How Eric Pulier Blends His Two Favorite Hobbies: Philanthropy And Technology

Eric Pulier’s parents must have realized that their son was a brilliant child that would grow up to become an entrepreneur when he learned how to program computers as a child and then start a database computer company while he was still a high school student. Attending Harvard University, Pulier majored in English and American Literature, however, he also took all of the challenging computer classes.

After graduating magna cum laude in 1998,Eric Pulier wrote and did graphic design while he decided how to blend his passion for both the technical and artistic nature of computers. Pulier founded People Doing Things (PDT) after moving to Los Angeles; the company tackled education and health care issues with technology. PTD became the interactive agency Digital Evolution, which later merged with US Interactive. After the merger, Pulier became the company’s executive chairperson. Read This.

Before the merger, while Pulier was president of Digital Evolution, the company released Media Conveyor, a predictive packeting solution for low-bandwidth Internet connections that downloaded video and audio separately, and then combined the two seamlessly. Media Conveyor was used for Starbright World, the Starbright Foundation’s private social network for hospital-bound children. Pulier led the effort to create the network by donating money and his technical skills. Pulier also supports The Painted Turtle, a free California camp where children with serious illnesses have the opportunity to have fun outdoors and the Clinton Foundation, which carries out humanitarian programs.

Pulier’s record of accomplishments in the technology field are extraordinary. As a member of the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation, Pulier joins a group of renowned philanthropists who help define the competition’s challenges and identifying strategic partners. In addition, Pulier is the co-author of Understanding Enterprise SOA, a book that offers insights for IT professionals who are adopting SOA.

How Sam Tabar Successfully Transitioned From The World of Business Law To The World of Finance

Sam Tabar is a well-rounded financial services professional with a background in business law and a resume that includes time spent working for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. In a shift away from the traditional background that many Wall Street professionals take when they are preparing for their career Sam chose not to go to business school before making his entry into the elite world of finance.

Rather than choosing to focus his graduate studies on the pursuit of a Masters of Business Administration Tabar actually decided that he would prefer to study the law instead.

On the surface it might not necessarily appear as though there are many strong connections between law and finance but having an eye for detail honed by years studying the law can end up being incredibly helpful to anyone who is charged with navigating the complex world of financial products and hedge funds on behalf of their clients.

Art Station believes that Sam Tabar applied to graduate school at Columbia University in New York City. After he was accepted there Sam would choose to study law in the university’s Masters of Law program that is offered at the Columbia University Law School.

Before he attended Columbia University Sam completed an undergraduate degree in at Oxford University in the United Kingdom where he graduated with honors. When he earned his Masters of Law from Columbia he subsequently went to work for a global law firm that is known as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP.

According to, Sam Tabar spent his time at Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP working on a variety of issues that included counseling clients on how to structure hedge funds, how to ensure that they were in compliance with important policies governing their business activities and on contracts involving investment management.

Sam Tabar would go on to transition from the world of business law into the world of financial services where he would go on to hold prestigious positions at companies like Bank of America Merrill Lynch. During his time at Merrill Lynch Tabar worked in the international area of the company’s business and was in charge of serving as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy for Asia.

Today Tabar continues to work in the financial services world but as the Chief Operating Officer of the environmentally-focused company FullCycle Energy Fund.

Jeffry Schneider’s Passion to Stay Healthy and Keep Fit 


Jeffry Schneider, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst College, is a native of Manhattan with a history of success. He has worked in several industries. His involvement in these industries has seen him acquire many professional skills in addition to a wealth of knowledge.

Health and Fitness Enthusiast

When he is not dealing with business matters, Jeffry Schneider is keeping fit. He is also a strong believer in eating healthy. As a way of keeping fit, Jeffry has participated in several Half Ironman triathlons, Ironman triathlons, and marathons. He is quite a competitor in these areas. The Ironman & Half Ironman Challenges, organized by the Global Triathlon Corporation. They involve long-distance triathlons.

