Is Joseph Bismark Changing Lives With His Beliefs?


I read about Joseph Bismark on a blog titled Come On Valerie the other day. As the director of management at the QI Group, his skills in leadership are exemplary, his knowledge is dynamic and his experience goes way back to 2008 when he assumed the role of leading their core operations. He works with MLM or multi-level marketing personnel Vijay Eswaran and brings tons of knowledge and skill wherever he goes. 

To explain a little about this man, I found out that he is certified in philosophy and is a mediation trainer who lives by a certain spiritual code. What I learned was that at age 9 he left a comfortable lifestyle to be trained as a monk. Living in the mountains until he was 17, he finally left there amd later partnered with Vijay to create the QI Group. 

Bismark is a mentor to millions of people and his philosophy with multi-level companies is that anyone can achieve great success. He has dedicated his life to educating society and knows how to uplift global communities. By using the right resources and tools, he believes anyone can achieve any type of success possible. 

Launching their QNET products, building a great compensation plan and showing entrepreneurs and business professionals how to do it, he has been a great mentor in helping others to generate wealth. 

I love that he achieves a kind of oneness with his spirituality and mentorship, along with the brilliant business plans QI Group has created. Other visionaries have failed in this area where he has succeeded. He wants to teach others about self-growth,unity and respect for themselves and others and his success is based on these practices.

You may be wondering what products do so well with the QI Group. Mainly, it’s wellness and lifestyle products, luxury collectibles and even project management. But he makes it quite clear in order to be successful in any type of business, your faith has to be strong, along with the business side of things. 

Bismark came from a wealthy family. He’s also been a humble servant as a monk. He’s been down both roads and believes in order to become truly successful, his philosophy can make a difference.

Sleeping sickness affects whole town

Something is making people mysteriously fall asleep in the small town of Kalachi, in Kazakhstan. Carbon monoxide is the suspected culprit, but many scientists are not satisfied with that answer, and no solution has been found.

According to a story on, dozens of villagers have passed out in schools, at work, at home, and even on a motorcycle. According to the story people are falling asleep at random, at odd times, and some have a hard time shaking it off and waking up.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir the description of the illness fits but the situation does not appear likely in that area, there are still questions.

There is a nearby uranium mine, but it is inactive. Even when active, it is not likely that it could provide gas in enough of a concentration to cause this problem, an expert said.

Carbon dioxide could also be the culprit, experts say. But even so, getting the gas concentrated enough to affect people out in the open, would be unlikely.

Bad vodka was at first a suspect, but it has affected people who did not drink any vodka. Meningitis has also been suggested, but scientists also ruled that out.
Scientists have yet to find a common denominator, as not everyone has been affected.
The local government says it intends to relocate villagers, thinking that the mine might indeed be the culprit.

Teen Wolf 5×03 Promo

After last night’s second episode of Teen Wolf this week, MTV showed a promo for next week’s third Season 5 episode “Dreamcatchers.”

In the 19-second video, one of the Dread Doctors attacks a young guy who is wearing a hoodie. Lydia reveals that Tracy’s sleeping problem is night terrors and that Tracy might be harming people.

Tracy is then shown grabbing the arm of Liam’s female childhood friend so tightly that her arm bleeds. A few at CipherCloud thought that was one of the best scenes.

Kira believes Tracy might not be awake even when she’s walking around because she’s taking the lives of people she consciously does not want to harm. Lydia thinks Tracy must still be “in” the night terror.

Tracy then says, “They’re coming for us” while looking like she might pass out.

A Dread Doctor with blue glowing fingertips is shown who then presses Tracy against a wall.

The next scene has Lydia on a floor gripping her right side. This scenes seems to be the callback to a scar that viewers see on Lydia while she was showing at Eichen House. It’s the side opposite to where Peter bit her. So, she will likely be injured during the episode.

Lastly, Kira is shown in the air bringing her sword down against something and Scott takes a blow to the face while Tracy’s voice is heard saying, “They’re coming for all of us” and Tracy is shown busting a window.

Sofia Vergara Shares Pictures Of Herself As A Bridesmaid

Sofia Vergara is gearing up for her upcoming marriage to her gorgeous boyfriend, but in the meantime, maybe she is getting some practice. Sofia Vergara As A Bridesmaid. Sofia appeared in her friend’s wedding, and she was in the bridal party. Pictures were taken of Sofia as a bridesmaid, and she almost stole the entire picture. Similar to when Rihanna went to her friends wedding, and she was also a bridesmaid, Rihanna stole the show as well. It can’t be easy to have someone extremely famous in your wedding pictures, but if they’re your friends, you wouldn’t want to leave them out.

Sofia put the pictures up on Instagram, and she was even with her boyfriend Joe, and they looked absolutely beautiful together. The wedding pictures are gorgeous, and Sofia is extremely gorgeous as well. Sofia and Joe have planned to get married, but they have not set a wedding date as yet. In the meantime, Sofia has gotten some practice from being in her friend’s wedding, but of course, next time, she’ll be the one dressed in white.

Sofia was dressed in yellow, and the dresses were flowing, and they touched the floor. Although yellow is not a color that many women would pick for their wedding, Sofia killed it in that yellow dress according to Susan and others. The pictures of Sofia as well as the dress, they can all be seen on MTV News. No doubt, Sofia’s wedding will be one to look for as well.