Artificial Intelligence, the answer to all online retailers

Personalization is always key in building customer experience. E-commerce personalization makes products appear more appealing in the customer’s eyes whenever they shop online. This can be done through sending emails to customers with their names appearing in the subject line or sending product advertisements to customers via email that goes in line with items that they had purchased earlier on. Once a customer has logged in their details into a website, the website is able to show them their recently purchased products or the purchase history of other users who have bought the same type of item. This marketing personalization accompanied with the convenience and ease of online shopping is the secrets behind online retailers’ success.

Studies have shown that customers tend to spend more on shopping whenever they experience personalized shopping. E-commerce personalization has been able to make customers enjoy unique shopping experiences from each other. Intelligent algorithms are used to create accurate information on customers information. This information is normally collected from regular customer visits to websites.

Digital marketing is made more relevant to individuals by putting together the available data on individual customers across several platforms. Online stores calculate the interests made by individuals on their products using evolutionary algorithms. These algorithms assist in offering relevant suggestions to customers on what they may want to purchase. Such algorithms have also enabled online retailers to create profiles of what their visitors want. This artificial intelligence has enabled them stock products that are most likely to lead to purchases.

Traditional online stores rely on customers finding products by conducting site searches or going through various menus to find what they want. Artificial intelligence tools have assisted these e-commerce websites in replicating how customers look for items visually. Product images can now be linked to other products that look similar rather than how they are described by text. This has enabled shoppers to have a more intuitive customer experience on the platforms. Image rendering has even gone a step further by enabling customers to discover items based on what a celebrity has worn in another image. The customer is then able to view the item in stock and can purchase it at any given time he or she feels like. The customer’s photos too can also be used to offer shopping suggestions and recommendations on the items present in the image.

Artificial intelligence has been able to help online retailers provide fast and efficient solutions to online shoppers. This is thanks to the tailor-made experiences that each customer enjoys whenever they access them.

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