The triathlons entail a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2 mile run that you undertake in that order, without taking a break. He has participated in many challenges in Texas, Florida, California, New Zealand, St. Croix, and Chile. So far, he keeps training for the upcoming and the future competitions.

Jeffry’s passion for sports started when he was growing up when he actively involved in swimming, soccer, running, weight lifting and biking. Even in his adulthood, you will still find him pushing past the limits on the running trail at Austin’s Town Lake. His desire to maintain healthy living and maintain balanced diet led him providing nutritious food at his workplace.

His passion for a healthy lifestyle is critical to how he interacts with others. For example, he provides his workmates with nutrition, health, and fitness tips constantly. He has an insightful manner of approaching nutrition and adventurous way of approaching fitness, something that enables him to influence and motivate many people in keeping fit and staying healthy as well.

Jeffry Schneider has a mindset that focuses on tireless diligence and a desire to compete beyond everyone’s expectations. Consequently, he has managed to prove himself as a worthy leader. When he is not participating in marathons, you will find him exploring the world. So far, he has traveled to several parts of the globe and especially, Asia, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Philanthropic Works

Jeffry is also a charitable man. He has participated in several philanthropic deeds. His charity works can be seen in charitable organizations such as Cherokee Home for Kids, God’s Love We Deliver, and the Gazelle Foundation and Wonders and Worries.






Vinny Parascandola – Financial Professional At AXA Advisors

Vinny Parascandola works at AXA Advisors, as the Senior Executive VP. He is in charge of management development, sales, productivity, retention, recruiting, and development of experienced and new financial experts. Mr. Parascandola has over 25 years of engagement in the sector. He started his vocation with Prudential in 1987 being an agent, and was referred as the annual National Rookie. Parascandola united with MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990, in which he filled different local & regional field management roles before shifting to AXA Advisors in 2004.

Preceding his part as a divisional president, Parascandola was leader of The Advantage Group – unit of AXA Equitable that was made to pull in seasonal financial experts. Prior, he was co-supervisor of the organization’s New York Metro branch, which has around 400 money related experts in the tri-state zone. Perceived for his administration, Mr. Parascandola has earned various administration grants all through his profession including Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development. He has talked at various organization & industry groups and a sought-after speaker, including LIMRA’s circulation meetings and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. Parascandola is an individual from GAMA and past leader of Florida chapter.

Parascandola studied at Pace University, New York where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree. AXA Advisors’ system of very nearly 6,000 monetary experts give methodologies and items to budgetary security and investments likewise to resource allotment, school, retirement, estate planning and business to help customers with their money related needs during their lives. AXA Financial Inc. subsidiary, AXA Equitable is one of the parts forming global AXA Group, being a global leader in wealth management and financial protection strategies. AXA Advisors, LLC is a broker-dealer with more than 5,350 enlisted delegates across the country. Vinny Parascandola has been responsible for industry securities enlistment for a long time and is liable to SEC & FINRA oversight.


Online Reputation Management And Its Strategic Use

In order for any business to flourish and continue to thrive it must maintain a great reputation. The number of returning and potential customers a business maintains weighs heavily on the type of reputation a business stands for. Online reputation management helps a business to maintain a positive reputation. There are several ways online reputation management can help a business maintain a strategic online platform.

Staying Focused

Online reputation management helps a business stay focused. It helps a business provide relatable and relevant information for returning customers as well as potential customers. It helps maintain topics that are relevant to a board range of individuals. Online reputation management keeps the goals of a business maintained, balanced, and focused. It also helps a business to be authentic.

Customer Perspective

Online reputation management helps a business to really grasp the perspective of its online audience. Using online reputation management efficiently will help a business owner understand what an audience thinks about products and/or services provided. This will allow for change and improvement where needed instead of being in the dark and unaware. It is important to be in tune with what customers are finding relatable and unnecessary when researching and looking up a business. Online reputation management helps build a platform where thoughts can be shared and taken into consideration for a business to keep growing and improving. Individuals that experience a positive connection when looking at a business online are more likely to gravitate towards that business.

