Joe Arpaio’s Not Done with Arizona; Running for Senate – Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Stand in his way

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were journalists for the Phoenix New Times, serving as team leaders and co-owners. The Phoenix New Times was Lacey and Larkin’s main publication at the time of their arrest.

Joe Arpaio was the one that frivolously arrested them. The arrest was frivolous mainly because no charges resulted from the arrest, but the arrest was also fueled by a personal vendetta against the Phoenix New Times.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had been leading their paper in investigative efforts to reveal the misguided deeds of Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio didn’t like this of course. This is why he had Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin locked up.

Arpaio is known for his illegal arrests. He is most notorious for his involvement with a Mexican citizen in 2007. He had the individual arrested for no reason other than the country he was born in. Joe Arpaio was ultimately charged with contempt of court, but these charges were dropped after Donald Trump extended a helping hand in the form of a Presidential pardon. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

It is no secret that Trump and Arpaio share a common fan base; they are both prominent figures in the Republican Party. Trump’s supporters also support tough on immigration policy, a policy which Joe Arpaio puts above all others.

A criminal suit was never filed against Arpaio for the arrest of the journalists; however, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin sued the county and were awarded almost four million dollars. This money has went to good use. Even though their arrest happened in 2007, it took six years for the litigation process to be completed. Now they are able to use that money to give back to their community.

The Frontera Fund was created shortly after the settlement. The Frontera Fund helps individuals protect their first amendment and other constitutional rights.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had their first amendment violated by Joe Arpaio, so they can relate to the other Arpaio victims. This is why they are helping the Latinos in Arizona. The Frontera Fund donates money and time to charities like Aliento, charities that assist the Latino community.

Joe Arpaio is currently running for public office again. This time he is looking to hold a much higher position than Sheriff of Maricopa County. Arizona has an open Senate seat, and Arpaio is looking to fill the vacancy.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are also working to prevent Arpaio from winning a Senate seat.

The journalists are working overtime, both cleaning up the mess Joe Arpaio left behind and trying to prevent a bigger disaster.

GoBuyside Provides Solutions For Every Stage Of A Company’s Project

The financial industry has shown a pattern in recent years of becoming more dependent on part-time as well as project-based work being performed. GoBuyside has worked to satisfy these needs by making available short-term workforce solutions for companies of all sizes.

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About GoBuyside

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Dr. Jorge Moll – A Brilliant Neuroscientist Who Sees More Than Just a Brain

Dr. Jorge Moll was born in Brazil and he graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with an M.D. in neuroscience. He completed his residency at the same university and continued his education by earning a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University. Dr. Moll is the founder and president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (DOR). He serves the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup, a diagnostic and imagining laboratory, as the director. His skills and expertise are in the areas of neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, neurology, fMRI, prefrontal cortex, and morality.

Before entering medical school, Dr. Moll was always interested in the human mind and existential questions like the mystery of our existence. Intrigued by imaging, especially fMRI or functional MRI that revolutionized neuroscience, Dr. Moll realized a scientist could test hypotheses about brain function or the response of the brain to different stimuli in a non-invasive way, e.g., without the use of radioactive markers. Dr. Moll began experimenting with MRI and fMRI before entering medical school, and once he enrolled in medical school, he specialized in neurology.

Dr. Jorge Moll is a member of several professional organizations including The Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the International Neuroethics Society, the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, and the Society for Neuroscience. He stresses the importance of collaboration, and in a typical day, you will find him in meetings, speaking with students, or liaising with scientists and researchers. A prolific writer and researcher, Dr. Moll in collaboration with other scientists, has written more than 136 articles and collaborated with other scientists on various projects ( For one of the most recent projects, Dr. Moll with a team of seven scientists studied the neural correlates of human values and motivations utilizing fMRI encoding models and behavioral measures.

A devoted family man, Dr. Moll is passionate about improving the quality of life for others. Dr. Moll is methodical about his work, and when he chooses an idea for a project, he develops a plan of action and executes those plans in collaboration with his colleagues.


Hard & Soft Combine As SoftBank Purchase The Fortress Investment Group

Some of the most successful brands have combined two essential skill sets. You might think of Mercedes and Benz. Is this what the Fortress Investment Group did when it allowed itself to be purchased by SoftBank? This buyout combined the “Hard” of Fortress and “Soft” of SoftBank.

Well Balanced Meal

Do you remember when your mother told you to “eat your vegetables?” Of course, you were a child and did not know much, but you knew that vegetables were not as sweet as ice cream. Father and mother knew better.

They understood that a well balanced meal was essential to growing up to be strong. The same can be true for business. Many types of skills are needed to be successful.

A company needs managers, salesmen and engineers to perform their roles. The Fortress Investment Group offers both the leadership and capital to make businesses successful. This is the “Hard” element to building up a strong foundation.

