How Lori Senecal has progressed in her Business Administration Career.

Lori Senecal is an experienced and trusted business manager. She was recently hired by the CP&B to serve as its international chief executive officer. The role that she currently holds makes her the head of the global development of the firm whereby she will be supervising the progress of its eight international branches. Senecal’s former role at the company was to facilitate the adoption of technology, research, and creativity in diverse regions of the planet. Lori has been an important icon at the agency and was recently recognized as the Infiniti worldwide account’s administrator. The promotion has made her work directly with Chuck Porter, who is the chairperson of the enterprise. According to her, she will serve by synchronizing all the sections of the business to ensure international development.

The profession of Miss Senecal has been successful since she has made many accomplishments. She strived to better the growth of the agency, developed units that have significant returns, and created profitable partnerships. Senecal has been a manager for several global accounts, and the companies that hired her services include BMW, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. She was the MDC’s chief executive officer before being appointed by the to head CP&B and will still retain the position. The KBS formerly hired her as an administrator, and she assisted it to grow from a small firm that hired 250 people to a multinational enterprise that has 900 employees. The business’ primary focus was in the development of content, startup factories, and technology.

Lori was also in charge of strategic planning, accounts, and creativity at the New York-based flagship of the McCann-Erickson Worldwide. She was made to be part of the MDC’s board in 2014. Lori Senecal’s outstanding accomplishments made her be acknowledged as the winner of the Quantum Leap Award. She was also offered a chance to head the jury of the Isaac Awards, which was devoted to recognizing creativity. The CP&P’s chairperson believes in Lori’s abilities and her passion for work. Her hard work and brilliance have been essential in the development of the firm. Lori’s close work mates will be Andrew Keller, Richard Pinder, and Steve Erich.

George Soros Is Working Tirelessly To Help The Democratic Cause

George Soros is a billionaire investor that is heavily involved in the Democratic party and has donated millions of dollars to help get Democratic candidates elected to important United States offices. Recently, he had donated many millions of dollars in an attempt to derail the Donald Trump campaign on Biography and get Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton elected to the office of President of The United States. It is reported that the actual figure is around twenty-five million. Unfortunately, his efforts did not pan out in the long run and Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. George Soros took the news hard at but regrouped himself immediately and began working towards getting other Democrats elected in the next round of elections that will be happening in the near future.

George Soros attended a recent convention that has been called the Democracy Alliance. It is a gathering of individuals from all over that share a common goal which is to further the efforts of the Democratic party. The discuss elections and strategies that can help sway the elections in the favor of Democratic candidates on They also discuss funding and what they can learn from the past regarding what is and is not working for the party as a whole.

George Soros, along with many other wealthy supporters are gearing up to attempt to defeat Donald Trump’s proposed policies that he has outlined for his first one hundred days. They are hoping that they can influence elections and the power that other important offices hold for thier cause.

The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy

Living life with lung disease can no doubt be challenging and problematic to the individuals affected. Those who live with lung disease typically have to come to terms with a depreciating quality of life. It can be overwhelming and may feel a little tragic at times. It doesn’t have to be this way, thanks to treatment options such as stem cell therapy.

It is important to remember that despite the challenges and complications lung disease can present in your life it is possible to dramatically improve it’s quality and reduce the amount of pain that you may be experiencing. At the Lung Institute, stem cell therapy is used to treat disease by utilizing autologous stem cells. These cells already exist in your body and are extracted from your tissues. Since these cells are natural to your body already, stem cell therapy is a safe option for those who are worried about the quality of treatment.

At the Lung Institute two treatment options are offered: blood (venous) and bone marrow. Blood (venous) works by extracting tissue from your blood while a bone marrow treatment takes a sample from the bones in your body. Both have been shown to be safe and effective.

The process of stem cell therapy at the Lung Institute works in three steps. First, stem cells are extracted from the individual and isolated. Then they are re-introduced through the bloodstream. Finally, the stem cells are carried through the blood and into the lungs, where the healing process begins and inflammation is reduced. Further details can be sourced  from

Many patients are giving this treatment great reviews and saying that it really has helped improve the quality of their lives. Patients who have gotten stem cell treatment have said that it has helped them to walk and get around more easily, do more of the activities that they enjoy, breathe better and with ease, and spend more time with their loved ones.

