Premium Dog Food News And Recommending Beneful

It is incredible to find out how much conscious effort premium dog food companies are putting into making their products better than what the cheaper brands are producing. The cheaper foods for dogs are garbage, so you should avoid them altogether. If you were a dog, would you like to eat that brown muck? You would much rather eat the types of high quality premium foods that are produced by the premium brands. There was an article I read recently from a facebook post that completely changed my outlook on dog food. It was from the Daily Herald. I will do my best to summarize it, and I will also give my recommendation for the types of dog food that I find most suitable.
Premium Dog Food News

The Daily Herald’s article is all about what premium dog food manufacturers do to produce the best foods that are on the market these days. The manufacturing facility that is profiled in the article is in Pennsylvania. The manufacturing chief actually sits down with a journalist from the Daily Herald in order to give some statements about their products. He opens up one of the products in order to show that it tastes good enough for people to eat.

Recommendations For Premium Dog Foods

There are plenty of premium dog food companies on the market, but the only one I will trust enough to feed to my dog is made by Beneful. Their foods are made with high quality ingredients, and they use things that other companies will not use in their foods in order to keep dogs healthy. Beneful uses real meats and real vegetables in their high quality recipes.

Take a look around your local WalMart Store to see all of the varieties that Purina Store produces. They make eight kinds of dry foods, and they make 20 different wet foods. Beneful’s dog treats ( are also worth looking into. They make one called Baked Delights that my dog will do tricks for. If you would like to find out more about Beneful and their high quality products, here’s the Daily Herald’s article.

This Summer Is All About the Sandals

With the heat of summer about to fall upon us, it’s time to schedule those pedicures and let your tootsies be free! We are no longer the high school girls, who may bring along a pair of flip-flops, but usually spends all of her free time with her bare feet hanging out of the car window. Now, we have to wear adult shoes to our adult jobs and every department stores on Retailmenot offers the most boring, of boring sandals options. They still look like the sandals our mothers wore while smothering us in too much sun screen at the pool, right in front of the cute lifeguard.

Fear no more! JustFab has made shopping even easier than any other site online today. They are a wonderful subscription retailer that has sandals that are professional enough to wear to the office, as well as sexy enough to help drop jaws at the neighborhood cook-out. If you are looking for more than just sandals, you can pick out your whole outfit on JustFab too. They make it convenient enough to also carry clothing, handbags and jewelry, along with their massive shoe collections. The prices are low, and the quality is high!

If you need some ideas, PopSugar just published an article on creating outfits for the office that won’t sweat your style. Even their experts on Instagram agree that the shoes make woman. So, whether you are looking for that perfect wedge to strut down the boardwalk in, or just a simple sandal to wear for the summer, there is no doubt that it’s time to invest a little more into your shoe closet. No more picking up the cheapest flip-flops you can find at the store. We all own a go-to pair of boots, high heels, and flats. It’s time to find yourself those sandals for every occasion and every outfit. Get out there and show off those toes!

Shopping Malls Suffer Under Venezuela’s Electricity Shortage

The electricity crisis in Venezuela is reaching critical levels according to a Linked In report recently. A massive drought has made it impossible for the hydro-electric turbines that generate power to be effective. Venezuela is a huge country with a large population. Electricity ends up being drained quickly. Drastic measures are being taken. Some of those measures may save power for the short term, but cause major issues in the near future.

One severe measure being taken to save power is through “punitive electricity rationing” at shopping malls. In essence, shopping malls have to cut back on how much electricity they use. While this may help cut down on the current drain of power, the bottom line at the shopping malls suffers. Shopping malls are commercial enterprises. Unless they are able to generate revenues, stores at malls end up closing.

There is sure to be some economic fallout from this. Stores that are not able to remain open the full number of hours necessary to earn a profit have to deal with the resultant financial woes. The decision has been taken out of the malls and stores hands.

And what of the effect this will have on tourism? Surely, the malls are already suffering from a lack of tourism dollars already. The situation is only going to become worse.

Hopefully, the situation will correct itself in due time and the necessary power to fuel the economy of Venezuela will return. Until the drought is over, the situation is going to be unable to change.


White Shark Media Makes Money for Clients

White Shark Media is one company that specializes in online marketing that makes their clients money. They are very experienced in a multitude of platforms. In fact, White Shark Media make sure that their clients visit Shopify in order to make sure their business grows financially. One thing to look for in an online marketing expert is their track record. It is important to find someone who has a lot to show for their track record. They not only just do their job, but they make sure that their clients have a great experience working with them.

Many clients that have started working with White Shark Media Review have seen a lot of results in their business. For one thing, they have even seen immediate results with the work that was done by White Shark Media. They have seen a significant increase in sales and visits as well. There are many aspects of the experience that has turned out right. The project manager and the crew have been very professional in the work that they have done for the company. They have shown a lot of efficiency as well as wisdom when it comes to taking on their projects.

One thing where White Shark Media Review according to stands out the most is that the professionals are very kind and attentive when dealing with their clients. They take the time to work with their clients and look at the type of business they are running. They also sit down with the client to discuss the goals that work best with their business. Then they put together an advertisement campaign that is best suited to the business so that they are able to maximize the profits. They listen to their clients which is the most important aspect of their business. As a result, the customized campaign brings forth a lot of return on investment.

White Shark Media is one company according to that is worth looking into for anyone that is looking for a way to boost their business. They have the experience and the skills needed to provide SEO, Youtube Campaigns, SEM and PPC services to their clients in a successful manner.


How Precious Metals From The US Money Reserve Will Benefit Your Nest Egg

Anyone whom has ever watched late night television has seen those ads on, the commemorative coin adds or the gold share investment ads. At the time you watched these adds you likely put them out of your head due to their generally hokey nature – but they weren’t wrong when they repeated their token line, “Now is the best time to own gold.” They are right, now really is the best time to own gold – but wait, you might say, why is that? The reason for this is the wild market downturn markets the world over has been experiencing due to the financial market collapse in China as well as various other socio-economic factors in various other parts of the world.

The problem people tend to have when considering whether or not they or their business should invest in precious metals such as gold is that one tends not to know what to really do with it. Enter the US Money Reserve, a privately owned precious metals distributor operating internationally and based in Austin, Texas. If you are looking for a place to go for a precious metal IRA there are few better options than the US Money Reserve. Not only do they have exceedingly affordable prices for their products but they also offer a one hundred percent money back guarantee on within thirty days of purchase. This means that even if you go ahead with a purchase and then change your mind there is no downside.

One of the greatest benefits which a precious metal IRA built from the US Money Reserve affords is it’s self determination. Since a precious metal IRA (Investment Retirement Accounts) is self directed it means that you have total control over the contents of your portfolio – so if something is not working out for you simply take it out and replace it. This is a huge benefit over traditional IRA’s which generally consist of much less flexible contents such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds which can not be utilized nor controlled in such a tactical way. Also, paper assets are always more vulnerable to economic instability than real world financial assets such as gold or platinum due to the fact that their price is not dictated by any specific government (unlike paper currency).

If you are interested in looking into, opening or rolling over into a precious metals, self directed IRA account from the US Money Reserve you can find them through their social media accounts. The US Money Reserve can be found on either their Facebook, their Twitter Account or through their LinkedIn Page.