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Adam Milstein Exposes the New Anti-Semitism Tactics that Risk Democracy

According to Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American philanthropist, the growth of alliance between radical right and radical left anti-Semitism, coupled with mainstreaming of anti-Semitism leftism is a threat to the life and future of Jewish people worldwide. He notes that being the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel has been a target of radical Muslims who determined to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish people historical homeland by fanning anti-Semitism remarks to reach their goal. He notes that they are aligning themselves with the radical leftists such as fighting those seeking to stop racism in America or boycotting Israel via the BDS movement. These efforts put in jeopardy western cultures of democracy, Tolerance and freedom are the basic foundations of Israel and America.

Adam Milstein is worried about the rate at which anti-Semitism is spreading hate, racism, and bigotry due to increased sharing of ideas and tactics between radical Muslims, radical leftists, and rights. The far left cast a blind eye on radical Muslims stoning of women, execution of gays, and disdain of human rights since they share a common hate of freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism, and vile anti-Semitism.

The leftists as per Adam Milstein observations fail to distinguish between mainstream Muslims and radicals, treating them as a consistent block labeling as “people oppressed by the West”. They blame Jews as the main cause of problems in the Middle East, terming Israel as a colonialist oppressor that targets Muslims.

To show the intensity of the matter, Adam Milstein goes ahead and gives examples where he cites political activist Linda Sarsour who is being regarded by the leftists as a feminist leader. Sarsour in the past called a Jewish journalist an anti-Semitic alt-right likes the misogyny of Sharia law, thanked Siraj Wajjah, who worked with a conspirator in bombing World Trade Center as she started her speech called “jihad against Trump”. Despite her admiration of Saudi Arabia treatment of women, she is a role model.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties in charge of property management, overseeing the company’s financing, and disposition. He carries out philanthropic works through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Nick Vertucci Describes Course Offerings at NVREA

Nick Vertucci has recently discussed the course content and offerings listed at his real estate education company, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Vertucci developed the real estate education platform in 2013 in an effort to help beginners and average citizens learn to successfully navigate the real estate business. Vertucci credits real estate informative seminars for his ability to provide for his family following the loss of his primary career after the dot com bubble burst. Since he became involved in the industry more than a decade ago, Vertucci has become passionate about introducing new people to the wonderful world of real estate. In a recent publication, the businessman discussed details about the programs offered in his educational program.


Wholesaling and Flipping Houses

One of Vertucci’s most popular courses is one that educates new real estate developers on the art of purchasing houses wholesale and flipping them. According to Vertucci, the main income that real estate developers will earn comes from the ability to flip houses. A house flip refers to the process where purchasers buy a home that is dilapidated or run down, make repairs to the foundation, improve aesthetic features to make the home appealing to new buyers, and sell the home for a profit. Taking the course on wholesale purchase and home flips at NVREA will improve the knowledge of potential real estate developers regarding the process.


Rehabbing Properties

Vertucci’s real estate development program also teaches future developers how to rehab properties in profitable ways. Vertucci stated that property rehabs can increase the general income of real estate developers because they can offer rehab services apart from a general home flipping business. This way, developers can earn a living even during the times where they are waiting for a recently flipped home to be sold. Vertucci recommends his property rehab course to all future real estate developers.


Commercial Investments

Nick Vertucci also recommends his commercial investments course to those who may be considering real estate development. Vertucci stated that commercial investments often yield tremendous results and can make real estate developers very prosperous in the long run. In this course, Nick Vertucci walks future real estate developers through a step by step process which describes the best practices in commercial investments. Vertucci also helps real estate developers to understand how the purchase of buildings that can be used for businesses or offices can help attract potential customers.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate

Many people want to enter real estate but do not have the knowledge or funds to enter the industry. Nick Vertucci is a prime example of someone who has broken through these barriers and created a name for himself in the real estate world. Having come from a not well off family and having to handle adversity such as sleeping in his van at 18, Nick Vertucci has proven that with hard work and perseverance anyone can make something of themselves. Nick attended a workshop with a great mentor in real estate that inspired him to work hard and never give up. It took him a decade to shape his system and now he is ready to share that profit machine with the world and anyone who is willing to listen. Many people want to make it in the real estate world, but now there is a solid learning opportunity to gain that edge to succeed.