For any further questions regarding stem cell therapy, feel free to visit the Lung Institute’s Twitter account and the links below:


From Start to Finish

Owning a business is part of the American dream. The country’s history is littered with stories of immigrants who come to the United States and built fortunes out of practically nothing. A great idea and the ability to put action behind it holds limitless potential. However, the learning curve for starting a new business is extremely steep. Unforeseen obstacles are very costly when they are not accounted for. Unplanned problems are a part of everyday life. In business these problems can mean the difference between success and failure. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua took a chance on an idea and put everything they had into it. Home Cleaning was their creation. It was an innovative take on an old concept.

Hanrahan and Dua were very effective at identifying their consumer base and marketing their apartment cleaning NYC product. They were able to secure funds from investors that gave them the operating capital necessary to make aggressive moves within their industry. There is no way to account for a lack of experience however. The two young businessmen would soon find themselves in uncharted territory that threatened the foundation of the company. The product was marketed so well that they didn’t have time to find the technicians needed to provide the service that they were selling. Orders came in a wave. The visionaries struggled to meet the demand. The service that the company was able to provide was inconsistent and lackluster. Complaints from customers soon outnumbered the amount of orders that were being made.

Hanrahan and Dua were forced to play catch-up. They had a fantastic idea without the resources to provide the product they were presenting. This represented a huge challenge for the startup company. Unsatisfied customers and investors would soon look to their competition if Handy Home Cleaning could not find a solution to its problems.

UK Vintners Develop New Programs For The Wine Industry

UK Vintners have a long and storied reputation in the world of mine merchants because of the fact the first wine experts were located in London in the Middle Ages and have remained in place ever since.

The top vintners in the UK have enjoyed a strong reputation and are now found throughout the country from Scotland through to Wales and England; the English wine industry has now become one of the fastest growing in the world as the changing climate of the world leaves them with a growing reputation for producing flavorful and award-winning wines in a variety of styles.

The tradition of vintners coming together as wine experts and looking to come to a consensus about which of the latest offerings from different vineyards and winemakers offers the best value for money and chance of future profitability. The Society of Vintners, which includes wine merchants like ABV Wholesale and Wild’s of Oldham uses its expertise to develop new areas of support for each other; one aspect of the life of UK vintners has always remained the same and is the small groups of experts that come together to sample the latest offerings from regions or specific varieties to purchase.

Wine investing is a new area of the industry for UK vintners who are now seeing a growing number of investors hoping to purchase a bottle or variety that may rise in value to become an impressive part of any investment portfolio. This new area of the industry is a relatively new one, but can yield impressive returns when a bottle is chosen that will mature over time to be as impressive as the Pichon Baron 1998 that is coming to maturity in 2016 and is recommended by UKV PLC as one of the best buys for both drinkers and investors.

There are many other options to be enjoyed in the world of UK vintners, such as the ability to pick the brains of a dedicated wine expert who enjoys discussing different options with investors in all budget ranges. John Arnold of A&B Vintners ( is a well known individual in the world of UK vintners and is always willing to call on his more than 20 years of wine experience to work with groups or individuals who are looking to find the best wines available for investing or to enjoy as part of an event or larger wine collection.

Chris Burch: The Inseparable Fashion and Technology Industries

For more than 40 years, Chris Burch has actively participated in the technology industry. He is the founder of the Burch Creative Capital. Burch entrepreneurial vision and values have expressed his market opportunities through the application of creativity, imagination, scale and support. This has led to the development of numerous businesses and brands that have a positive impact on the lives of consumers.


In his vast experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Chris Burch has participated in the rise of over 50 companies in the United States. He has combined his understanding of direct source experience and general customer behavior to develop a track record of innovation and performance.


According to Chris Burch, fashion and technology intermarry. The two developments have worked hand-in-hand throughout their development stages. Chris believes that technology exists with fashion in a correlative manner. If technology changes, fashion changes along with it. One of the remaining constants is that both of them grow seamlessly. Technology becomes fashionable with time. The most interesting part of the story is how they have worked together. When we look at the past, we find that technology has shed light on the fashion industry in numerous ways.


