A Hero of Self-Knowledge — Jose Hawilla

Entrepreneurs usually have a robust sense of self. They need the vision to understand themselves and others wherever they travel. They need the vision to check their goals. Entrepreneurs are versatile enough to bend; however, with self-knowledge, they do not not break. These traits are the keys that create entrepreneurs who are completely different from other people in society. They’re the strongest minds that the planet must supply, and they use their brains to form some nice things. The companies that are created by entrepreneurs are samples of what certain personalities are capable of once they try hard to attain their goals. The accomplishment comes once someone mixes the traits of entrepreneurship required to attain these lofty goals. Entrepreneurs typically cultivate these traits through several hours of daily focus. The main focus required to realize their goals is the constant level of focus that produces a strong person with the power to realize their greatest goals.

The sturdy sense of self that you want comes from the inner strength that may be designed through hours of study and meditation. Entrepreneurs usually take the time to specialize in themselves and treat themselves. These hours are good for rest, recovery, and study. The introspective study of yourself can allow you to sense how you are feeling about a given topic. The subject of your business or your project can also become clear in your mind. Embrace the thoughts and specialize in your unique vision. By permitting yourself to clear your vision while you’re alone, you’re keeping your goals pure. The purity of your goals is very important for your success. While you have the main focus of your goals on your mind, you’ll be versatile enough to reveal your true self. Being versatile is very important to stay receptive to opportunities. You need to be ready to reply to challenges when they present themselves.

Jose Hawilla is the leading bourgeois of football in Brazil. He had to get all of those traits, and he uses them well. Jose Hawilla will teach others in Sao Paulo, Brazil concerning the important skills necessary to succeed. He can even contribute to the general economy. Jose Hawilla has been one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Brazil for several years, and he focuses on these traits each day. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.

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The RealReal is Changing Shopping Top Brands

Shoppers in SoHo in New York City were the first to get a taste of The RealReal clothing consignor’s store experience. The store was opened and brought in shoppers who were looking for those top name brands at affordable prices. The consignment store The RealReal is taking consumers top line items and offering them for prices smart shoppers look for.

Allison Sommer is the director of marketing and has seen that bringing the pop up store to new areas is proving to be valuable. The RealReal opened a pop up store in San Francisco and gave shoppers a taste of what the store can offer. Once the pop up was finished online sales in San Francisco were bursting at the seams. A little taste of what The RealReal offers is all shoppers needed.

With this pop up idea the company is planning to give Las Vegas a taste of what The RealReal can offer. Shoppers in Los Angeles and New York City are more accustomed to seeing pop up shops and new ideas come and go. With San Francisco’s pop up success there will be pop up locations opened throughout the United States.

What started out as a way for customers to not only find luxurious items but also to get back good and fair pricing for items has turned The RealReal into a name synonymous with great bargains. They are taking consignment and turning it into something new and exciting. Founder and CEO Julie Wainwright has seen the growth in jewelry consignments and apparel.

Julie Wainwright isn’t going to give out the numbers of sales or recurrent customers but she is definitely happy with The RealReal’s progress. Her belief in staffing gemologists, brand authenticators, and just the plain experience of insuring customers are receiving the best on both ends, is priceless.

Just Who Is Dr. Mark Mckenna

There are many brilliant-minded individuals in the world today and it has always been this way throughout time. Unfortunately, if you’re not a celebrity or a professional athlete, then it seems like you’ll never get the credit that’s long-overdue. On the other hand, this article will highlight an American innovator, and this American innovator is Dr. Mark McKenna. So, what makes this guy special? Well, Dr. Mark McKenna is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. Many people refer to him as being a doctor, a philanthropist, a businessman and an entrepreneur. In addition to that, he’s also known to be a revolutionary in medical aesthetics as well as a futurist.

The New Orleans-native just launched his new business in Atlanta, Georgia. This business just so happens to be a medical-aesthetics practice, and it is located in the Buckhead region of Atlanta. OVME is its name and providing some of the best minimally-invasive procedures is its game. OVME is exclusive as well as being innovative. This practice will provide an abundance of minimal-invasive services like Botox injections, Juvederm treatments, Restylane treatments, IPL, medical-grade facials, Vivace Micro-needling, chemical peels, laser-hair removal, weight-loss treatments and other beneficial services. Located in the affluent Bankhead community, OVME will offer a luxurious environment to relax and to better yourself.

McKenna has been on top of his game ever since he relocated to Atlanta. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina ripped his world apart as well as so many others. During that particular time, McKenna had a successful real estate development firm named McKenna Venture Investments, and he was also a practicing doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna lost millions in just a few days, which shows how damaging this storm truly was.

Today is a new day and this phenomenal guy has parlayed his knowledge into a full-fledged success. Dr. Mark McKenna is truly an American hero, and his impressive resume backs-up all claims.


Eric Lefkofsky Passion For Disruptive Technologies Closes In On Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is one of Chicago’s most influential persons. He has founded and co-founded many important organizations which continue to impact society in various ways. His most conspicuous position at the moment though is Chief Executive Officer of Tempus Lab; a Tech outfit he founded. He has invested most of his energies and resources in disruptive technologies. Tempus Lab has drawn a lot of attention because it is directed at trying to solve the cancer menace. It is an operating system that uses analytics to resolve cancer mysteries. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is also the co-founder of Lightbank, chairman and co-founder GRPN as listed on NASDAQ, Mediaocean, among other key technology hubs. Mr. Lefkofsly also gives back to society. He and his wife started the Lefkofsky Foundation for charity purposes. Lefkofsky is a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital, Chicago. He holds a JD from the University of Michigan.

Tempus Labs Background Summary

Tempus Labs, an initiative by Lefkofski that started barely three years ago but has already hit the headlines in Chicago and around the globe has given new hope to the world of cancer treatment. Tempus Labs is a tech operating system that Lefkofski uses to analyze cancer patient data for a variety of medical uses. It has been rated as one of the best ten technology startups in the health sector. Tempus Labs collaborates with nearly all cancer centers across the USA. Tempus Labs offers services ranging from holistic cancer testing, cancer patient tumor sequencing, RNA tumor sequencing, cultures of tumor cells, drug testing, establishing a database for all the layers of information from the tests, medical imaging a lots more. Tempus Labs presents a whole new way of battling cancer; from testing to possible therapies.

Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment

Tempus Labs has made a mark in the cancer testing procedures. It has been noted as one of the three most important technological inventions in the health sector. The other two include gene editing and gene therapy. The two have made it possible to treat ailments that were believed not to have treatment. Tempus Labs has already attracted funding to the tune of $130 million. It is valued at about 700 million US dollars. Tempus Labs provides a platform for machine learning. It is the first personalized cancer treatment facilitating technology on the market. It’s inbuilt precision technologies including DNA and RNA sequencing, and data analysis helps physicians to make fast decisions regarding the course of action for a specific cancer case.

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