Cancer Treatment Centers Of America’s Individualized Approach To Diagnosis And Treatment

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national organization of five different hospitals that is dedicated to providing an integrative approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Representative of this integrated approach is the CTCA’s two-pronged approach to fighting cancer. Not only does the CTCA program fight cancer using cutting-edge technologies and treatments to fight disease, including chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy and the radiation therapies, but they also have experienced cancer care professionals offer patients supportive therapies to ease side effects like pain and nausea.

The goal of this two-part method is to help cancer patients achieve the best possible quality of life while undergoing treatment, which is why CTCA clinicians focus on maintaining patient stamina and reducing pain. The CTCA also focuses on keeping patients informed so they can make educated decisions about their treatment, which is why they offer a wide variety of information to all patients, from survival statistics to experimental treatment options. Another key to the CTCA’s approach to cancer treatment is that their staff includes a host of board-certified specialists in treatment of different types of cancer. These specialists recognize that even among one type of cancer, different tumors often need to be treated differently, which is why they focus on crafting an individualized approach to the treatment of each patient.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking for information, the CTCA can provide treatment results for the 11 most common cancers that they treat. You can also make an appointment or visit their website to find statistics and treatment options for any type of cancer, and if you were diagnosed elsewhere, you can go to the CTCA to get a second opinion as well. Even if you were previously diagnosed, getting a CTCA second opinion might inform you of other treatment options for your cancer, or else confirm that your current treatment methods are working. You can also confirm the stage of your cancer and whether your original diagnosis was accurate. To learn more about the CTCA and cancer treatment options, or to find the location of the nearest CTCA hospital, consult the official CTCA website.

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