, and your pet will love the combination of crunchy and tender pieces in every bag.

Maybe your adult dog needs a little help maintaining their ideal weight. If this is the case, the Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food is your best option. This variety is made with real chicken, apples, carrots and green beans, and still provides 100% of the essential vitamins and minerals, all while helping your dog maintain the perfect weight.

If your dog is just a puppy, the Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food is the way to go. This formula on is made with real chicken, peas and carrots. It is also calcium rich for healthy teeth and bones, and provides DHA for healthy brain growth and provides 100% of the daily nutrients your playful puppy needs to thrive.

As your playful puppy grows into a playful adult, you want to be able to continue giving them the nutrition they need to maintain a healthy, playful life. Beneful Playful Life offers a protein rich formula made with real beef and eggs, plus blueberries and spinach for a healthy and tasty food your dog is sure to love.

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting to feed your dog, the Beneful Chopped Blends wet dog food would be a great option to shake things up. Varieties made with real beef, chicken, and salmon are available, and all varieties include tomatoes, wild rice, and carrots for a flavorful meal your dog is sure to look forward to.

Beneful on amazon offers many options of food to feed your fur babies, all of which provide the best nutrition possible to make sure they have a long and healthy life.

When My Dog Got Diabetes, We Switched To Beneful

It wasn’t until my boxer got diabetes that I really started thinking about what was going into his diet. I thought you just go to the store and buy a bag of dog food. I thought I was doing better than the puppy parents on who just give their animals table scraps. It seems that I was misinformed somewhere along the line. My habits of feeding him whatever was on sale had ended with grave consequences. Faced with diabetes, my vet told me I had to make some big changes.

A dog can live with this disease, but it means that I must be more careful about his diet. My vet told me to check out the Beneful on dog food line and that giving him something high in protein would be helpful. It was hard to ignore that my dog had a few extra pounds on him, and my vet said it was due to the high sugar intake in the cost-cutter store brand dog food I had been feeding him. I just was trying to be frugal and now my frugality has cost me dearly. Insulin is expensive, but I can’t replace my beloved dog. There is no price tag for his life.

My house is dedicated to Beneful now. This company is a subsidiary of Purina, who is owned by Nestle. They don’t use soy or starches to load the dog food up with fillers. In fact, Beneful use pure meats like lamb, chicken and pork. They use real vegetables too like carrots, corn and even peas. My dog needs too much to make his nutritional needs be in check, and this dog food provides all of that for me and more.

You can’t cure diabetes in a dog, but you can feed them a higher quality food that will ensure that their numbers stay in check. I finally got around to reading the label from my old cost-cutter dog food. I didn’t see anything in there that even resembled meat or anything healthy. I’m glad my vets recommended Beneful; it’s been a wonderful change for my dog and his health.

Pet Care Tips for your Dog

It does not cost much to care for your pet. Keeping your dog happy has long-lasting rewards. Your pet provides you with unconditional love, loyalty, companionship and friendship. In return, you should appreciate it with basics like food, water, regular veterinary care, shelter, exercise, and safety. The following are the top tips for caring your dog.

Identity, Tracking, Hygiene, and Health

Label your dog using a collar ID tag, which includes your name, telephone number and address. These are prudent proactive measures that ensure that your dog is brought back to you in case it gets lost. You can as well have your dog micro-chipped by a veterinarian. Microchip ID ensures that your dog is traced when it gets lost even if the collar came off. When scrutinized by a veterinarian or an animal shelter officer, it will display your phone number, name and address, making it easy for you to be contacted. One can also track his or her micro-chipped dog.

Give your dog the much-needed companionship. A fenced compound with a doghouse is good, especially with enormous and active dogs. However, these pets should never be left alone outside for extended periods of time. Dogs crave for human companionship hence they should spend a majority of their time with you, their family. Neuter or spay your dog often. Pets given these services live longer, are healthier and have minimal behavior problems like biting or disappearing. You will also be controlling pet overpopulation while neutering. Ask a veterinarian for advice on types and timing of feeding your dog. Dog’s teeth should to be cleaned and regularly monitored to ensure that it can eat without a problem. Give your dog adequate exercise to keep it physically fit, but avoid exhausting it. Most dog owners reckon that playing around with their canine friends and walking them often, provides enough practice. Furthermore, walking benefits the owners as much as it helps the pets. The time you spend together with your dog while jogging also improves your pet’s sense of happiness. The dog diet is very critical, and you should buy the food from credible companies like Beneful.

Exceptional Qualities of Beneful Wet Dog Food

• Have a variety of proteins like beef, chicken, lamb, and pork.
• It’s food textures vary from finely diced Chopped Blends to sizable hearty chunks to the
Hearty Roasters.
• Variety of accents like barley, rice, carrots, and green beans.
• Come in convenient sizes for your pets from 3oz multipacks to 10oz tubs.

Available In

• 20 nutritious varieties.
• Prepared Meals, Medleys, Hearty Roasters, and Chopped Blends.

Beneful Baked Dog Snacks

The Beneful Baked Delights dog munchies are lovingly designed and later oven-baked. Your lovely dog will love trying the delicious varieties of natural tastes and textures.

Why Try the Beneful Baked Delights

• It feature’s dogs’ favorite flavors such as bacon, cheese, peanut butter and beef.
• It is available in an array of textures like savory shortbread cookie to crispy and airy crackers

Beneful Ingredients and Nutrients

• Natural and wholesome nutrients
• Wet and dry foods have balanced nutrition
• Dry and moist foods have Omega-rich ingredients and antioxidants