Honey Birdette Announces a Wave of Retail Growth

It was recently announced that the famous Honey Birdette luxury lingerie company is set for major expansion in 2017 and 2018. The Australian based company already has a large fan base in the United States and recently announced it will have a dedicated United States E-Commerce site as will begin looking in the US to open several retail locations. The US site became necessary after the company saw a 374% increase in US sales last year. The goal of the new platform is to create a better experience for US shoppers, giving faster delivery and more pieces of choose from.

The company also is wildly popular in the United Kingdom, and announced major plans to grow its retail locations in the United Kingdom from three to forty. This massive expansion is set to be completed in 2018. Initial openings lined up in the United Kingdom include Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Westfield, Stratford and several more high traffic locations, reaching the total goal of 40 by the time 2018 comes to a close. The company is also scouting multiple locations throughout Europe, looking to Paris or potential other locations where the type of high end clientele that seeks out the quality lingerie and toys offered by Honey Birdette would typically reside or vacation.

Honey Birdette was founded in Brisbane Australia in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan and has an extremely loyal following of people who adore the lines of luxury high end lingerie that vary from soft and delicate pieces to a full S&M collection. Honey Birdette has over 50 stores in Australia, but has always had a following throughout Europe and the US. Panties start at around 35 Euro and Bras at around 60 Euro.

Overall, there is nothing but continued growth on the horizon for Honey Birdette – both in retail space and online.

To read the full article on Honey Birdette’s growth, visit: http://www.theindustrylondon.com/honey-birdette-launches-us-e-commerce-plans-rapid-uk-retail-roll/

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Life Line Screening Tools Are Used To Help Americans Live Better Lives

What if you were told that you can keep your body in better shape yearly by performing tune-ups on your body like you would on your car? Would you be interested? What if you were told that for 10 deaths in the United States, 7 of them could have been avoided? Would you want to be part of the 7? Well, it is that simple with Life Line Screening.

Life Line Screening is a tool that is being used to help patients to stay in better shape overall and to keep them healthier longer periods of time. With Life Line, patients are given the tools that they need in order to be healthy not just with their body but mentally as well. You see, mentality is important for the body as well. If your constantly under stress and feel the impact from the stress, you probably feel worn down, might not have enough energy to get through the day without a nap or might find that you are constantly under the weather. In this case, you have to know what you can do in order to mentally be healthier.

Life Line Screening works to give you the tools to know how to meditate or practice safe habits to eliminate the stress daily. You could for instance sit and listen to some of your favorite songs, read a book, participate in a book reading. There are plenty of things that you can do in order to reduce the stress level in your life.

Life Line also works to make sure that your body is working the way that it is supposed to. One thing that is done is that a patient given preventative care. This preventative care is going to check your heart, lungs and other vital organs. It will help to determine if things need to be done differently, if medications need to be changed or if you need a follow up appointment any time soon.

Life Line Screening is helping to ensure that more Americans are living longer, healthier lives each year by giving them the tools they need to be healthier over time.

About Life Line Screening: ideamensch.com/dr-andrew-manganaro/

The Achievements of the English Businessman Greg Secker

Greg Secker refers to a great English Businessperson born in the year 1975. The reason behind his fame is behind his skills and experience concerning foreign exchange as well as the acquired media interest alongside global education related to financial trading.

This is in addition to being an author of many books and being the founder of different firms such as SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, Learn To Trade, and FX Capital. In the year 2010, he set up the non-profit body known as The Greg Secker Foundation.

He was born in England mainly Norfolk. This happened before his attendance at the University of Nottingham where he pursued Agricultural and Food Sciences.

In the course of the 1990s, he worked as a trading technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is at this point that he advanced trading systems alongside foreign give-and-take. He was awarded the British Telecom Award for novelty alongside e-commerce. It happened in the year 1998 following the creation of the Virtual Trading Desk. He rose to the position of the Mellon Financial Corporation’s Vice-President as early as the age of 25 that made him learn from financial traders. Secker began mentoring individuals regarding the strategies of trading. He did it in his home. As a result, he established the group by the name the Knowledge to Action Group. In the year 2017, he was acknowledged by the National CSR for his exemplary personal headship at Learn to Trade.