Nick Vertucci now runs an academy called the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Founded in 2013 this Academy enables people to gain the knowledge and skills they need to not only accomplish their goals in real estate but to crush them and set new goals even higher. Students will exactly how to gain capital, lock in deals with low prices, then flip those deals to make a massive profit. There are numerous testimonials to this Academy of students have massive success and building their financial goals in the real estate industry all thanks to Nick. The website to his school is very well built and very informative. Anyone can go to the site and learn exactly how to become a student.


Nick Vertucci has had his success in the real estate industry, and now he wants to share his skills with the world and to anyone that wants to make money and build wealth. He is a great teacher and mentor, allowing students to go from a low point in their life to the highest point and beyond, just like he did. Nick understand hunger and knows how to fulfill that hunger with success. Students are inspired by Nick and his wealth of knowledge. Nick is a great speaker and motivator. He is inspired by his goals and wants everyone to have the success that he has had. Nick has built a fortune in the real estate business, and now you can too with his help.

Flavio Maluf Explains How To Be An Entrepreneur

As the leader of the Eucatex brand, Flavio Maluf has become one of Brazil’s leading business leaders with an eye on creating his own business and keeping it at the highest levels of success in what is now the world’s fifth largest economy. The business abilities of Flavio Maluf are without question and he has now taken a few simple steps to explain to all those would be entrepreneurs out there what they can expect when they make the decision to start their own business.


Flavio Maluf believes many of those who would like to start their own business are under many misapprehensions about what the decision to begin a career as an entrepreneur means undertaking; the aspect of time is something that many do not understand as they feel starting their own business entails in terms of time and effort. When working for a company each individual employee has their own set hours each day, but when working as an entrepreneur the owner of a business must expect to be available almost 24 hours per day, seven days per week; vacations and time off for an entrepreneur often come with interruptions, according to Flavio Maluf.


As an expert in Brazilian business, Flavio Maluf also understands the difficulties that can be seen in the nation when it comes to starting a business as it has one of the longest waiting periods of any country in the world when it comes to opening a new business opportunity. Flavio Maluf explains the average starting time for any business in Brazil is more than 100 days and in the U.S. this waiting time is just five days.


Despite the difficulties that can be found in becoming an entrepreneur there are moments of success and ease that can be found in starting a business in the 21st century. Although many business opportunities can be expensive to begin with large levels of startup funding, in Flavio Maluf’s view there are still a few business opportunities that can be found with low initial overheads that are available for those without a large amount of initial capital.

Igor Cornelsen; The Expert Investment Advisor

Everyone desires quality information when it comes to investment because nobody wants to make losses at the end of the day. Investment is the best way to secure a future for the current life. People use different platforms to enquire about investments opportunities. It is said that investment is about risk taking. Individuals ought to be cautious to avoid making the wrong moves all the time. This creates the need for expert advice when it comes to investments. Investing can either be in a company that produces products or on the most common form of investment that includes stock markets. Igor Cornelsen is an expert at investing. His experience makes him an authority in the industry. He is capable of advising on what is right or wrong to invest. He encourages people who are interested in investment to do it as soon as possible.


Cornelsen advises people that it is convenient to use the knowledge and expertise of an investment advisor. He says that he has witnessed people making losses. He majorly says that it is as a result of lack of the right information. Cornelsen advises people to take caution and have someone with experience to hold their hands in the investment journeys. Cornelsen says that investment choices should be made by both youth and older people. He says that young people would have preventive measures on rainy days if they learned to invest early enough. He advocates for young people to begin small and to embrace patience. Cornelsen shows that wealth is built with time and consistency. The young people should start early and take the time to invest for the future.