According to research, the 70s brought about the ingestion of the carry-around favorite stations and tunes. This was the first invention of television and the radio. As a matter of fact, the disc contained two cassettes. While one was used to record music, the other was used to play. The technology went further into the 80s where we saw the development of movie cassettes. During this time, the world had received the invention of television, the movie cassettes, on the other hand, added a complement to television. For this reason, technology was advancing fashionably. When we moved into the 90s, one could purchase a personalized music system by the name Walkman. For more than one decade, this experience was developed into the smaller iPod. For this reason, fashion and technology were growing seamlessly. As technology continues in popularity, it becomes fashionable.


In the recent past, the synthesis fashion and technology is in the process. Fashion designers, from around the world, have delivered their innovations using technology. While we may consider wearing a helmet unfashionable, the helmet is used by technology to provide safety during accidents. For this reason, technology and fashion come together for the common good of humanity. Style advances use technology to protect people. Technology and fashion can also be seen in the automotive industry.


Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings, since its inception in 2002, has provided its highly-esteemed customers with the stock-based loans. According to the masses, the stock-based loans are one of the most innovative ways to secure fast working capital from a banking institution. The company has supplied capital using stocks as collateral to enable businesses and high-net-worth individuals secure capital for business and personal goals without stating the intended use of the capital as a way of qualification.

Equities First Holdings has been a pioneer in the supply of capital against the publicly-traded shares in the world. For the company, they have more than 2,000 transactions completed. Moreover, they view these transactions as their daily business.

For those who need low-interest rate loans, Equities First Holdings is a global company that has the capability to aid your problems. The company has offices in more than 10 countries in the world. They include Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd., Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited, Equities First Holdings (London) Limited.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Equities First Holdings, there is an increased traction of the stock-based loans as one of the most innovative ways to secure working capital in the era of a financial crisis. The company uses the publicly0traded shares as a way to issue the loans holding them as collateral. In case the borrower defaults paying the loan, they can be liquidated. For this reason, it is important to keep updating your stocks to avoid this issue.

The company has also seen traction among the stock-based loans. For those who need fast working capital without stating the intended use of the money, Equities First Holdings is the next best option. The company views their clients as business partners. For this reason, they evaluate your capabilities to receive a loan before issue.

During this harsh economic era, financial institutions and banks which provide credit-based loans have minimized their lending criteria. As a matter of fact, they have increased their interest rates to scare away people. For this reason, Equities First Holdings comes to the aid of those who do not qualify for the credit-based loans. You can choose this company as your best investment partner. The stock-based loans, according to research, offer a higher loan-to-value ratio than the well-known margin loans. During a three-year loan term, there is market fluctuation. Therefore, these loans provide a hedge between your comfort and loan value.

Mike Baur is Switzerland’s Startup Extraordinaire

Mike Baur is a native Swiss who has always wanted to make Switzerland more attractive to international business. But to attract international trade, Mike needed to learn all he could about the market economy of his home country. Mike earned an MBA from the University of Rochester and an executive MBA from the University of Bern. The valuable knowledge that he received during his college years would prove to be indispensable in his later career. It would be what he uses to encourage and lead the future generation of Swiss entrepreneurs and business owners to their success.

Anyone who knew Mike during his childhood in Fribourg knew that he had an interest in banking and finance. It started when he was a teenager and was just learning about the responsibilities of adulthood. So when he attained his MBA’s, it surprised no one that he would go on to make a successful career out of his passion. Shortly after graduating from University, Mike joined the Swiss banking industry. He spent over 20 years successfully climbing the corporate ladder of many private banks. He dedicated his career to rising through the ranks until he was an executive board member at one of the largest private banks in Switzerland.

Satisfied with his illustrious career in private banking, Mike looked to start a new chapter in his life. In 2014, he decided to become an entrepreneur. Along with two other partners, he’d met during his banking years; they founded Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF). SSUF is an independently financed and privately owned company committed to mentoring and supporting young digital innovators. SSUF is the first company of its kind, Switzerland. Unlike other businesses that are just banks that offer financial assistance, SSUF offers a three-month accelerator program that runs a regular schedule. The programs target young entrepreneurs that are involved with technological advancements.

