PSI-Pay is the Face of Contactless Payment

In the UK no trend in the tech world is receiving more attention than contactless payments. Contactless payments entail any payment method that doesn’t use physical currency as a form of payment for goods and services. According to PSI-Pay, a contactless payment service provider, contactless payment is the future. It has the potential to greatly change banking as we know it. More than 50 percent of all purchases in Britain are made by using credit cards. This trend is both expected to continue and increase.

There are many benefits to using contactless payment methods. For instance, having to dig in your wallet or pocket for loose change can be a problem of the past. PSI-Pay has partnered with Kerv Wearables to create the world’s first contactless payment ring. With more and more stores in the UK and the world becoming more receptive toward contactless payments the ring may become the fastest way to check out with a device that’s already on your hand. The ring is stylish and comfortable coming in a variety of sizes. It is also very durable as it is resilient to water and scratches. The two companies made the ring to look like a simple accessory until it is time to make a transaction.

PSI-Pay is the company leading the contactless payment revolution. The company is a global provider of contactless payment services. It partnership with Kerv Wearables positions it to solidify its spot at the top of the market. PSI-Pay’s employee base consists of many skilled and experienced professionals that specialize in alternative banking.

For those still skeptical of contactless payments there’s really nothing more to say. As time goes by consumers will continue to choose to use contactless payments because it is more efficient. Instead of counting cash or checking a credit card the user needs to just touch his contactless card or ring against the reader to complete a transaction.

A Short Review of Sean Penn’s Debut Novel: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

In his first novel, Sean Penn covers literary aspects in a classical way. In the first place, you might want to keep a dictionary by your side as you explore Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. He brings out fascinating descriptions, yet, in uncommon vocabularies. In addition, the reflective style used in the novel, coupled with a mix of fictional prose and poetry, calls for successive reading of the book in parts. Let’s look at some of its themes.


One of the most dominant subjects in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is violence. Penn covers social security issues like mass shooting, bombing, and writes a poem depicting the outcry of society against violence. He uses virtual characters such as the former drug lord El Chapo as contributors of violence, but displays a strong protagonist who is determined to end violence.


As a humanitarian in the real world, Sean Penn depicts his humanitarian similarities with Bob Honey. They both show passion on humanitarianism. They also don’t like current political situations, with Sean Penn’s book depicting the 2016 US presidential race. Penn’s efforts in disaster cleanup can be seen during Hurricane Katrina; as a survivor, he organized rescue efforts for victims of the storms. In the novel, Bob Honey is involved with surveying the aftermath of Iraq wars albeit aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina. His novel depiction of humanitarian issues relate to his real life experience.

Environmental Issues

In a satirical approach to address environmental responsibility, Penn uses Bob Honey as a contract killer to elderly people. He kills wealthy and old people to give space for the rise of other people. But Penn describes the character’s actions as symbolic; it is vital to eliminate companies that are depleting the world’s natural resources.

Women Rights

Another theme in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is on women rights. Sean adopts a series of questions on credibility the credibility of #MeTooMovement. For instance, he asks, “What’s with this Me Too? A platform for accusation impunity? Though these questions attracted diverse public reactions, Sean only covers the topic of women rights from a different angle.

In general, the author paints the Bob Honey’s America in a state of dystopia, marred with several social topics. The tales, on the other hand, reflects Sean’s views on different society issues. For instance, the novel brings out Sean’s views on politics and humanitarianism. Bob Honey is also portrayed as a contract assassin, but Penn denies any allegation of violence promotion.

Ryan Seacrest Works on Fitness

Ryan Seacrest has been the face of American Idol and countless red carpet appearances for years, bringing his energy and enthusiasm to televisions everywhere. Though he has boundless energy for his countless jobs now, this wasn’t always the case for Ryan. He is almost unrecognizable as a kid, sporting glasses and quite a few extra pounds; his insecurity coupled with junk-food snacking led to a weight problem. Ryan hasn’t forgotten about his younger self, and although he’s lost the insecurity and pounds, he makes sure to stay fit and healthy no matter how busy his schedule gets.

It’s no surprise that Ryan approaches fitness in the same way that he approaches his work. According to Ryan, workouts are treated like meetings and never get cancelled so that they stay part of his schedule. Although taking time out of his busy day to exercise is a sacrifice, Ryan is most productive when he gets a workout in during the day. When on set DJing on his radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest or co-hosting with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan, he’s been known to get some quick exercises in during commercial breaks.

Although Ryan likes to stay fit and healthy, he hasn’t sworn off food altogether. He is still a huge food lover and works out to balance his diet. He stays healthy by making vegetable juices and snacking on almonds. To de-stress, Ryan enjoys playing ping-pong, going for a swim, or doing yoga; anything that helps him stay active but also unwind. Ryan also finds it important to find time to dedicate to his charity, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which builds specialized Seacrest Studios within children’s hospitals. These studios serve to bring education and fun to sick children battling illnesses who would otherwise not have the opportunity. Ryan (@RyanSeacrest) just opened up his 10th Seacrest Studio in Vanderbilt and hopes to bring more studios to hospitals across the United States and around the world.