Investment is a journey as shown above. It takes the time to build wealth since it is a process of one step at a time. Cornelsen demonstrates that it is impossible to get to one level of investment while missing on a basic level. He insists that people should start investing when they are young. This will enable them to have room to make mistakes and learn from them. They will not miss on the opportunity to invest when an opportunity presents itself later. Expert advice is basic for economic growth while making decisions about investments. It is important to note that expert advice is essential when an individual is making investment decisions. Cornelsen is a role model to many people in society.

Igor Cornelsen Shares his Opinion on Investment

Investment is an important factor in life that needs dedication and good attention. If you want to be successful in investment you must be devoted and have the passion for it. Investment also needs good objectives and strategies so that it can pull through. In investment there are main areas that compose of it, they include; foreign exchange and commodities. Investment is all business therefore one must be ready to enter into the business world. Investment is a wide area that helps so many people in different ways. If you are retired you can easily have a long lasting strategy in investing. You also require enough information about the investment before tackling it.


Igor Cornelsen is one of the best examples when it comes to successful investment bankers. Igor resides in Brazil. He is well-known in the field of investment. He is devoted to assisting young investors to reach their potential in investment. He is the manager of Bainbridge Inc Inv. This is a company that is popular and thus he uses this chance to explore his skills. Furthermore Igor has a wide experience in this field which helps him to help many people to become excellent investors. He advises young people to save enough especially money so that they can have a good start in investment.


When starting Bainbridge, Igor Cornelsen was prepared with various objectives. Some of these aims are; training young investors on the significance of an enterprise, creating an excellent portfolio and handling the shortcomings of the business. He is so committed to counseling the potential investors to the right path of investment. This company is good in creating excellent tactics and informing people on these strategies.


Apart from helping individuals, Igor Cornelsen also helps various companies in the US by sharing what he can do in investment. He mainly advises people to focus on damaged stocks instead of damaged companies. The spoilt stocks are usually bought at a cheaper price and at the end they result into excellent profit. Basically good investment requires enough skills and information that will guide one in a smooth path to success.


Improving Sanitation in Brazil through Government and Private Sector Concessions

The government of Brazil announced its plan to make concessions by partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, BNDES, in bettering the basic sanitation services. The president of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos, believes that through this initiative, the services offered will be improved in terms of structural, management, as well as resource areas. He emphasizes that the public power through a partnership with other firms will better basic sanitation services to the citizens.

In this partnership, BNDES will come up with personalized action plans based on the research of the condition that the states are in. The private enterprise is rich in resources as well as advanced technology, making it a key party in the initiative. with the resources of the private partner, the government will be able to improve sanitation in the country. Edison emphasizes that when drafting the agreement, goals should be clearly spelled and the governors should review the concession activities. Infrastructure projects expert, Felipe Montoro Jens, also favors the concessions and agrees with Edison that the waste level will decrease as a result of the initiative.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Forty-six years old Felipe, an alumnus of Getulio Vargas Foundation and Thunderbird School of Global Management where he pursued his undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively, has held several top management positions. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Energipar Captacao S.A. as well as on the board of directors of San Antonio Energia SA and Foz do Brasil. Previously, Felipe served as a director of various organizations including Braskem S.A.

Felipe Montoro Jens is an asset to his industry since he is intelligent, highly skilled, and experienced. He has a track record of successfully executing tasks assigned to him. His successful history makes him the best fit in the positions he holds, and he continues to contribute to the success of his sector in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens Plays a Major Role in Persuading the Brazilian Government to Go into Concession for the Development of Crucial Infrastructure

Positive lobbying for the government of Brazil to go into a grant for infrastructural project developments by firms, in which Felipe Montoro Jens is a respected leader and role model, has yielded fruit. Consequently, the government recently agreed to partner with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) to consolidate policy issues and funding of all vital sanitation, water, and road construction projects. This move meant to revitalize the infrastructural sector comes at a time when Felipe Montoro is playing a leading role in progressive initiatives covering activities in the construction of roads, facilities for sanitation, and projects for energy generation.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a man of high integrity who has been a top executive in many reputable firms. His expertise in matters of infrastructure development has immensely contributed to the strengthening of the partnership between the public and private sectors. The high degree of professionalism he consistently displays in ethical issues has earned him estimable directorships in the boards of companies such as Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliários, and Peru Inversiones,En Infrastructure SA. AS the CEO, he has successfully led Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 3 SA, Sur Tramo 3 SA, and San Antonio Energia SA. These accomplishments in his lengthy career are a demonstration of the exceptional leadership qualities he has shown all along.