The intention behind the establishment of The Greg Secker Foundation was with the intention of improving the standard of living of the individuals across the globe. This is in addition to partnering alongside youth projects to facilitate improved leadership, education as well as the societal life skills.

As a result of the Typhoon Yolanda, he made visits to the Philippines where he started the project named ‘Build a House, Build a Home’ which intended to set up hundred permanent settlement structures in Lemery. In the month of March in 2017, he was broadcasted as a participant of the Ambassadors panel for the City Philanthropy. Greg Secker also appeared in the listing of the 200 utmost persuasive Humanitarians and Common Capitalists for the year 2017.

Securus Technologies “One impressive facility”

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company is a for-profit prison technology company. They have locations currently in Carrolto, Texas, Allen, Texas and Atlanta Georgia. In the United States, the company has been able to employ 1,000 people and currently has contracts with 2,600 facilities.


On July of 2016 Harris Corporation had partnered with Securus Technologies on a technology called “Cell Defender”. Then in 2017, Securus was able to announce their newest development called “Wireless Containment Solution”. This development was meant to be able to make it to where contraband cell phones couldn’t connect to mobile networks. In July of 2015, Securus ended up being the target for data breach when they reached 70 million phone calls.


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith, had stated that they once a week on average they develop a new product of service, of which will help solve and prevent crimes by law enforcement. Smith then went on to say that the safety of the building is part of their DNA and that it is an honor for them to protect and serve for it. In my opinion Securus Technologies is one facility that is moving up in the world of protection and technology.


Organizations Devoted In Advocating For the Rights of the People

The advocates of human rights began their program in 1983, where they changed legal systems, rescued lives, and facilitated the accountability of the violation of human rights. Victims of discrimination and persecution have therefore been assisted in finding work, re-establish their lives, and also coming together with their families after legal advice and counseling.

They have strongly impacted the lives of many women all over the globe by recreating the legal systems to fight and respond to cases of violence. They have declared many governments responsible for the violation of human rights, and also made a record of violence cases in Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Liberia and Peru. In the community of the Sankhu-Palubari, they have transformed the lives of students in the Kathmandu Valley through the Nepal School Project.

In 1993, the program on Women’s Human Rights was founded to provide advocacy, information, and change to women throughout the world. The advocates of human rights have been requested by embassies, government officials, and Non-government Organizations to assist in the drafting of laws which promote the welfare of women.

They have created and proposed laws on domestic violence in about 30 countries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: Read more: Phoenix New Time and Michael Larcey | Facebook

They have also created systems which foster tolerance, educate people on their rights, create awareness, and enhance accountability. This organization has developed strategies that allow governments to take accountability for the abuse of human rights and also reinforce organizations in the system of international justice.

They can generate reports on police and military abuse, women’s human rights, international based missions on monitoring, among other abuses of human rights.

The group of Advocates for Human Rights enables immigrants and refugees to integrate into the new communities and also promote legal reforms. They offer assistance to those trafficked for various reasons, afraid to move back to their country, those suffering from detention that is unjustified, and also those seeking refuge.

They also develop educational instruments which assist in enlightening of the people on certain matters. These include applying for international rights that are of high standards on matters concerning school, communities, families and also workplaces.

The Advocates for Human Rights believe that one of the best strategies to achieve long-term advancement regarding human rights is through educating people all over the world. They establish public policies which protect, respect, and fulfill the human rights in every community, as well as all over the world. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737

There are three major campaigns that the group is focusing on. These are the Presidents Executive Action on Immigration, Central American Refugees, and All Minnesotans 2015 Driver’s Licenses.

About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund

The co-founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times, Lacey and Larkin, have devoted the monetary compensation from their apprehension by Joe Arpaio, a Sheriff, to support organizations that handle migrant rights in Arizona.

These journalists were arrested after they had revealed the presence of proceedings by the grand jury which sought journalist’s notes on written documents covering Joe. The grand jury also demanded for the identification of the citizens who read online stories on lawman by New Times.

Larkin and Lacey sued the county and spent a considerable amount of effort in their careers to assert and defend their rights on the First Amendment. Therefore, their fund is aimed at advocating for migrant, human, and civil rights, not excluding the freedom of civic participation and speech for the residents of Arizona.