George Soros Opinion About Donald Trump

George Soros has currently been in many media platforms due to his prediction of a crisis that is going to happen to the trade market. He relates the crisis to 2008 one and bets it might even be worse than that. He has gained a lot of respect from his unwavering success in the financial markets and also his intelligence in writing. He also has never lacked opinions concerning the world economic trends as they also emerge opinions about politics have never been short of him. He has also given his opinion about Donald Trump that is looking forward to vying for the presidency of the United States with the Republican.

Recently Forbes billionaire Soros had an interview with a United States television network named Bloomberg where he commented on Donald Trump’s participation in the election by saying that he thinks he is doing the work of the ISIS a terrorist group that attacked France in the year 2015. Since Soros is well known for his liberal mind, he argues out that that I the only way to trumps opinion polls were on the rise was because he was doing the work of ISIS. Trump has been using the France attack to get on the nerves of many people so that he gets more famous for the upcoming election in the United States. From his liberal mind Soros is most likely going to support a liberal leader .but he made his opinions on a light note as it was seen even with his interview in the franchise television.

Soros also related the rise of ISS to the crisis in Europe. Also, the crumbling of Middle East countries has played a part in the crisis. He makes a suggestion that Europe borders to be closed for all Muslims until the case of ISIS is over .they have made the life of Europeans hard as the attacks have had a great effect to middle east then escalated to Europe. Soros does not see the logic of trump association with the ISIS attacks to increase his number of supporters in the opinion polls. He is also for the suggestion to integrate all the immigrants and sees that as a mistake the German president did to allow refugees in the country.

Soros opinions have a lot of influence especially in the thinking of the European. Due to his philanthropic character, Forbes has ranked him number 16 on the Forbes top 400 while Trump has been ranked number 121.His worth is much more to that of Trump and it seems he’s is of an independent mind since he is allowed to say what he thinks about any topic. He appreciates that he has the power of an independent mind all because of his intelligence in the economic arena. He is not scared of terrorist despite him being in open society foundations. This makes him the best investment model of our time.


George Soros Predicts EU On The Verge Of Collapsing

Recently, George Soros made a prediction that the EU, European Union, is one the verge of collapsing. Let’s go over what he had to say.

Soros, the billionaire financier, said that the European Union is very close to collapsing, and this is because of the migrant crisis, as well as its management over the migrant crisis issue. The issue he was referring to is that more than a million migrants and refugees have arrived in the EU in 2015.

Soros said that one of the keys to solving the issue is Angela Merkel, who is the Chancellor of Germany. As you may remember, Merkel responded to the crisis by opening the border to refugees that have traveled from Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Soros said that he did welcome her move, but there was a lot to be nervous about.

Soros said that Merkel predicted that the EU was close to collapsing and that authorities in Europe were taught how to muddle through crisis after crisis, and the Greek crisis is what taught them. He added that this is more like kicking a ball up a hill and it ends up rolling right back down.

The German people are the ones who can stop Merkel’s prediction from coming true, according to Soros. He said that the Chancellor foresaw that there was the potential for the migrant crisis to wreck havoc in the EU, and that has now become the reality and the EU needs to be fixed.

Soros also said that the people of German must decide whether or not they are willing to accept the liabilities and responsibilities that come along with being a powerhouse in Europe.

The comments Soros made comes just as Alex Stubb had something to say about the crisis. Stubb, who is the Finance Minister of Finland, said that Germany’s policy was humane, but the free movement of Europeans is under threat, as well as the whole Schengen agreement. What he means by that is that Europeans generally are free to move from one European country to the next without passing through border checks and things of that nature.

Making the Break from North Korea

The hermit nation of North Korea is one of the most dangerous nations in the world. It doesn’t allow its citizens in or out of the country, while essentially brain washing those who live in the country with constant propaganda everyone on the outside of the nation knows is false, yet everyone on the inside of the country simply doesn’t know is going on. So, for those who want to make it out of the country, it is extremely difficult and even more dangerous. However, Yeonmi Park made it out. She stated in a book she wrote that she didn’t know what freedom was and just didn’t understand the concept. However, now she is free, and her book on Amazon“In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl’s Journey to Freedom” outlines all of it. In North Korea, for anyone looking to escape, there are two ways: down to South Korea and up to China. Escaping into South Korea is especially difficult due to the demilitarized zone that is filled with mines and is protected by soldiers from both sides of the border. On the other end, in China, it is not as protected and individuals need to escape by crossing the Yalu River, but there are countless agents within China who are looking out for those trying to escape. In 2007, Park crossed the river into China with her mother. At the time, Yeonmi Park was 13 years old and didn’t really know what to do after. They hadn’t seen what takes place on the outside of the country, so everything else did prove foreign to her. Remaining in China is not safe either. Without paperwork or other documentation, being able to move through China is difficult and often results in capture. Her and her mother eventually made it to Mongolia and took a plane to South Korea. Now, the sad part about the entire story is that she did have to change her name and other information about herself, especially while writing her book. Regardless though, the North Korean government treats family members of those who escape with extreme cruelty, often banishing them and future generations to work camps.

A Way to Window Shop from a Computer or Phone

Search engines will usually be a part of most people’s experience when they sit down to use the Internet. But people tend to use them without really giving much thought to the nature of those systems. But a recent article published in the MIT Technology Review might make people rethink everything they thought they knew about the technology.

The article begins by showcasing how little search engines have changed in the past twenty years. An entire generation has been born and come of age during that period. And in that time search engines have almost always been a simple box that people enter text into. This text is then matched against a list of items within a database. For such a vital part of most people’s computing experience it’s remained fairly primitive. There’s a good reason for that though. The next step up from there is to use a more intelligent system which would make use of deep learning and other aspects of artificial intelligence. And even the most advanced computer systems of the modern era are only just now reaching a point where that’s viable. And when it works it can be amazing. It can perfectly replicate the feeling of window shopping. For example, when on a website one might like a pair of boots and be able to get suggestions about outfits which would compliment them. All based on how things would look together.

But again, one of the biggest issue is the sheer computing power needed to run visual search or make use of the associated artificial intelligence techniques. Many companies are working on answers to the issue. But one company, Slyce, has come up with a solution that’s currently running on a number of different platforms. Slyce recognized that people would want to run visual searches from very underpowered devices such as phones. But even the most powerful smartphones can’t compete with the power of a desktop system. And desktops themselves aren’t able to really run efficient deep learning systems. But Slyce came up with a way to use a combination of distributed computing and advanced APIs to enable even the most underpowered devices to use visual searches.

Slyce developed a seamless technique which allows any program to be easily modified to communicate with their advanced data servers. These advanced servers can run all of the calculations on images in order to process them for a visual search. The end results are then seamlessly integrated into the program which made the initial request. This essentially allows Slyce to enable even the most underpowered device to run programs which make use of visual searches and deep learning technologies.