Artificial Intelligence, the answer to all online retailers

Personalization is always key in building customer experience. E-commerce personalization makes products appear more appealing in the customer’s eyes whenever they shop online. This can be done through sending emails to customers with their names appearing in the subject line or sending product advertisements to customers via email that goes in line with items that they had purchased earlier on. Once a customer has logged in their details into a website, the website is able to show them their recently purchased products or the purchase history of other users who have bought the same type of item. This marketing personalization accompanied with the convenience and ease of online shopping is the secrets behind online retailers’ success.

Studies have shown that customers tend to spend more on shopping whenever they experience personalized shopping. E-commerce personalization has been able to make customers enjoy unique shopping experiences from each other. Intelligent algorithms are used to create accurate information on customers information. This information is normally collected from regular customer visits to websites.

Digital marketing is made more relevant to individuals by putting together the available data on individual customers across several platforms. Online stores calculate the interests made by individuals on their products using evolutionary algorithms. These algorithms assist in offering relevant suggestions to customers on what they may want to purchase. Such algorithms have also enabled online retailers to create profiles of what their visitors want. This artificial intelligence has enabled them stock products that are most likely to lead to purchases.

Traditional online stores rely on customers finding products by conducting site searches or going through various menus to find what they want. Artificial intelligence tools have assisted these e-commerce websites in replicating how customers look for items visually. Product images can now be linked to other products that look similar rather than how they are described by text. This has enabled shoppers to have a more intuitive customer experience on the platforms. Image rendering has even gone a step further by enabling customers to discover items based on what a celebrity has worn in another image. The customer is then able to view the item in stock and can purchase it at any given time he or she feels like. The customer’s photos too can also be used to offer shopping suggestions and recommendations on the items present in the image.

Artificial intelligence has been able to help online retailers provide fast and efficient solutions to online shoppers. This is thanks to the tailor-made experiences that each customer enjoys whenever they access them.

In the Spirit of Rally Driving: Michel Terpins Make His Mark in History

The Brazilian terrain is considered the most challenging field in the world of rally competition. Michel Terpins is among the few drivers who have established themselves in the history books of the rally competition. As a member of the Bull Sertoes team, Michel has enjoyed an impressive career behind the wheels. He and Justo (his navigator) have been impressive throughout their rally partnership career. They have managed a number of accolades under their portfolio.

Raising the Dust

Michel Terpins participates in the T1 Prototype rally competition. He drives a T-Rex car category and the vehicle is perceived to be designed for the tough terrain. His mastery skill of driving makes the dust-raising event a spectacle to watch. Normally, the Sertoes is the most anticipated yearly rally event. Michel adds style and fun to the competition and many of his fans love him because he rarely disappoints. This year, Mr. Terpins marked his 10th year at the competition. He began his career in 2002 in the motorcycle category but later switched to join his brother Rodrigo in car racing. The cars really motivated Michel, and he has done the competition justice since his debut.

Competition Highlights

Currently, Michel Terpins is the leader in the Brazilian T1 rally championship. Normally, the first two stages of the Sertoes competition contributes to the national overall ranking. This year, Michel participated in the 25th edition of the Sertoes competition. The edition mapped 3,300.06km of car racing. Aside from Sertoes Rally, Michel has established his mark in the Mitsubishi competition and he is recorded to have won the competition in a number of times. Much of the success that Michel enjoys is attributed to his family’s racing passion. He derives his passion for car racing from his brother and fellow Sertoes teammate Rodrigo. His father Jack Terpins is also an important inspiration figure in Michel’s Rally life.


In the eyes of many, Michel Terpins is an inspiring rally sensation. His wonderful accomplishment at the Sertoes Rally and the National Championship makes him a celebrated Brazilian icon. Overall, Michel is a pacesetting Brazilian rally figure and inspiring individual among millions of rally enthusiasts.

David Giertz: Plan for your Retirement Well

There is life after retirement! However, nobody knows how it is going to be. Very few people are prepared for this phase of their lives. There are some things that people do and also avoid just before they retire so that they can have a great life. There is a special group of persons who jump into early retirement even without having the basics needed. In future, these individuals get into debts and other problems just because they did not plan well. David Giertz is among the professionals who are helping people to plan for their retirement well.

Giertz says that people who do not plan for their retirement are just planning to experience problems in their old age when they are not able to work. If you do not want to find yourself in these types of predicaments, David says that you should first consult professionals so that you can get the perfect plan that will suit you.

Although you might have a very fat monthly salary, you might fail in your planning. The process for saving for your retirement is not a walk in the park. There are numerous challenges that are made worse by the changing economy. You can also not estimate the amount of money you will be using when you have retired. David says that clients should always keep in mind that during their retirement, they will be using more money than they are earning, so they should plan wisely.