Setting Yourself Apart

While running a business it is important to set yourself apart. There is numerous competition out there. Online reputation management helps a business set itself apart. It can help a business to maintain being the recommended choice. Keeping a managed reputation online can also increase the admiration of a business. Online reputation management can help a business provide a platform that enables success stories to be viewed by its customers. For more information regarding online reputation management and its strategic purposes click this link.

In conclusion, online reputation management is an efficient platform that can do wonders for a business.


Dick DeVos Makes Giving A Family Tradition

Giving is a way of life for some people. The willingness to give comes from the heart. They give of their time and money. The joy that these people feel for helping others is unique. One of the ways that many people give financially is by giving to charities. One of the reasons why people give to charities is because charities are able to help many people through the organizations.


There is a network of help that charities can tap into related to people needing assistance or looking for assistance. Many people prefer to let charities handle the aspects of actually helping people, so they just give the money they want to contribute to charities then allow the charities to help people.


Many people have certain charities that they prefer to give money to because there is something about the charities that they like. It could be the causes that the charities help with or something else. However, there is usually a reason why people are drawn to certain charities to give money. Charities work hard to put the name of the charities out in the public. This can be done in a variety of ways, but it is important for charities to get the name of the charities out in front of the pubic.


Without a known name in the public, it is hard for charities to be able to raise money and receive contributions. Both small and large charities have to continually work on getting its name out in front of the public. Charities are constantly looking to get financial contributions, so letting people know about charities is an ongoing effort.


An individual who knows a great deal about charities is Dick DeVos. He has given millions of dollars to charities, and he has started his own charities. Dick DeVos is a well known financial contributor to charities. He has a strong desire to help people and one of the ways that he does it is by making contributions to charities.


Dick DeVos is a millionaire many times over. He has a lot of money and he is willing to share some of his wealth with various charities. During his lifetime, Dick DeVos has given over 139 million dollars to charities. He gives to a wide range of charities. He helps charities that provide various services. While he has certain causes that are important to him, Dick DeVos provides contributions to charities beyond the causes he cares about personally.


Dick DeVos is an executive who has made a name for himself in the business world. He has produced great business results at several corporations that include the Orlando Magic and Amway. In addition, he is the current president of the Windquest Group. A businessman with many accomplishments, Dick DeVos understands the business world.


Dick DeVos has given a lot of his money over the years to help people in need. He believes in helping others. Dick DeVos lives by principles that he puts into action on a daily basis.



Jay-Z Gets Desiree Perez to Build Tidal Relationship with Customers

Desiree Perez as an interesting aspect of Tidal that few people may have known about until now. She has always been helping Jay-Z in the background with contract negotiations for as far back as Roc Nation Sports. She is the wife of Juan Perez, and she is helping Jay-Z make better judgement calls on his next steps with Tidal. It is obvious that Dez has a great role in the company even though she is not on any official list of Tidal business executives. Jay-Z is mindful of the way that she has been able to conduct business in the past, and he knows that she is someone he can rely on.  Visit


That may have initially been the problem that has caused Tidal to struggle in previous years. Jay-Z purchase the company, but he was not familiar with people that were in positions of power even though he made the decision to hire them. The turnover in the CEO position for Tidal is unheard of in the music streaming industry. That is why so many naysayers believed that this company would fall.  Click on for related article.


It took time for Jay-Z to make a decision on improving this company for the better, but he finally realized that it would take the help of someone that he was familiar with. It would take someone that had already proven herself as an excellent contract negotiator. This is what he has done, and Desiree Perez is giving her free reign to come in and help him revitalize Tidal. This is definitely working to his advantage because other companies are interested in Tidal now. There is a lot of room for growth, and it certainly will come now that has invested as much as 33% into this company. Sprint can help Tidal carry out what Desiree Perez started.  Hit this.



Yanni Hufnagel, Never Give Up

As mens college basketball goes, there are many ways to recruit and coach. For some it comes natural as they have been a part of the game, played it and studied it. For Yanni Hufnagel he took a different route to become the coach and recruiter that he is today.