The core of the Fortress portfolio strength is infrastructure, property, railroads and resorts. These all have valuable real estate. They provide the land for production, Fortress provides the capital.

Eat Your Vegetables

If you ever take a Nutrition class in high school, you might learn about why your mama wanted you to eat vegetables. See, each food has its own nutrients. Vegetables have certain key nutrients that ice cream simply doesn’t have.

The same can be true for SoftBank versus the Fortress Investment Group. Both are financial institutions, but SoftBank might have an advantage in terms of certain ideas. The SoftBank vision is to build a future based on Asian technology, such as electronics.

SoftBank might have a better vision for the future than some American financial institutions. Realistically, after the 2008 Sub-Prime Crisis, many American banks have been looking over their shoulders. They have worried about their own financial well-being.

The Japanese were hit hard, but the crisis was foreign to them. It was primarily an Anglo crisis due to American sub-prime debtors. Therefore, the Japanese SoftBank was able to continue to focus on creating the new infrastructure for the future.

The “Soft” element is the vision, idea or strategy. This is what SoftBank has, along with innovation and surplus capital. If you remember watching the sci-fi thriller movie, Blade Runner, you might recall that it looked a lot like a future Tokyo would.

Combining Synergies for Mastery

Success is not easy. A meal is not just ice cream. By combining “Hard” and “Soft,” the SoftBank purchase of the Fortress has created the foundation for a potential success story.

There are rumors from the Financial Times that SoftBank waived day-to-day control to complete the acquisition of Fortress. With the trio of Edens, Nardone and Briger, there was no reason to assign a new manager to oversee the Fortress hedge fund. Which SoftBank executive has the expertise or connections of these three billionaires? Fortress provides the “Hard” infrastructure and SoftBank provides the “Soft” vision for the future infrastructure.

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Bradesco Shareholders Confirm A New CEO And Four VPs Are Elected To Serve On The Board, According To New Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is not letting the press get in his way. Mr. Trabuco knows how to deal with the media when there is a news spotlight shining on the bank. Bradesco is a newsmaker in Brazil, and the recent changes in the upper management at the bank is big news. The fact that Lázaro de Mello Brandão is calling it quits after 75 years is certainly newsworthy.

But naming Trabuco Chairman of the Board wasn’t a surprise. Most of the members of the press knew Trabuco was in line to be Chairman because his age was getting in the way. Bradesco has an age cap on the CEO position, and Luiz Carlos Trabuco was crossing the threshold of that cap. The new CEO, Octavio de Lazari is 54-years-old, so he is well below the 65-year-old age cap. Overall, the news of the shakeup at Bradesco was positive. Shareholders were in agreement at the March 12th annual meeting. Lazari has the qualifications, and the banking no how to replace Trabuco as CEO. Octavio de Lazari has a reputation for putting income on the bank’s balance sheet. While he was president of Seguros, Bradesco’s money-making insurance division, Mr. Lazari gave Bradesco 30 percent of the reported income in 2017.

Read more: Novo presidente do Bradesco substituirá Luiz Trabuco dia 12 de março

But Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew Lazari was the man for the job before the shareholders confirmed his nomination. Lazari became a bank trainee in 1978 when Lázaro de Mello Brandão and founder Amador Aguiar decided to give him a job. Trabuco was a trainee in 1969, so both men know bank operations inside and out. Bradesco likes to promote from within, so good people usually think twice before they leave the bank. Plus, the banking atmosphere at Bradesco is more about working as a team rather than having one person that shines above all others. The bank’s shareholders made that point clear when they added four vice-presidents to the bank’s Board of Directors.

Lazari’s promotion left a hole in the management team at Seguros, but Lazari didn’t waste any time filling that hole with another seasoned banker. Vinicius Almeida Albernaz is the new Seguros president. According to Trabuco and Lazari, Mr. Albernaz fits the Bradesco executive mold, so the current income projections and mission are still in place.

According to, Bradesco’s stock is down, but it is well above the 2017 low because investors don’t know what will happen in the upcoming presidential election. There are many Brazilians who still want Lula as president. If former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva becomes president once again, no one is sure what that will mean for Brazil’s struggling economy. Lula is a popular political figure in Brazil, so investors know anything can happen in this ever-changing Latin America country.

But Octavio de Lazari isn’t focusing on Lula at the moment. He is focusing on closing more unprofitable bank branches and giving more Brazilians an opportunity to borrow more money now that interest rates are lower.