An astute initiator of many projects, Felipe has an undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation, and he is also a graduate of the Thunderbird School of Global Management. That is why he has actively come out to support the president of Trata Brasil, who in a recent interview said that a public/private sector partnership would ensure improvements in the management of wastes, sanitation, and other resources. Trata Brasil is a management institute whose primary agenda is the development of proper sanitation facilities and the efficient management of wastes for a safer environment.

Effective Business Strategies on How Startups can Grow

The startup industry in Brazil is one of the rapidly growing in the world due to technological advances and financial support from investors. In 2016, the Brazilian Association of Startups reported that over 4,000 business ventures in the country are classified as startups. The agency also noted that most of these ventures fall into the education, entertainment, SaaS, e-commerce, and health sectors.


As a Brazilian entrepreneur and executive, Flavio Maluf is certain that these budding businesses contribute to economic development in Brazil.


Mobile Application Development


According to Flavio, technological advances, such as mobile application development, have enabled upcoming entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive market. Clients can utilize mobile apps when purchasing or inquiring about a product. Entrepreneurs can use these apps to track the progress of their businesses.


Customer Support


Flavio also urges entrepreneurs to invest highly in customer support. As an executive of Eucatex, he points the company’s success to its customer support team. This team ensures that clients’ requests and demands are responded to quickly. Eucatex Group, on the other hand, is a Brazilian manufacturing company. It specializes in fabricating materials used in civil engineering.


Digital Marketing


With the various marketing techniques available these days, entrepreneurs can use the Internet as a digital platform to market their products and services. Flavio Maluf urges business owners to adopt this mechanism for the prosperity of their ventures.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is one of the managers who have been instrumental in shaping the business structure of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio. He has been serving as the firm’s CEO and board chair since 2005. He also holds a CEO position at Eucatex Química e Mineral and VP post at Eucatex Trading e Engenharia.


He is an established mechanical engineer by training who acquired his skills from São Paulo-based Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado. Before serving at Eucatex, he was an executive officer for New York-based banking institution known as Citibank N.A.


A Look At How Flavio Maluf Responsibly Leads Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is an innovative leader that runs Eucatex in Brazil. Eucatex provides building materials to other companies that are made to build furniture as well as materials that are used in industry. As someone who believes in sustainability and being environmentally friendly, Flavio Maluf uses sources that are sustainable and don’t harm the environment. Most of the wood they supply is Eucalyptus which regrows very quickly. Eucatex also provides other materials such as tiles and paints.

Eucatex has been in business for more than 50 years. Their products are used not just in Brazilian products but those around the world. Everything they supply is environmentally sound earth friendly. This has been the case ever since the company was founded, which was a very unusual concept back in the 1950’s. There were barely any environmental rules at the time in Brazil but Euctex has always been a forward thinking company, a great tradition that continues under Flavio Maluf’s leadership as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. It was important to the founders of the company to make good profits and treat the environment with respect.

As a global company, Eucatex has offices in different cities in Brazil plus overseas offices in the United States and Germany. At Eucatex, Flavio Maluf also operates a forestry leasing program. They lease land from rural property owners who receive compensation for the value of the wood that is grown on their property. This arrangement helps out these rural property owners as they generate needed additional income.

Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex has won a large number of awards over the last several years. Among these is a 2011 award for Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship in Brazil, a win in 2012 for Psychologically Healthy Company Award, and another in 2012 for 150 Best Companies in People Management Practices.

Flavio Maluf is a graduate of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. In addition to heading Eucatex, he was a longtime President of GrandFood. He has also worked for Citibank in New York City.