Yanni Hufnagel didn’t play high school basketball or college basketball. In fact he was cut from the high school team. After being cut he was not a manager for the team, but instead joined the broadcast team for the local telecast for his Alma matter’s basketball team.


Even from an early age Yanni Hufnagel studied basketball, so as a color commentator he understood the game years ahead of his time. Yanni did not stop there nor give up on his dream to be a part of basketball. After graduating from Cornell University he earned an internship with the NBA’s New Jersey Nets.


Yanni Hufnagel then went to the University of Oklahoma to earn his Master’s degree and worked with the men’s basketball team as a graduate assistant. It was during that time that he helped coach a young Blake Griffin.


After earning his Master’s and gaining experience in Oklahoma, Yanni was then hired as an assistant coach at Harvard. During his time at Harvard he helped coach Jeremy Lin, another NBA prospect.


After Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel then had opportunities at UC Berkley followed by his current employer, the University of Nevada as an assistant coach for the Wolf Pack. Yanni has not had a shot at being a head coach, but with the projected path he has been on, it will only be a matter of time until he gets his shot. Through all of his experience, Yanni has become one of the best college basketball recruiters in the country.


Exceptional Financial Services

Nexbank Inc. is a financial institution that recently announced the completion of its senior unsecured notes. The financial institution reopened its initial offering and raised an addition of $80 million to bring the total to $155million. The oversubscribed private placement has a stated maturity of March 16 2026 and is callable March 2021. The notes also have an interest of about 5.50% which goes up to five years and a floating rate which is based on a spread over three months. The bond has been rated by the BBB by Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

Nexbank intends to use the capital raised from the offering to repay some of its debts and for the expansion of their company. Nexbank worked together with Sandler O’Neill & Partners where Sandler acted as a Sole placement agent. John Holt the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Nexbank said that the launch of the unsecured notes was a clear evidence of the confidence the investors have in Nexbank. He also mentioned that the additional capital will be of a great advantage to the organization as it will allow t hem to balance their sheet with capital and in turn boost the company’s growth.

Nexbank Inc. is a leading financial institution that has been providing its services as well as products to its customers including mortgage, institutional, and commercial banking services. Nexbank has been distributing their quality goods and services to institutions, corporates, as well as individuals. The financial institution has experienced expertise who have f or an extended period been connecting the industry’s expertise with a strong focus on serving their clients. THE Directors of the organization bring with them management and leadership experience as well as strong devotion to the success of the firm. Since its inception it has been delivering its services to real estate investors as well as middle-market companies.


Ricardo Tosto: Picking a Powerful Lawyer in Brazil

If you find yourself in a legal conflict or dispute, you need to get a business lawyer to handle the situation for you right away.

Deciding on a legal representative can be extremely very tough. You should be able to identify which attorney will deal with your case appropriately. And also generally, when you are looking for a law firm, it is due to the fact that you are currently in a demanding situation.

Lawyer’s experience and background are important considerations. You need to make certain the law firm you hire has the ideal sort of experience. Many legal professionals specialize in taking care of particular sorts of cases. As an example, some legal representatives take care of just personal injury cases, while others focus on divorces or company litigation. Your legal representative has to have complete understanding of the legislation that governs your particular trouble.

There are many ways to go about finding the right lawyer for your situation. You can start by contacting colleagues, family and friends to find out if they know a good lawyer in Brazil who can represent, or advise you. But before you ultimately decide on a lawyer, make sure you perform a background investigation on the professional.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a well respected legal professional in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has practised for more than 22 years and is regarded as one of the best in his field. Ricardo Tosto represents corporations, entrepreneurs, multinational companies and other business enterprises, as well as private individuals who are seeking the best quality representation or advice.

Ricardo Tosto is ready to provide advice and guide clients through a successful business enterprise formation and other necessary matters. As an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is ready to assist clients in several areas, including enterprise disagreements and shareholder issues click here.