You might think that saving huge amount of money before you retire is a great idea. However, if you carefully look at it, you will realize that the money you save is not enough for you and your family. Giertz believes that individuals should look for options of investing this money so that it can multiply.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Initiates Justice for Migrants

There is a virtue that dictates that human beings should be treated right by all means. The history dates back to when World War II caused the death of many innocent people. It is through the affliction of these people that there have been policies put in place to nurture humanity.

The history of implementing human rights is dated to the partnerships of organizations, governments and firms that came together with the aim of sensitizing humanity to societies.

Several groups of humanity have now extended their mission statements to societies. It is all with the focus of initiating justice and humanity. The documentation of human rights further facilitated the onset of humanity across the world. At that juncture, United Nations was born.

Background of Human Rights

The United Nations fight for humanity. From freedom of speech to education, human rights have been the core operating platform for this group. The United Nations has closely worked with other organizations to fight for the rights of people. Necessary actions have been taken towards the placement of policies. Through the United Nations, many events have been created. The purposes of these events link to reclaiming humanity.

One event that has always seen the girl child being fought for is the international day of the girl child. Commemorated on 11th October, this day highlights the challenges that girls face. It promotes girls through empowerment. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

The day is held to celebrate the girl child for the progress she is making in the society. Millions of these girls have been making huge contributions to the world through energy, creativity and power.


Remedial action towards reclaiming humanity and fighting for the right of people should be taken. The grassroots has been collaborating with the government in finding security for its people. Public condemnation of human rights groups should be stopped.

This is because the same groups fight for the rights of the people. The success of these groups is linked to the humanity of societies. There are high chances of success linked to advocacy and strong public participation.

Supporting Humanity Through Frontera Fund

Across the world, many have come to fight for people. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are just a few of these individuals. The duo was put behind bars for writing articles on police brutality.

After 24 hours of riots from their fans, they were released. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was behind the arrest. Mike was offended by the actions of the two human rights activists because he was put on the spotlight for his actions. Michael and Jim were offered a settlement deal of $3.7 million.

They settled for channeling the entire amount to charity. The Frontera Fund will spend the money on migrants and the suffering people in Arizona.

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Protect Your Online Presence

The internet, as we all know is a platform where different people can exchange their ideas without necessarily coming together under one roof. However, as much as the internet has revolutionized the world, the same internet has been a hub for all sorts of crimes. Status Labs, a highly-acclaimed online management firm based in Austin Texas lays down some of the steps or precautions that online users should take when browsing the internet to avoid getting hacked.

Keep Your Social Media Information Private

Social media has been awash with loads of pictures from different account holders. What most people don’t realize is the fact that if the privacy settings of their social media accounts are not properly monitored, the chances of losing your precious information to strangers is high. As long as you are not a celebrity or you don’t operate a business page on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it is highly advisable to avoid sharing your personal data with strangers.

Keep Your Passwords Updated

Your password is the gateway to your personal information on the internet platform. If you continue using one password for a long time, then there is a high possibility that prying eyes will be in a position to get hold of your password and access your personal information. It is therefore highly advisable to keep updating your password and avoid using the same password in more than two different accounts.

Don’t Save Your Personal Data Online

As much as people love sharing their personal experiences on the web, Status Labs advises each user to avoid divulging sensitive information such as personal address since criminals can be in a position to use this information against you for extortion purposes.

Conduct a Google Search on Yourself

For you to Google yourself, you don’t have to be a celebrity or an influential individual. As long as you have a social media account such as LinkedIn, then there is a high possibility that a substantial amount of your information may be available online. For you to confirm this, you must conduct a Google search on yourself. Simply key-in your name in the Google address bar and hit enter. Scroll through the pages to see if there is any form of personal data out there to the public without your consent.

Status Labs

Status Labs is an online marketing and digital reputation management firm based in Austin Texas with branches found in Sao Paolo, and Los Angeles. The primary role of the company is to offer their clients with the best digital marketing skills, and a highly-effective public relations platform. Status Labs has been in a position to serve customers from more than 35 countries globally.

Entrepreneurs Like Vijay Eswaran Learn to Change Their Thinking in Order to Succeed

In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, it is important to first think like an entrepreneur. This is an important lesson that people need to learn in their journey. This lesson has been learned by Vijay Eswaran, who has started off as a cab driver and eventually used his business skills in order to build a business and gain a net worth of more than $550 million.

He describe his journey and what he has learned of his requirements in an article on how he has learned the ways of business. The words that Vijay Eswaran has to say are nothing less than insightful.