The accelerator program is a shining jewel of Mike’s company. He has always maintained a devoted passion for helping the youths of his community. He never forgets that he was once a young Swiss looking to conquer the economy. It’s because of his fiery passion that he spends so much time and effort supporting youthful entrepreneurship. He focuses on coaching them and providing financial assistance to startups that he finds promising. It’s the whole reason he founded Swiss Start-Up Factory.


Innovative Software Used to Teach Kids and Open Lines of Communication

ClassDojo, an innovative educational teaching and communication platform, is taking the nation by storm. Elementary school teacher Jennifer Ellison is one of many teachers using the app to open lines of communication between students, as well as to empower students by teaching empathy and compassion.

Ellison uses ClassDojo to introduce these skills and put them into practice. According to Ellison, one of her autistic students was struggling under immediate social pressure. She instructed her students to watch a series of short videos that teach mindset and growth. Ellison then opened ClassDojo to allow her students to communicate to one another. This creation of a positive culture within her classroom allowed Ellison’s autistic student to feel at ease and he was better able to interact with his classmates.

“I knew that we needed to make this boy comfortable,” Ellison said. “My students, as a team, decided to use ClassDojo and opened the door to a whole new world for him. The other students communicate with him regularly using stickers and have included him more in their activities.”

“Adults use LinkedIn to communicate professionally and Facebook for casual communication,” said Hemant Taneja, creator of ClassDojo. “This is an educational software , social network focused on your children.”

ClassDojo is a small startup that employs less than three dozen people. The software was used in at least one classroom in approximately 65% of all U.S. schools in 2015. The number of schools with at least one classroom using the software increased to 90% in 2016.

ClassDojo is a communication tool that has created communities between students, parents, and teachers. Educators can use the application throughout the day to track student progress through rewarding and subtracting points. Students can watch videos and receive short lessons relating to personal development and socialization skills. Parents may track their student’s progress throughout the day by checking the point system. ClassDojo enables teachers to send files to parents and features a private messaging system to help foster teacher-parent relationships for even the busiest of parents.

@ClassDojo , launched in 2011, was originally invented to teach good behavior skills to young students, but many educators have leaned toward using it as an encouraging communication platform. Some have suggested that the software expands to include payment transfers that would enable parents to pay for lunches, field trips, and fines using the application.

“ClassDojo needs to meet the needs of students, teachers, and parents,” Taneja said. “We do not expect to monetize the program for at least another year.”

Thor Halvorssen’s Brilliant Attack On The Dictator Of Angola

According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen is a man on a mission. The 39-year-old human rights activist is trying to rid the world of unilateral dictators. He views unilateral power, most commonly found in the form of a dictatorship, as the cause of much suffering on this planet.

Unilateral dictators, like the one found in Angola, are capable of stealing from their own people to enrich themselves, especially in mineral rich countries.

How does one man fight an army of unilateral dictators around the globe? Well, Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation, a New York City-based human rights advocacy group. This group employs a variety of means to attack unilateral dictators around the world.

One of the most successful ways that a human rights activist can attack a powerful dictator is with public opinion. Public opinion can be effectively swayed with the coming use of social media. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Take a recent concert that happened in the country of Angola. The unilateral dictator of the country, who is famous for stealing from his own people, used the money he made from selling the countries natural resources to pay pop star Nikki Minaj for a private concert.

The unilateral dictator even went so far to send a private plane to the United States to pick her up. That that is just how much money this dictator has made stealing from his country.

Pop-culture websites and magazines began to run the story — Nikki Minaj leaves her boyfriend behind in the States to play a private concert in Angola.

That is when Thor Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation seized the moment. Thor Halvorssen wrote an open letter to the pop star.

The open letter started to circulate around the Internet along with the news that the pop star was playing a private concert in Angola. In other words, the open letter went viral.

The open letter was short, concise, and powerful, listing all of the human rights violations committed by the dictator of Angola. It urged the international superstar to turn down the invitation for the private concert. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The open letter failed to stop the pop star from getting on that private jet and playing that private concert. But the letter was a resounding success nonetheless. The viral content educated millions of people on the misdeeds of the unilateral dictator of Angola. It shined a bright light on human rights activism and it cost nothing. That’s how you attack a dictator.

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