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Trending With Dynamic Talk Fusion

The coming of real-time communications (WebRTC) technology was divine sent for Talk fusion, now people could communicate with anyone, anywhere and on any device. Talk Fusion is easily accepted as the leader in video communication. The company has taken video conferencing and broadcasting to a new level thanks to a commitment to quality and innovation that blends with the changing dynamics of the mass media market. The company also has a large array of products integrated into social media to reach more people, unlike previous attempts reach of consumers, video advertising is now tailored to be memorable though discreet, persuasive not aggressive and advertisements are becoming increasingly aimed at creating the trust instead of being viewed as irritating interruptions to one’s online experience.

Other than having a “wow” effect, videos have been proven to be more relatable and more likely to elicit reactions from the viewer. This increases the communication between the brand and the intended consumer. As companies rush to digitize, the demand for online advertising has grown exponentially and video no longer optional but a must for any company that aims to retain customers and to attracts new ones. The coming of live streaming boosted the popularity of video and this changed the way companies connected with their clients, it is now easier to get customer feedback, offer online seminars and to give advice and consultations to consumers. Learn more:

Bob Reina has been spearheading the need for companies to take up video marketing. With video being the current trending marketing strategy, the focus of Talk Fusion has been the production of quality videos that engage and captivate the attention of the targeted consumers. With the explosion of temporary content thanks to Snapchat and then Instagram, companies are now to run promotions without the cost of the expensive studio made adverts. It has also been noted that people are more likely to share videos than any other form of communication, this has not only enhanced the desirability of video marketing, it also has led to rising of creativity as companies seek ways to stand out.

Away from advertising and profit margins, part of Talk Fusion’s policy is the idea of giving back. Founder and CEO Bob Reina leads from the front on this aspect, being an active sponsor to charities especially animal welfare groups, he has created a culture at the company. This culture has seen the company offer relief for victims of natural disasters and it has donated funds to various orphanages.

A Closer Look At The Finance Sector With Peter Briger.

The finance industry is crucial for any growing economy. The sector involves financial institutions and their intermediaries. Some of the institutions include the commercial banks and their agents. The commercial banks are often used for the government’s agenda of controlling the amount of money in the economy. For example, the government may impose certain restrictions where the banks are required only to keep a fixed amount of physical assets while the rest remains regarding cash. The government can also set the minimum interest rates to be charged by the banks to control the amount of money in the hands of the residents.

Peter Briger joined the industry as a managing partner in other firms before joining Fortress Investment Group. He studied in a prestigious institution where he excelled. His skills have been crucial in his career where he has risen up the ranks to become part of the decision makers in multi-national companies. For one to be promoted to the executive of large companies, you have to exhibit exemplary leadership skills. He has served on many committees such as the Asian Management Committee both as part of the executive and also as a member. He has been able to make a positive impact on every organization and committee he has worked.

Apart from his career, he is a prominent businessman with interests in various fields. He has built a multi-million empire from scratch. Peter Briger is a role model to many existing and upcoming entrepreneurs who look up to him and would like to be as successful as he is. He has been featured in various popular publications as one of the wealthiest businessmen. According to Forbes Magazine, he was position 962 on the list of the richest people. Many new enterprises continue to fail mainly due to poor management and lack of affordable credit. However, Peter Briger has proved that one can start with little but well-managed resources and build an empire from it.

He is part of the executive and has support efforts to support the efforts to empower the employees. The employees have a good time working for the firm. Peter Briger firmly believes that individuals and organizations have a responsibility to give back to the society. He is actively involved in charitable welfares where the aim is to help children from poor backgrounds. He has been instrumental in forming collaborations with other corporations for mutual benefits.

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End Citizens United Takes Rick Scott to Court

Currently, the political atmosphere in the U.S. is under heat. In 2010, the Supreme Court decision to lift the regulations on independent spending saw the world of politics taken on another level. With the decision, more money started flowing into the political world hence blocking legitimacy and transparency of the whole process. However, thanks to End Citizens United and other committees, the choice is likely to be turned around.

End Citizens United is one of the few political action committees dedicated to fighting big money out of politics. In other words, the organization is committed to reversing the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC. Since establishment, the organization has continued to endorse individuals with interests in the course, and who would in turn overturn the court decision. Also, End Citizens United keeps politics on the check by revealing individuals who fail to follow the election laws in play.

Not long ago, the organization filed a case with FEC against Rick Scott. According to the filed complaint, ECU believes that Rick Scott has Super PAC at his disposal to drive his senate campaign and it is illegal. The PAC insists that Rick’s smart move is focused on going around the federal limitations towards a candidature’s campaigns. So far, and through the ‘Super PAC,’ Rick Scott has garnered about $78 million for his campaigns.

Legally, a PAC focuses on raising as much money as it can as well as spend whatever is needed to get its members to power. However, they are not allowed to work directly with any campaigns, a law that Rick Scott seems to ignore. Before revealing his thirst for the Senate, Scott was the chairman of the group. The organization had sworn to support his political journey.

According to Adam Bozzi, Rick Scott is greedy for the seat and is willing to bend the laws for personal interests. Mr. Scott’s campaign denied the allegations, but End Citizens United had documents to back the suit. ECU presented documentation that indicated Scott was still working with the group. Adam Bozzi and his team believe that Scott has no intention of pushing for the campaign reform thus should not be given a chance to take the Senatorial seat.

Over and over again, Rick Scott has continued to deny the allegations, but ECU has continued to reveal evidence placing Scott on the wrong. For instance, there was evidence showing that Scott was working closely with the New Republican who even funded his recent poll. More evidence has also been produced showing how Scott is taking advantage of the committee for his political ambitions. According to Bozzi, the fight against Scott is not worth losing.

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