In the world of the entrepreneur, education is important. Learning the ways of business and marketing is very important to the success of the entrepreneur. At the same time, it is important to get needed help so that the business will grow. Many of the large successful enterprises have tons of people working in different departments to get everything going. Read more: Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

Another important lessons that Vijay Eswaran has learned has a lot to do with the importance of networking. With networking, more people learn about what is happening.

In some cases, simply getting the word out about a company is going to increase the likelihood of making money.

One of the most important factors to the success of an entrepreneur is that he learns to think like an entrepreneur. One of the common ways an employee thinks is how he is working in order to get money. The way an entrepreneur should think has been summed up by Vijay Eswaran.

It is important to approach business from a giving mindset. In the end, a customer is not looking to just spend money. They are looking to get a product or service. If they see something that is worth paying for, then they are going to award the carrier with money.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

More About Greg Secker And What Makes Him An Exceptional Forex Trader

When people mention Forex trade, the name Greg Secker comes to mind. Greg Secker is a popular name among forex traders. He is an entrepreneur, an experienced Forex trader, and a philanthropist. He is the owner of the Knowledge to Action, a company that manages his ventures such as Learn To Trade, Capital Index, and Fx Capital. Most of Greg’s companies are global brands and are present in almost every country. Learn To Trade, for instance, has offices in London, Johannesburg, Sydney, and Manila. All these companies represent Secker’s desire and pledge to improve the lives of others through education and coaching.

What makes him an exceptional Forex trader? Well, Greg has been in the trading business for more than 25 years. His career began at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he worked as a Trading Technologist. At Thomas Cook, Greg was responsible for the development of foreign exchange trading systems. He then went on to manage a new business called the Virtual Trading Desk. VTD was online Forex trading software that allowed traders to receive real-time quotes for huge transactions. VTD was a quick and more efficient. It was a great innovation that drew the attention of many traders.

Greg Secker then went on to serve as the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25. At Mellon, he interacted with seasoned financial traders who taught him on how to become a great trader. In 2003, Greg retired from the company to become a full-time Forex trader. A few months later, he founded Learn To Trade. Greg started to coach people on trading strategies from his home office and later founded the Knowledge to Action Group.

In 2008, through the Knowledge to Action Group, Greg began hosting financial seminars internationally in countries like Austria, Ghana, New Zealand, among others. Greg then founded other companies to help his clients achieve financial freedom through forex trading. One of Greg’s companies called SmartCharts Software introduced a less complex trading technology that made it easy for first-timers to understand what Forex trading is all about.

Apart from entrepreneurship, Greg is also a passionate philanthropist and is the Founder of The Greg Secker Foundation. He uses the Foundation to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group Leads In Business Strategy

Leadership dictates the structure that an organization takes in performance. With good leadership, success becomes part of the story. On the other side, questionable leadership has many disadvantages. A good leader operates on the basis of integrity and team leading. Even with challenges, an excellent leader ensures that the team has impeccable working environment. Such features better define Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has been working for OSI Group for more than twenty years. Being the chief executive officer, he is in charge of many projects from processing to supplies and retail.



Before joining OSI Group, Lavin worked in the industry of banking. His skills in finance and management earned him special recognition in the industry. It was at that moment that the leader of OSI Group poached him to offer financial services in his company. Lavin facilitated a commercial loan that grew the client base of the firm. Under his guidance, the firm expanded operations to global production. From being a local company that processes meat based commodities, OSI Group has acquired several plants internationally. The leadership is to be owed for that. Presently, the firm has about six branches that cover 17 countries. An additional factor is the high employee rate that comes as a job opportunity for many in the world. With an employee base of 2,000, OSI Group is set to achieve more in excellent customer care and service delivery and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.


Management Background

Lavin’s career borders finance and accounting. Prior to being part of OSI Group, he worked for Otto and Sons. He was a consultant and financier. Since then, growth has continued to define him in many ways. Sheldon has been a recipient of several awards thanks to his immense contribution in the business. In 2016, he received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. This recognition rooted from Lavin’s commitment to OSI Group, a dollar-enterprise company. It is an award given to futuristic entrepreneurs that have exuded leadership qualities. Through hard work and persistence, Lavin has continued to drive OSI Group to the edge of global production and read full article.



Sheldon is not only a business professional but also a philanthropist. He is dedicated to giving back to his community. A good example of charity acts he is part of is the Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organization he is committed to uplifting through his career. Lavin is an excellent leader to emulate. His resilience and charisma set his aside as a dedicated leader and his Linkedin.

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“OSI Group/Industries – Exceptional Progress”

First starting out as a single family-owned and operated meat market, OSI Group/Industries has grown into a phenomenal enterprise.