Adam Milstein Exposes the New Anti-Semitism Tactics that Risk Democracy

According to Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American philanthropist, the growth of alliance between radical right and radical left anti-Semitism, coupled with mainstreaming of anti-Semitism leftism is a threat to the life and future of Jewish people worldwide. He notes that being the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel has been a target of radical Muslims who determined to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish people historical homeland by fanning anti-Semitism remarks to reach their goal. He notes that they are aligning themselves with the radical leftists such as fighting those seeking to stop racism in America or boycotting Israel via the BDS movement. These efforts put in jeopardy western cultures of democracy, Tolerance and freedom are the basic foundations of Israel and America.

Adam Milstein is worried about the rate at which anti-Semitism is spreading hate, racism, and bigotry due to increased sharing of ideas and tactics between radical Muslims, radical leftists, and rights. The far left cast a blind eye on radical Muslims stoning of women, execution of gays, and disdain of human rights since they share a common hate of freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism, and vile anti-Semitism.

The leftists as per Adam Milstein observations fail to distinguish between mainstream Muslims and radicals, treating them as a consistent block labeling as “people oppressed by the West”. They blame Jews as the main cause of problems in the Middle East, terming Israel as a colonialist oppressor that targets Muslims.

To show the intensity of the matter, Adam Milstein goes ahead and gives examples where he cites political activist Linda Sarsour who is being regarded by the leftists as a feminist leader. Sarsour in the past called a Jewish journalist an anti-Semitic alt-right likes the misogyny of Sharia law, thanked Siraj Wajjah, who worked with a conspirator in bombing World Trade Center as she started her speech called “jihad against Trump”. Despite her admiration of Saudi Arabia treatment of women, she is a role model.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties in charge of property management, overseeing the company’s financing, and disposition. He carries out philanthropic works through Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

The Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group And Employee Reviews

In one of the most anticipated acquisition deals of 2017, Softbank has acquired Fortress Financial Group in a cash buyout estimated to be $3.3 billion. According to a Techcrunch report dated February 14, 2018, the purchasing of Fortress comes after Softbank acquired significant holdings in several financial and tech entities, including Jawbone, ZestFinance, Lyft and Xapo. The cash deal between Soft Bank, a Japanese multinational corporation and Fortress was first pronounced in February 14, 2017 and completed in December 27, 2017. Fortress Investment Group is a leading investment manager specializing in managing credit funds, private equity and liquid hedge fund. The publicly traded company supports businesses from diverse backgrounds from real estate to technology.

Softbank is one of the world’s largest providers of mobile telephony, fixed line, telecommunication, web services and digital TV products. The acquired institution will be run as a separate entity from the parent company. Confirming the acquisition and its particulars, the Chief Executive Officer of Softbank Mr. Masayoshi Son said Fortress will operate as an independent concern led by the current principals Pete Briger, Randy Nardone and Wes Edens. In addition, Fortress will work directly with the newly created Vision Fund, in which SoftBank has committed $100 Billion. The fund is run by a former employee of Fortress, Mr. Rajeev Misra. According to Softbank CEO, the Fortress Investment Group acquisition will offer SoftBank a latching pad to expand its capabilities and strengthen its Vision Fund Platform in order to transform the company’s growth strategies.

The deal with SoftBank was collectively approved by Fortress Investment Group’s special committee of independent directors. The long term vision for Softbank 2.0 is to become a bolder, efficient and more sustainable company. Past and current employees of Fortress Investment Group have a lot of good things to say about the company. Reviews on the career website reveal the following. On January 25, 2018, a former Fortress Debt Intern based in New York made a brief post saying that motivated interns are awarded many responsibilities as well as the opportunity to work alongside an elite group of investment professionals. On April 2017, an Analyst currently working for the company posted the list of incentives offered by the firm.

The list included an opportunity to work with smart co-workers, attractive remuneration and a conducive environment to learn and grow. A current Vice President commented on April 29, 2013 that Fortress is a deadline driven and a fast paced place to work. According to him, you can excel in the company if you are a quick thinker and a productive worker. Workers also need to learn about the company’s complex structure and the various investment products to be able to operate effectively. Another employee who currently serves as an Associate in New York made a commentary on June 2017 saying the company often challenges its workers to be better at what they do. According to the Associate, Fortress recognizes hard work and dedication, thanks to its diverse pool of clientele and product offerings.

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Jeff Yastine: General Information

This will give information surrounding Jeff Yastine. Yastine works for the company “Banyan Hill Publishing”, as the editorial director. He first joined the company in the year 2015. When he joined the company in 2015 as the editorial director he brought along with him more than twenty years of experience of the careers of financial journalist and stock market investor in the middle of events in the financial world. Read this article at Hi-Tech Chronicle.

