5 Surprising Facts You Should Know About Depression

Major depression is a common mental disease that affects approximately 16 million adults in the U.S. each year. Although it commonly starts in adulthood and mostly affects women, it can affect any person, at any age, and at times without an apparent cause. People with major depression can attain full recovery when they seek treatment. Unfortunately, most individuals struggling with this illness fail to seek medical attention due to the stigma associated with mental health and depression.

Facts about depression

1. Depression may progress without external factors

Although there are broad ranges of factors that can trigger depression, a definite cause does not exist. People exposed to stressful life events, including financial troubles, abuse, unemployment, or abuse, have a high likelihood of developing this mental condition.

2. Depressive disorders fall into different categories

There are many types of depressive complications. Major depressive disorder is depicted by low self-esteem and continuous stress for not less than two weeks. Persistent depressive disorder is a longer-lasting type of depression where symptoms are manifested nearly each day for over two years.

3. Depression affects the health status of the body

The National Institute of Mental Health lists headaches, general tension, stomach problems, and breathing difficulties as the physical effects of depression.

4. Depression accounts for the increased death rate among young people

Depression causes numb symptoms and feelings of ineptness, which may make some young individuals consider death as the best alternative.

5. More funds should be committed to depression research

Despite depression being a leading cause of suicide across the globe, funds located for depression research are not enough.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in brief

Neurocore specializes in offering data-supported, brain-based evaluations and training programs, which assist children and adults in increasing concentration, sleep, and dealing with stress effectively. Since its creation 13 years ago, the facility has become a respected leader in applied neuroscience. It runs nine brain performance centers in both Florida and Michigan.

Neurocore helps people with ADHD, anxiety, migraines, sleep-related diseases, stress, depression, and teen ADHD. The centers have competent and certified practitioners who offer excellent services. When a client visits one of Neurocore’s centers, the professionals will identify the actual cause of his or her complication. Then, they develop a program that will help the client’s brain in fixing the complications.

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