If you have eaten at any of the popular fast food restaurants such as Papa Johns, McDonalds or Pizza Hut, it is almost certain you have eaten OSI products. It is the leading custom food manufacturer and meat processing company in the world.

Located in Aurora, Illinois with the President, Mr. David McDonald and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sheldon Lavin in charge, OSI Industries has extended its reach around the globe. Each year there are new acquisitions and partnerships formed.

They have also received acknowledgements for some of their “green” processing plants.

Here are a few collaborations and purchases that have taken place over the years.

In 1995, OSI Group worked with Vista Processed Foods that provide fresh and frozen processed vegetables to the locals and the people in the surrounding area.

The year 2012, OSI spent $25 million to increase the production, and storage spaces needed to make the chicken processing plant more efficient. This resulted in the facility being capable of producing 15,000 tons more annually.

In 2014 and ’15, OSI Industries received certificates for their environmentally-friendly facilities. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an honor for businesses that conduct their operations without damaging the planet.

Flagship Europe, a business organization that furnishes items such as frozen poultry, mayonnaise, and sauces was obtained by OSI in 2016. Now, Flagship Europe is able to reach a larger amount of customers as well as offer a more varied supply of goods.

That same year, they were also successful in purchasing a share in Baho Foods, a Dutch company that manufactures snacks and deli foods, and sells them throughout Europe.

GenOSI is a partnership project created in 2017, for a new fish, beef, and chicken processing facility in the Philippines.

David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin have arrangements in place to continue advancement for OSI Industries. For more info about us:,-IL-jobs.html click here.

Arriving from Germany, Otto Kolschowsky and his family settled in Oak Park, Illinois, and opened a store in 1909, featuring a variety of meat products.

He and his two sons grew the business, eventually being the chief supplier of ground beef for McDonalds in 1955.

In the 1970s, they needed financial backing to continue to extend their quality wholesale meat business and processing. However, they did not have the means.

As a Financial Consultant, Sheldon Lavin came in, and gave them advice, became their partner, and later on, the head of the business. The name of the company would change from Otto & Sons to OSI Group/Industries.

Today OSI Industries operates more than 70 food-manufacturing facilities in 17 countries. Over 20,000 employees staff them.

Edward Honig: A Leading Cardiologist in New York City

Cardiologist Training and Certification

A cardiologist is a medical professional that has been specifically trained to treat heart diseases and conditions. They undergo three years of specialized training in cardiology after completing a three-year residency in internal medicine. Apart from college training, the cardiologists have to pass all the necessary examinations in order to be board certified. The American Board of Internal Cardiology is the only body that offers certification to all the cardiologists that practice in the United States. In general, cardiologists take more than ten years in training for them to have the necessary knowledge and skills to practice.

Heart and circulatory systems are very delicate and that is why a person that is not well trained and certified by all the relevant bodies cannot be allowed to practice as cardiologists. The certification examinations are meant to test their ability to provide superior care as well as their knowledge and judgment in different situations. Some cardiologists specialize in interventional procedures like electrophysiology or echocardiography while others specialize in general cardiology.

Services Provided by Cardiologists

Patients can consult that cardiologist at all stages of a heart disease. Cardiologists offer consultation services to patients the moment they begin to experience symptoms. They should be able to examine a patient after checking history and provide the necessary treatments to take. According to Dr. Edward Honig, a cardiologist can recommend additional testing or treatments after a patient has expressed his or her concerns. A qualified cardiologist should be in a position to use all necessary equipment to perform the necessary tests on a patient. They should be able to diagnose abnormalities as well as measure the performance of the heart using tests like ambulatory electrocardiograms and echocardiograms. The other important tests that are normally conducted by cardiologists include the exercise stress tests.

Dr. Edward insists that a cardiologist should be able to provide accurate diagnoses of the patient’s cardiovascular problem after listening to patient symptoms and reviewing test results. If necessary, the cardiologist should explain the diagnosis and test results to the patient using models and diagrams. There are some cardiologists with the ability to diagnose heart problems using a catheter, but this requires some specialized training. Cardiologists also offer follow-up care and at the same time provide treatment options.

About Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig currently works Glen Cove Hospital in New York as one of the hospital’s standout cardiologists. He graduated from Duke University in 19512 with a degree in Medicine. He later completed his internship program and residency at New York Hospital in 1952 and 1923 respectively. Edward completed his fellowship program in 1955 at Yale.

He has all the necessary certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine. Edward is distinguished professional and does not have any record of sanctions or claims of malpractice. He has been a practicing cardiologist for over four decades and this makes him one of the most respected authorities in the field. Dr. Edward is a successful cardiologist with several successful surgeries to his name.

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