Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Clinical Pathways – Changing the Face of Oncology

It must be said that we as a country are currently making great strides in the treatment and prevention of cancer. A recent announcement from Cancer Treatment Centers of America showed an incredible partnership that has brought cancer treatment to perhaps the most cutting edge it has ever been. The announcement (which can be read here: showcased the launch of Clinical Pathways, a joint venture by CTCA, NantHealth and Allscripts.

The collaboration will allow for fluid integration of the Clinical Pathways program. This program will provide oncologists and their teams with a great deal of data on each individual’s treatment process and proven viable options while ensuring the workflow of each patients’ team is never interrupted. Clinical Pathways also has a cutting edge interface that allows data from oncologists across the country to be gathered with the touch of a button, providing patients with the most efficient care we have seen in our healthcare system to date.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the top institute in the United States for oncology treatment and healing for any stage of cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is widely known for having an integrated and holistic approach to treating cancer as well as a focus on treating not just the cancer but the patient as a whole. For that reason, they offer access to the best medical procedures such as surgeries and chemotherapies as well as things like physical and healing therapies that address other issues a cancer patient may be facing. They also offer this all under one roof.

There are five Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the country, and all are comprised of oncologists, surgeons and staff that are at the top of the oncology field. The centers are located in Atlanta, Tulsa, Chicago, Philadelphia and Phoenix. A unique approach to treating not just the patients, but their loved ones, caregivers are invited to participate with those that have cancer in certain parts of treatment, classes and recreational activities as they are available, making the best out of what can be a very daunting experience.

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