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Robert Ivy Takes Home The Lifetime Achievement Award

Over the years a good number of art patrons connected to Mississippi have received the Lifetime Achievement Award associated with Noel Polk. Eudora Welty (writer), Morgan Freeman (actor) and Leontyne Price (singer) are among the notable winners of the prestigious award.

This year’s winner comes from a less acclaimed industry. Although it brings forth wonderful pieces of art, architecture is widely classified in the corporate field. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters thought differently and chose on an architect who has turned the world upside down with his immaculate work.

Robert Ivy’s colleagues hold him in high regard and feel that he is a great ambassador of what they do. When speaking about the reward, Carl Elefante heaped praise on him. The AIA president insisted that Robert Ivy deserved the Lifetime Achievement Award as he had demonstrated great skill and diligence since joining them. He could not hide his delight considering that one of their own had taken the art industry by storm.

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Robert Ivy has meticulously handled his roles at the AIA with great ease much to the delight of the president. Other than practicing architecture, he doubles up as an author and editor. It is his ability with words that caught the eye of Nancy LaForge, MIAL’s president. She marveled at how he is able to let the public in on what takes place in the world of architecture with great ease.

He honed this writing skill during his time with McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record where he served as Editor-in-Chief. He took the Architectural Record to the global stage and was instrumental as they broadened their client base to the Middle East. The journal received numerous awards courtesy of his hard work.

This is not the first time that Robert Ivy is receiving honor for his work. Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity, singled him out as the Master Architect. Only stand-out architects have received this honor in the past. I.M. Pei, the Chinese American architect who designed the J.F. Kennedy library, is among them. In 2017, the School of Architecture of Arkansas University also honored him with the Dean’s Medal.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has had Robert Ivy as its CEO since 2011. He studied English for his undergraduate degree and later specialized in architecture at Tulane University.

Aloha Construction a Well-Known Contracting Company

Aloha Construction was opened by Dave Farbaky in the year 2008, and it is a wide-ranging contracting company that is under the operations and ownership of a family. Rom the time it was opened it has fully supported roughly 20,000 roofing works to completion in the Illinois State. The offices of this contracting company are located in the Blooming and in Lake Zurich, which is the head office. The homeowners have benefited from the Aloha Construction company in many ways. In the Lake Zurich, it is the best contracting company because it offers the best, reliable and professional repair services. The excellent reputation of the company came as a result of professionally fixing the damages caused by hail, strong wind, and storms.

When you consider calling the company to fix your damages, you will not incur for the inspection services as a homeowner, and it will make sure that its insurance company compensates your damages. Also, the company joins the Synchrony Financial to simplify the plans of expenses and make the repairs financing as easier as possible. Aloha Construction company is the best for you to choose because it is insured, bonded and licensed. The services they provide to the homeowners are the fascia, roofing, siding, soffit, and gutter repairing and replacing. In roofing services the company evaluates the destruction or the problems of your attic ventilation, flashing and shingles through the application of the nine-step inspection procedure.

The company’s team will offer you reasonable charges and efficient working deadline before starting the job. The gutter care is crucial for the exterior of the home even though many people do not consider it has a necessity. The non-functional gutters are risky because they can easily cause damages to the foundation of your apartment. If you need gutter repair or replacements then you have nothing to worry about, you need to call the Aloha Construction. In 2017 Aloha Construction was given the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. The honor was a way of acknowledging the company’s dedication regarding the customer services. The goal of the company is to be accountable for their jobs at all times.

AIA – Committed To Social Consciousness

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA), heads the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Founded in the late 19th century by 13 architects, AIA is an organization of architects and designers.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. today AIA has more than 90,000 members in 250 chapters located nationally and internationally. The AIA is a values-driven organization whose leadership, led by Robert Ivy, wants the industry to expand its vision to include a commitment to reducing global warming, sustaining the earth’s natural resources, and designing structures that promote public health and safety. Through reimagining the role of architects as part of the global community, Robert Ivy is reframing the role of the AIA and redirecting its resources to supporting research through a competitive grant program and involvement in community planning and other social issues. One area where AIA is making a significant impact in the 21st century is through improving public health.

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According to Ivy, most people do not correlate architecture with public health; however, he contends design has been inextricably linked with public health since the 19th century. To illustrate this point, Ivy points to Central Park in New York, designed and constructed in 1857, or draining land in the nation’s capital, which resembled a swamp after heavy rains, to build the National Mall. Architects design buildings that promote exercise and have access to natural light and fresh air. Moving into the future, architects want to be part of interdisciplinary teams to make places and spaces that promote productivity and well-being.

Two other areas that merge AIA organizational values with social change are the areas of sustainability and global warming. The United Nations issued a forecast that by 2050, 75 percent of the worldwide population would live in urban areas. In 2016, the United Nations convened the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development to discuss and develop plans to address urbanization. The Strategic Council of the AIA established an initiative to embrace recommendations proffered by the UN, and Robert Ivy is working to promote this initiative. Global population growth is increasing by 1.5 million people per week, and this growth negatively affects greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas. The architects and designers of AIA are making an impact at reducing the effects of global warming through the design of buildings that limit energy consumption and promote the use of renewable energy that is carbon-free.

Robert Ivy is a visionary architect, and his innovative leadership is guiding AIA toward the merger of architecture and design with social responsibility.

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