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Bradesco Shareholders Confirm A New CEO And Four VPs Are Elected To Serve On The Board, According To New Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not letting the press get in his way. Mr. Trabuco knows how to deal with the media when there is a news spotlight shining on the bank. Bradesco is a newsmaker in Brazil, and the recent changes in the upper management at the bank is big news. The fact that Lázaro de Mello Brandão is calling it quits after 75 years is certainly newsworthy.

But naming Trabuco Chairman of the Board wasn’t a surprise. Most of the members of the press knew Trabuco was in line to be Chairman because his age was getting in the way. Bradesco has an age cap on the CEO position, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco was crossing the threshold of that cap. The new CEO, Octavio de Lazari is 54-years-old, so he is well below the 65-year-old age cap. Overall, the news of the shakeup at Bradesco was positive. Shareholders were in agreement at the March 12th annual meeting. Lazari has the qualifications, and the banking no how to replace Trabuco as CEO. Octavio de Lazari has a reputation for putting income on the bank’s balance sheet. While he was president of Seguros, Bradesco’s money-making insurance division, Mr. Lazari gave Bradesco 30 percent of the reported income in 2017.

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But Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew Lazari was the man for the job before the shareholders confirmed his nomination. Lazari became a bank trainee in 1978 when Lázaro de Mello Brandão and founder Amador Aguiar decided to give him a job. Trabuco was a trainee in 1969, so both men know bank operations inside and out. Bradesco likes to promote from within, so good people usually think twice before they leave the bank. Plus, the banking atmosphere at Bradesco is more about working as a team rather than having one person that shines above all others. The bank’s shareholders made that point clear when they added four vice-presidents to the bank’s Board of Directors.

Lazari’s promotion left a hole in the management team at Seguros, but Lazari didn’t waste any time filling that hole with another seasoned banker. Vinicius Almeida Albernaz is the new Seguros president. According to Trabuco and Lazari, Mr. Albernaz fits the Bradesco executive mold, so the current income projections and mission are still in place.

According to, Bradesco’s stock is down, but it is well above the 2017 low because investors don’t know what will happen in the upcoming presidential election. There are many Brazilians who still want Lula as president. If former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva becomes president once again, no one is sure what that will mean for Brazil’s struggling economy. Lula is a popular political figure in Brazil, so investors know anything can happen in this ever-changing Latin America country.

But Octavio de Lazari isn’t focusing on Lula at the moment. He is focusing on closing more unprofitable bank branches and giving more Brazilians an opportunity to borrow more money now that interest rates are lower.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Takes Advantage Of Improving Economy

Economic growth in Brazil continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. There are numerous people who are interested in investing in various industries in Brazil. People from all over the world are starting to notice the positive changes taking place in the country.

With increased capital investments, many banks are offering new lending programs to customers. Some investors want to invest, but they simply lack the cash to be able to invest in the area they want. The good news is that the economic growth should continue improving in the years to come.

Some banks were way ahead of the current economic trend. Bradesco has been preparing for higher economic growth and lending for several years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi designed numerous lending programs designed to help borrowers. Although he is no longer working at the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi deserves credit for the success of Bradesco in recent years.

Online Lending

One of the best programs offered at Bradesco is an online lending program. There are many young people who would rather borrow money from an online source than go to a traditional bank. With this in mind, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started an online lending program at Bradesco several years ago. Although there were some issues with the program initially, it is one of the most successful aspects of the company.

There are numerous people in Brazil who are interested in investing in a business idea. With no access to capital, these potential business owners would not be able to invest in their ideas. With small business lending programs at companies like Bradesco, small business owners can get the access to capital they need.

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Another industry that is booming in Brazil is the construction industry. There are people from around the world who are moving to Brazil in search of jobs according to As a result, the demand for housing is higher than ever before. Some construction companies are having trouble keeping up with all of the demand from customers.

Bradesco is working with a ton of construction companies that need capital. It is difficult to lend money for construction projects because there is more risk involved. In the past, companies like Bradesco have lost money when construction companies went bankrupt. As a result, many banks have increased their standards for lending over the past few years.


As more people move to Brazil, housing prices will continue to increase. In some major cities, prices have almost doubled over the past decade. Although this is good for people who already own real estate, it makes things difficult for prospective buyers. There are many young people who have to rent apartments in major cities due to work obligations. It is hard for these people to save money because of the high monthly expenses.

Bradesco has introduced a new lending program for home buyers. This program is designed to help people who do not have an extensive credit history. Although the program is still new, it has already received positive reviews from many home buyers.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is still involved in the banking industry in numerous ways. Not only does he work on consulting projects, but he is also involved in numerous charities throughout the country. He made some mistakes as the CEO of Bradesco, but he also started numerous programs that are successful for the company.

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Dallas Women’s Foundation To Receive One Hundred Thousand Dollars

Nexbank will be supporting the Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual Luncheon by contributing one hundred thousand dollars. Dr. Hope Jahren, who was listed on Time Magazine’s list of the top one hundred influential people, and who is a scientist who is well known and who has won many awards, and who has written many books, will be speaking at the luncheon.

This luncheon is an annual luncheon hosted by the Dallas Women’s Foundation. There are usually around one thousand and three hundred people who attend. It is a leader in providing for change and opportunities, socially and economically, for women and girls. Nexbank will be supporting the women of the community by donating those hundred thousand dollars, and it hopes to have a big impact on the lives of the woman and girls in Dallas.

Nexbank is a community bank that offers services such as commercial banking and mortgage banking. The Chairman is James Dondero. They care about their customers and about the community, and they strive to provide them with the highest quality service possible.

Nexbank also offers personal banking services. They are trusted by families and individuals all across Dallas. They have over one hundred years of experience of providing their clients with the very best in personal banking. They also have an online banking service. There are various cash deposit and cash management services for their clients. Their goal is to help you protect, grow, and manage your funds. Their online banking services give you access to your financial banking twenty four hours a day, any day of the week. It is done in a secure manner. You can transfer money between accounts, or you can simply view your bank account history. You can also save time by paying your bills online at any time of the day or night.