Now some information on something called the “Kennedy Accounts”. It was created by President John F. Kennedy himself. He created it while there was a struggle in the American economy. Problems arose like the drop of the stock market at thirteen percent, unemployment had increased, and there was flat GDP. President Kennedy knew how vital the stock market was because he was the son of the first SEC chairman. He decided upon an idea to get Main Street Americans to begin investing. Then, in the beginning of the 1960s there was work being done on a program which would assist in the goal to “Get Americans Moving Again”. This would be done by the channeling of billions of dollars into the companies in America. This would help both Main Street investors as well as the companies. The result, is what Jeff Yastine coined as the “Kennedy Accounts. An illustration of this was a retired couple form the state of Connecticut had seen the amount of $122 transform into an amount that was close to $100,000.


Now some more general information about Jeff Yastine. Yastine attended the University of Florida where he studied the subject of journalism. Due to his graduation, he then became a reporter in the area of local television. He worked in markets like one in the state of North Carolina at the Raleigh-Durham. Then, in the year 1993 he worked with the staff of “Nightly Business Report” a nationally-broadcast show from PBS’. He served as the Miami-based anchor and national correspondent. This was during the time where newscast was the daily financial broadcast in the world that was most-watched.

During his interviewing he had a chance to interview a couple of very famous faces in the fields of economics, business, and finance. Some examples are Michael Dill, Sir Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet. Also in his televised reporting’s he got to learn a lot about the international and academic halves of both the markets and finance. Visit to know more.

AIA – Committed To Social Consciousness

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Ivy, a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA), heads the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Founded in the late 19th century by 13 architects, AIA is an organization of architects and designers.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. today AIA has more than 90,000 members in 250 chapters located nationally and internationally. The AIA is a values-driven organization whose leadership, led by Robert Ivy, wants the industry to expand its vision to include a commitment to reducing global warming, sustaining the earth’s natural resources, and designing structures that promote public health and safety. Through reimagining the role of architects as part of the global community, Robert Ivy is reframing the role of the AIA and redirecting its resources to supporting research through a competitive grant program and involvement in community planning and other social issues. One area where AIA is making a significant impact in the 21st century is through improving public health.

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According to Ivy, most people do not correlate architecture with public health; however, he contends design has been inextricably linked with public health since the 19th century. To illustrate this point, Ivy points to Central Park in New York, designed and constructed in 1857, or draining land in the nation’s capital, which resembled a swamp after heavy rains, to build the National Mall. Architects design buildings that promote exercise and have access to natural light and fresh air. Moving into the future, architects want to be part of interdisciplinary teams to make places and spaces that promote productivity and well-being.

Two other areas that merge AIA organizational values with social change are the areas of sustainability and global warming. The United Nations issued a forecast that by 2050, 75 percent of the worldwide population would live in urban areas. In 2016, the United Nations convened the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development to discuss and develop plans to address urbanization. The Strategic Council of the AIA established an initiative to embrace recommendations proffered by the UN, and Robert Ivy is working to promote this initiative. Global population growth is increasing by 1.5 million people per week, and this growth negatively affects greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas. The architects and designers of AIA are making an impact at reducing the effects of global warming through the design of buildings that limit energy consumption and promote the use of renewable energy that is carbon-free.

Robert Ivy is a visionary architect, and his innovative leadership is guiding AIA toward the merger of architecture and design with social responsibility.

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U.S. Money Reserve: The Forerunner in the Precious Metal Industry

The U.S. Reserve is the forerunner in the precious metal industry. Since its foundation in 2001 the U.S. Money Reserve has matured into the largest private distributor of United States government issued platinum, gold, and silver products.

Current President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, is on a mission to convey informative details to consumers regarding the purchase of government issued bullion, bars, and gold coins. At his side is Vice President of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan.

Together Diehl and Buchanan have created an online website which features educational materials as well as a secure storefront offering real-time pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars.

Additionally, the U.S. Money Reserve offers PCGS Certified coins in conjunction with exclusive offerings for the precious metal purchasers and collectors.

The new re-design of the website provides potential customers with a more streamlined application for ease in purchase, as well as providing educational tidbits and the opportunity to sign up for a complimentary gold information kit.

The tool create a fully responsive and easy to navigate platform with a newly enhanced photo gallery, individualized consultations, secure offline transactions and purchase assistance. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Based in Austin, Texas, the U.S. Money Reserve features a well-trained team of associates who establish long-term business relationships with customers wishing to diversify their assets into the precious metals market.

These precious metal serve as a physical manifestation of the diversification of the assets of hundreds of thousands of worldwide clients. The company’s core values are easily visible as they cultivate trust and demonstrate commitment to a superior level of customer service.

Many individuals are largely unaware of the options available in the precious metal industry. Educational information is plentiful on the U.S. Money Reserve website and professionals from the company are readily available with expert knowledge to offer.

As an added measure of reassurance U.S. Reserve offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee within a 30 day time frame at current market value. The company also ensures the security and peace of mind of their investors through the utilization of one of the industry’s fastest ensured shipping methods.